Moving Right Along.

For the summer we have Madison going to a preschool/daycare camp thing two days a week and then gymnastics camp on Fridays. I think it's safe to say she's getting lots of activity, the ride home was very very quiet. This child is full of non-stop questions, comments, and stories. When she's not asking for something she is singing a song - loudly. It can be exhausting answering the same questions over and over and over again.  Also don't download the Frozen Karaoke App unless you just really hate yourself. Trust.

Friday evening I'm back to playing soccer, co-ed, and I using 'playing' very loosely.  Somehow we ended up in division 1 and I'm no where near fast enough to keep up with these boys yet. I won't say I was sad the breaker blew and the lights went out before the game was over :) I have GOT to get down with some major spiriting on the treadmill this week.

Saturday I met up with a reader at the gym, I honestly love it when I get a new workout partner! It takes guts to come meet up with some one you've never met and do a 2 hour workout, we did step/turbo kick and body pump - 1100 calorie burn

Oliver was out golfing...again, so I took Aiden with me and Madison went with Mimi to Home Depot to build a tractor. The girl's pretty good with a hammer!

We are getting the ball rolling on our kitchen makeover, eek! We just celebrated 10 years since building our house, so some updating is needed. We decided to just go ahead and spend a little more and get a bunch of stuff done that we wanted, like tiling out the shower, replacing the sink and stove, etc. After lots of talking Oliver and I both decided on a look we can both enjoy.  This is our inspiration pic.

We decided to go with 2 different colors on the cabinets, a white back splash, a more rustic flooring, and the counters will be a quartz white/grey combo. Now I just need to pick the exact paint I want which is very scary - it's expensive to do all this so I need to choose right the first time.  Our kitchen doesn't have any windows so I may go a tad lighter on the bottom - I don't want anything dark. I want light, airy, and easy.

Sunday we ran errands and got Oliver some new clubs, he's dying for either me or Madison to play with him. I suck at golf so obviously I don't want to play :) I hate going to Dick's - I want to buy all the bright colors - shoes, hats, shirts, socks, you name it! It's a real struggle. 

My snuggle bunny and I even squeezed in a nap together, he's just the best to cuddle with. I had to sacrifice getting the laundry done to do it though, priorities and all. The weekends can be so so busy, sometimes I have to just let things go and not feel guilty about it. I'm not superwoman.

We ended the day with some 3 month pictures of little man, which was exhausting. Trying to keep him happy and Madison out of every picture was no small feat. I'm sure Amber Jane Photography got some great shots, she never lets me down :)



  1. Wow, 2 hours!! You are so impressive! Maybe one day I can last that long, haha!

  2. Is A wearing an amber teething necklace? If so, I would love to hear your thoughts on this.

    1. Hi! My cousin bought me a teething necklace and my 7 month old likes it. However, he is super strong and pulls on it, which kills my neck. I end up tasking it off so he can hold it. It's a great texture for teething though.

  3. What a fun weekend!! It's hard to get it all done--especially with kiddos--as long as they are fed and half-way cleaned, I call that a win in my book!

  4. Yay I made the blog!!!! Haha Thanks so much for letting me tag along! The weekends are definitely crazy and this one flew by!

  5. Madison sounds JUST like Paul! He literally talks ALL day long and asks question after question...I know it's good for him to be so inquisitive, but man it's exhausting.

  6. I took my kids to build tractors at Home Depot, too! Fun weekend.

  7. A two hour workout! That's impressive. Good luck with your renovations!

  8. You look fabulous and I bet you are seeing results on the scale because you look tiny!! Keep it up!!

  9. The kitchen idea looks awesome... my cabinets are that same color. I tackled the painting of them two summers ago and I love it! The color I used was a Valspar Ashen.

  10. My Oliver has that same chevron diaper. I love the kitchen look it's clean and beautiful. I have a list of home updates I hope to get to.


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