The Hot Pink Skirt.

Wow the weekends can sure feel like a blur, so much so fast. 

 My knee was bugging me a bit last week, but it kinda felt tight in my entire thigh area so I assumed I just hadn't stretched it out enough after leg day Monday. After my soccer game Friday night it was really hurting and by Sunday I could barely walk around, it's swollen and feels like it's needs to pop, but I'm having a hard time bending it. I can put weight on it though. I'm trying to get an appointment today to have it checked out, but I think it's just really out of whack, I really should've gone and got adjusted after I had Aiden, jumping around super pregnant and really throw all your joints out of whack. Here's hoping! 

One of the highlights of my weekend was turning on Netflix and see new episodes of Pretty Little Liars, well that combined with some yummy Protein Waffles :)

Madison made Daddy a sweet card for Father's Day, he spent the morning golfing with his new clubs. God I love that face, she rocks my face off. 

 We both are starting the cleanse today so I made us a meal plan and a grocery list, letting go of dairy can be tough for us so I needed some good options. I'm also SUPER sick of spending 200 bucks a week on groceries so we decided to give Aldi a try, I was pretty impressed with the produce and I found some other items there pretty cheap. They didn't have everything I needed, but it was worth the trip. I found whole wheat noodles, almond milk, turkey sausage, strawberries, blueberries, asparagus, apples, spinach, chicken, and some random canned goods like beans.

Aiden LOVES facing out now when I'm wearing him, he's really curious and wants to see what's happening around him. This wrap is a Boba.

I meal prepped for the next 3 days - I kinda feel weird eating anything that's been in the fridge longer than that. I'm trying something new - black rice - I added some taco seasoned chicken, corn, and some non-dairy cheese. 
I have sweet potatoes and bunless turkey burgers ready to go for the Thursday and Friday. 

One Pot Caprese Pasta - whole wheat noodles, non dairy cheese
Tilapia with broccolli
Chicken and Veggies

You can find so many recipes to eat on the cleanse on Pinterest - here's my boards if you wanna follow me. I am still following the IIFYM plan - more details on this tomorrow, you don't want to miss it trust me! Life changing.

Almost as life changing as this freaking amazing skirt. Loveeeeeeeeeeeeeee.  Top is from Three Little Numbers.



  1. That skirt is SO pretty on you. And not so much on the model on their website, lol!!

  2. I might have to make that black bean lasagna next week - trying to find healthy recipes that are a little more budget-friendly! I'm also loving that sweet new sponsor button over on your sidebar ;) (<-thank you!)

  3. Ooh! What a fun skirt! It's so you!! :)

    Also, I love Aldi! We've been shopping there for so long and I can't imagine going elsewhere now. Best part is that if you don't like something, you can take it back for a refund - no questions asked. We save so much on produce there and also we are gluten free and almost all their products are clearly labeled there, which is wonderful!

  4. We love love love aldi! I go there first with my list and get everything that I can... and then go to Giant Eagle after and pick up what I couldn't get at aldi.

    I do not purchase meat from aldi- just a personal preference- and we don't eat a hardly any processed food, but I get my black beans, ff refried beans, other canned goods, dairy, eggs, all the produce that I can and frozen broccoli florets, green beans, peas & corn. Only thing we really don't do is the meat & personal products. We even use their salt pellets for our water softener & dish wash detergetn.

  5. Wait, you can have corn on the cleanse? How did I miss this!!

  6. I LOVE Aldi - so much cheaper and still great quality. I always have to stop at Kroger on the way home though, because they are always missing something I need. I'm curious how the black rice tastes!

  7. I switched to Aldi for the same reason!! I was spending a freaking fortune on groceries!! I still go the grocery store for some things, but it has saved me! J now stay in my grocery budget!

  8. No judgements or negativity here, I just happen to own a baby boutique/cloth diaper service. That particular type of carriers weren't really made for kids to be facing out - it can really effect their hips. Have you talked to your pediatrician about having him face-out in the carrier? You should double check! Nice post, sorry for the negative comment. :(

    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

  9. LOVE IT!! I might need to copy you on the dinner ideas. I am trying to cut out sugar!! eekk I love IIFYM

  10. Get it baby!!! Working mom of 2 just getting in food prep in, looking beautiful, and being the best mom ever. Love it. Love you!

  11. I'm looking forward to hearing what you think of If It Fits Your Macros. I had stumbled across an amazing transformation story about a month ago and asked the mom what sort of eating plan she used and she said she did IIFYM. So I have kind of been looking into it, but after reading Natalie Hodson's review on the diet I feel like she and I are more of the same personality type - and similar in the sense that if I have to start counting every single thing that goes into my mouth it will stress me out and I won't want to do it. But she said it was great for if she was revving up for a photo shoot or something in particular where she was willing to be super strict. But just for every day living she couldn't keep it up. I'm not saying I am not going to try it, but I am still just very curious about it. Iv'e heard WONDERFUL things from people who DO do it. So it has perked my curiosity. You are looking great by the way. I can't believe how big our babies are getting! Eeeekkk!

  12. You'll love Aldi's!!! Ours is great! Lot's of name brand stuff for less than Walmart. Tips: their Turtle Cheesecake is yummy!! and their knockoff australian chardonnay wine is pretty good for $5!

  13. Just wondering why you do non dairy cheese instead of low fat? What kind do you use?

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