Monday Musings: #SMC Week 1

Let's start this Monday off with a cute outfit from Pretty and Chic, I love love love this top - it's flattering and the perfect length!  

My weekend has been crazy - I'm going to be REAL glad when all these home improvements are finished! I can't live much longer with out use of my kitchen and we've only just begun, the stress of the mess is giving me hives. They are finishing up the granite today and then Friday the tiling guys are coming and half my floors are getting ripped up - I will be going to stay with my parents for a few days.

Twilight had a great time though - all it took was a fresh hair cut at Sweet and Sassy and some rollerskates, which she refused to take off all weekend. 


Today is the first day of the #SMCHALLENGE - I will be posting everything on here too, so even if you are not in the group you will be able to maybe learn something new or follow along on your own. Val from Fab Chick gets Fit is helping me out - you won't want to miss her at home lifting series! 
Those of you waiting on entry to the Fit Family group, stay with me, I'll be getting to that today.

Now for the #SMCHALLENGE topic of the week - how many calories should I be eating. 
There is no magic formula for anyone, it's trial and error, so find something you are comfortable with and stick with it for 2 weeks, if you don't see and change then mix it up for another 2 weeks, etc. 

There are several different ways to figure them out and I'm going to share the ones I've liked the best.

Harris Benedict Equation - click here for the calculator
  • You start with your BMR {how many calories you need to live} to find that number click here
  • Next you multiply that by your activity level - this is a little tricky - how active are you really? I work out 6 days a week for 60-90 minutes at a pretty intense level, but sometimes I don't get a run in on Sundays so I bump it down to the safe side and say I'm moderately active 5 days a week. I would say if your workouts are less than an hour long daily to really downplay your activity level. 
  • Then you want to figure in weight loss - click here. Don't be tempted to decrease your calories by too much, slow weight loss is better than dropping it fast!
  • You will NOT be eating back any of your workout calories burned, they are already figured in. 
Macros - IIFYM

  • There are two popular calculators to find out your macros, IIFYM and MacroFit. I used the Macrofit and just did a post on it, read it here, I'm not going to rehash it. 



The first challenge will run the entire 12 weeks and the winner will get 100 bucks to spend at Sugar Love Boutique! You must keep a daily food journal with the calories for each food, you can use My Fitness Pal or another tracker, but I need to be able to spot check it if you win! 


Best Protein Creations! Next Monday {July 7} will will hold a voting contest for the person to come up with the best recipe or concoction that has protein in it!  You will submit your photo and recipe to the designated album on the Facebook group - I will share the top 3 recipes here! 
  • Recipe and photo due Monday the 7th by 5pm
  • Voting will take place Monday after 5 for 24 hours
  • You vote by liking the picture

I want to thank the sponsors of the #SMCHALLENGE

I am still accepting sponsors - if you are interested please contact me at skinnymeg@outlook.com 




I made a video to save some time on explaining the challenge. Again I'm sorry for all the 'umms' and I'm sorry I can't help every one of you. I really want to, swear! 

Now - the group I created yesterday is now called Fit Family - it is now going to be used for connecting with others and asking questions. I will be monitoring it and I will be active in helping with questions and so forth as much as time allows. There will be no fighting and no drama, if you are unhappy about something email me. The group is secret so feel free to be open and honest with your fellow fit family - this is about women supporting women.

The 12 Week Challenge is only going to be open to the first 1500 ladies for right now. It's on a first come first served basis - sorry! You can request to join here #SMCHALLENGE
  • Weigh in photos are due Monday by 10am! I will divide everyone into 3 groups based on last names and you will post the photo in the designated album.You can wear whatever you want.
  • You do NOT have to have Instagram or a blog to participate - just a Facebook account. 
  • There will be a lot of challenges during this time - hopefully at least one a week. Do as many as you would like or just do one. Your choice! 
  • I would really like EVERYONE to track their food - if you don't want to use MFP you don't have to, but to win the 'Food Tracking' contest I must be able to login and verify your journal somehow. 
  • We will be using the Honor System - if you are a liar who lies please don't join. Adults only. 
  • You do not have to be following the IIFYM, but I do so I probably will be talking about it a lot. You do what works for you.
I really as so sorry for all the confusion - I'm just trying to figure out how to best go about all of this and I appreciate y'all stickin' with me during this learning curve. 

I can't tell you how many times I've actually had to apologize for this! Top from Pretty and Chic.



12 Week Challenge

They say people have between 2 and 4 million sweat glands, I'm pretty sure I fall on the high end of that spectrum. Sweat like a dude. 

