Monday Musings: My Plucky Gal

I know she's way too big and old to be held, but sometimes I like to remember when she was a baby.  There was a pop up carnival close to us this weekend so we stopped by and gave her 20 bucks to ride some rides. I rode one with her and felt pretty freaking sick afterwards - think I'm too old to be spun around that fast.

I think my favorite thing about Madison is her bravery -  this girl will get right on a roller-coaster, by herself, and take a front row seat. I love it! 

Dress from Nobella Grace.
Obviously we still have some skills to work on, like the proper use of an umbrella. I read a really great article {that I can't seem to find now} about skills kids need to go into Kindergarten and they weren't your ABC's. Kids should know their address, their phone number, how to button their jeans, etc. Madison can tell you what town she lives in, but we need to work on the actual address and one of our phone numbers.

We celebrated our friend Asher's first birthday, lots of fun and lots of babies. This is my BFF Amber, she had her daughter Makenna a month after I had Aiden. 

Aiden's outfit is from Janie and Jack.
He looks like a linebacker next to her - crazy! Madison cut her first tooth a 3.5 months and it looks like Aiden is working on the same thing, he's teething like whoa. I did buy him an Amber teething necklace and I do think it helps, mainly with the drooling. Now it did take some convincing, most of my family thought I was nuts for trying this 'hippy crap', but for 20 bucks it doesn't hurt to give it a shot!

I found a new running buddy! Margie and I met up for an easy 5 miles Sunday at the crack of dawn, I'm taking it slow with my knee. I've been seeing the Chiro 3x's a week and I do think it's helping, but it's not all fixed up just yet. I'm laying off the soccer for a while until it's completely healed, the twisting and turning really irritates it.

I've been focusing my foam rolling on my IT bands, they are really tight lately. I've never had any issues with them before, but my bodies been through a lot in the past year so things are breaking down. It has absolutely NOTHING to do with my age, seeing as I'm getting younger :) I kinda want to cry and have to do some serious deep breathing to get through it.



  1. Check out your itty-bitty waist in the last photo! I love TS's cute dress, might have to pick one up for my Bunny!

  2. Such cute kiddos! Yes I agree your waist is looking so tiny!!! Jealous! So far my waist is ten inches bigger and counting... 👶🍼 😂 ;)
    All for a great cause though

  3. Those darn IT bands! When I first started increasing my weekly mileage I had some major issues...I'm so thankful for a foam roller!


  4. You look amazing! All your hard work is really paying off! Go girl!

  5. I agree that you are looking skinny in that last pic:)

  6. Sounds like a perfect weekend!!!

  7. I love all your pics, especially the ones of you at the gym. Inspiring! I want to be strong like you. :)

  8. Foam rolling is the best. While it hurts like hell while you're doing it, once I stand up I feel like a new person!

  9. Love it, I'm the same way with my 8 and 6 year old although the 8 year old is more of a come sit on my lap rather than carry him!

  10. Try putting your address to a song. And you just have to go over them everyday. But not too much! She'll get it!!

  11. I made up a song to teach my girls our phone number and I practice our names, addresses and such whenever we are in the car. it took about a week, but I think having music with it helped a LOT!

  12. Here's the link to the article I think you read. My sister in law wrote. http://citymomsblog.com/dallas/5-tips-to-help-get-your-child-ready-for-kindergarten/

  13. Haha I'm feeling like a slacker mom for not teaching Preston his info before going into Kindergarten. But he has grown up tons through K, and now he knows his full name and writes it too. He knows our address starts with 17 but doesn't know the rest of it. He knows our town. He does not know my cell number ( we don't use a land line), but he does know about 911. Got lots of work to do still...ugh. The job of being a mom never ends. :) And yeah your body has been through tons the past year. I keep having to remember that too and say "Be nice to yourself!" I'm seriously still impressed you're killing the workouts with your knee pain!

  14. Wow!! You can really see a lot of progress in this batch of photos. Way to go!!

  15. yes, I had people talking loads of crap about my daughter's Amber Necklace, but teething was a breeze and she rarely had any fevers while she had it on. I was so glad I didn't listen to what other people said because it was a lifesaver for us.


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