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I feel like talking about my Madison today. This child is me to the core, I can already feel the challenges we are going to face. The independence, the bossiness, the attitude - we are already getting a small taste. 

This morning I called to remind Oliver about something and I hear him telling her 'you sit there and don't move' which means she's in time out. I hear she was giving attitude about what she wanted to wear and was telling Oliver he was 'annoyed her' - she never quite uses the right tense on verbs. 

She can be a bit bossy - a common phrase I've heard out of her lately is, 'see I told you'. Even when she DIDN'T tell me, she's always right. 

She asks so many questions, some inquisitive and some just on repeat over and over again. 

At the same time she is Aiden's biggest protector, any time it's feeding time little Aiden goes from 0-100 in about 10 seconds and if you don't get to him fast enough Madison is all over you. Oliver jokingly says he's going to put Aiden in timeout when he cries, she doesn't even think that's funny. 

She's mastered the phone and can pick up any of the family members phone and dial who she wants, I have some of the best voice-mails from her. "Mommy I'm at Mimi's - if you see Lindsey and Lucas {our neighbors} outside please let me know. I think they want to play with me" She regularly call my Dad to come pick her up when she is bored. 

If we are watching TV together she needs to know every characters name. Also she loves 'Jack Bauer' from 24.

She tells me she's hungry at least 12 times a day - even right after eating. She may be confusing thirst with hunger - or maybe she thinks it's funny to annoy me. 

She uses big words like 'presume' correctly, I really have no clue where she learns half of them. 

She's kinda obsessed with bobbies - even drew mine at school the other day. Before this I honestly thought all she could draw where rainbows and stick figures.

When she doesn't get her way she has the most annoying habit of say 'awwwwwww' all drawn out and whiny. I hope that disappears soon. Also her 'I'm bored' phase needs to get on out.

The 'I'm scared' crap is getting old too. She can't go anywhere alone in the house because 'she's scared', when she has to use the restroom she'll go up to everyone there and ask them if they need to go too. No Aiden doesn't have to poop Madison, go by yourself. 

Ah, the joys of a 5 year old!



  1. Sounds JUST like my 5 yr old son! lol! I keep telling myself to be patient and enjoy these moments but you can only hear the same thing or phrase so many times before you wanna pull your hair out! lol

  2. Sounds like my Keaton Jack! He'll turn 6 in September so I'm praying for a little relief.

  3. Yup, I have the same issue with my 5 year old son...the "your annoying me" and "I told you" and "actually"...drives me BATTY! Mantra "This too shall pass..." I hope!

  4. Oh the boob drawing cracks me up!

  5. The joys of parenting! Ha! My 8 year old has a fascination with boobs, as well. Twilight Sparkle is adorable!

  6. Thanks for sharing. It's nice to hear what I'll be experiencing in two years with my son. Currently he doesn't say much and it's receiving speech help so it's weird to think he'll be able to say so much. Love TS' s art project.

  7. I have a 5 year old son that could be her male mirror. The "awwwwwww" thing is by far the most frustrating thing he does. I have very little tolerance for whining but he seems to enjoy doing it anyway. Yesterday he drew a picture of our family and pointed out which one was me by showing me that he had given her bobos. :) The joys of a 5 year old is right!

  8. Kids amaze me... so much personality in one little body!!!!

    When you get time, search You Tube for Louis CK's "BORED" speech, it's from his show and him telling his kids why they should never say they're bored, it's pretty entraining :)

  9. My girl exactly! Mine is 6 1/2 and I'm so scared for the teenage years. Someone hold me.

  10. You should make her an I'm bored jar! You write actitivities on pieces of paper - some fun, some silly, you can even do chores - every time she says "I'm bored" she has to pull out an activity and do it. :)

  11. I'm sure TS isn't "bossy," she is simply starting her journey to becoming a great leader and executive in a few years! (Sorry, I'm with Sheryl Sandberg on the "ban bossy" campaign)

    Her inquisitive mind is gonna make her a lot of money one day, so answering all of the questions will be worth it when she's flying you guys somewhere tropical for vacation :)

  12. You've just described my 5 year old daughter to a T! I commonly say she's 5 going on 16. Lord help us when they are teenagers!

  13. Love this! These years fly by so quickly. My husband and I remarked frequently how we would have loved to have frozen our boys at ages 8 & 5 (they're now 14 & 11- the bossy one hasn't gotten less bossy). So much fun, inquiry, and old enough to do things on their own.

    TS is absolutely precious!

  14. M 4 year old son has the attitude also. His answer to anything I ask him to do is that he can't because his legs are broke, his head hurts or his arms are broke. Also, he is scared to go to the bathroom by himself also. UGH

  15. Sydney is a little younger than TS and she is in the same boat with ALL OF THIS. The questions during the day, the attitude, the "I told you so." EVERYTHING. It's driving us NUTS. She also refuses to go anywhere in our house without every single light on. Like seriously, can we ship these girls off somewhere for like a year until they become sweet 6/7 year olds?!?!

  16. Awe!!! She is so adorable.

  17. Seriously, you must be in my brain! My oldest, Kate, is almost 5 and could be TS's sister! I really felt like you were describing her - it's crazy how similar the "phases" are. My new favorite is "Mommy, this is awkward!" especially when I'm drying her off after a bath - I mean, really, "awkward"?!? And mine is obsessed with my boobs too! I find it funny, but weird... Ah well, we'll all miss this stuff when they are 13 and driving us crazy for other reasons!

  18. My 4 1/2 year old daughter is almost exactly the same!! She is always saying "I'm hungry" and is pretty bossy. I'm hoping this means its a normal part of being a little girl.

  19. It doesn't get any better. My daughter is 8 1/2....all we do is fight. Major attitude, smart mouth, lazy, talks all the time, ask a billion questions. Fights NON stop with her brother who is 3 1/2. UGH


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