Anyways let's get to the point of today's post - The 12 Week Challenge. A few of us did some brainstorming on Facebook this morning and it was decided that the majority wanted a 3 month challenge and for it to take place on a closed Facebook group. 

We are going to break up the weeks into smaller goals to keep us motivated. The first 4 weeks will be about getting our diet on track, the next 4 about getting to that next level with some weights, and the last 4 weeks I will host another Diet Bet.

Here's the thing - I want full participation - no online stalking please :) If you are going to be part of it you must contribute to the group - EVERYONE must post a before and after! This is why the group is closed - no one will see it except for members. You will be more successful if you commit yourself and get the offered support from others. 

The Challenge will start on Monday so we have time to get the group all set up. Here's the link SkinnyMeg 12 Week Challenge Group.  Just be warned - I will delete members who do not participate!

Now for a winner:  I will be putting a Grand Prize pack together of my favorite things, the winner will be chosen by voting the last day of the challenge. More details to come. 

Pop Up Challenges: In addition to a grand prize I will be holding smaller competitions throughout the 12 weeks on the Facebook group.

Ok - Fit Fam - Game on!



Kelly's Story {Part 1}

Thanks to Megan for letting me inhabit her little piece of the internet today and share my weight loss journey will you all. Megan and I met at the Pretty Muddy mud run last summer and became fast friends.
(Please excuse our sweaty faces, we had just finished a marathon outlet-shopping trip!)
My Story:

I remember the first time that I realized I was fat. I was about 8 years old at summer Church camp where the counselors took our photo that was going to be used for an art project. When it was time to pick up our photos to complete the project I couldn’t find mine because I didn’t recognize myself. No way that chubby girl was me.

Needless to say I grew up the ‘fat girl’. 

Here I am at 8 years old with a perm, buckteeth and a peace sign shirt.  Thanks mom.

From outward appearances, I had a perfect childhood…loving and happily married parents, a brother that I was close to, a beautiful home, a good education, we took nice family vacations, etc. I was active in sports and played outside with the neighborhood kids all of the time. However, I grew up in a very social family that owned restaurants so food, good food at that, was always around and at the center of all of our family gatherings. Every Sunday we would go to my Grammy’s house for breakfast where she made homemade pizza, linguisa and toast. With regular coke. For breakfast.

Food soon became my comfort and coping mechanism.

For various reasons that I don’t need to bore you with, my weight skyrocketed during high school. At my heaviest I am guessing I weighed around 250 lbs. Being that large in high school was not easy and I ate my feelings. As the old saying goes “I eat because I am an unhappy and I am unhappy because I eat”. Anyone remember that scene with Fat Bastard in Austin Powers?!

I was one of those people that would sneak fast food on my way home from school, throw the wrappers out of the window so I wouldn’t get caught, then proceed to eat a full dinner with my family. I wish I could get into that 17-year-old head of mine and smack some sense into it. But if I did that, I wouldn’t be the person I am today nor would I have developed the coping skills I have now to help me get through life’s harder times. 

Here I am in 1998, the summer going into my senior year of high school. This was near my heaviest weight of 250lbs (I am 5’8”).

250lbs (17 years old) vs. 165lbs (33 years old)

So how did I get from my heaviest weight down to a healthy weight?

The weight started to come off during college when I came out of my shell…you could say I blossomed. I lost the first 30 pounds without really realizing it due to the fact that I was out of the house and eating in the cafeteria gave me more control over my meals. I added in exercise at the school gym, got down to around 180lbs and hovered between there and 200lbs for the 5 years after college. In late 2012 I got to 165lbs, my lowest weight since grade school. Over the past year and a half 15 pounds have slowly crept back on and seeing recent pictures of myself has definitely kicked my butt in gear to get back in better shape.

This is the most recent full body shot I have, taken a few weeks ago. 

I am not a trainer or a nutritionist so please note that what has worked for me may not work for you. In a nutshell, I am just a girl that used to be big and the weight has come off through a lot of hard work, exercise and eating right (and a few heartbreaks, but that is a whole other blog post)!

Here is what has and what does work for me:
*When I was in my mid 20s I discovered the combination of kickboxing classes and body pump weight classes at 24 Hour Fitness. An hour of cardio followed by an hour of weights did and still does wonders for me. I also belong to a power vinyasa yoga studio, which I am obsessed with. On average, I work out 7-12 hours a week, 1-2 hours a day/6 days a week. Some days I will do a 6am body pump class followed by a yoga class that night or do a back-to-back turbo/body pump session in the evenings. I am single and do not have kids, therefore I realize that my responsibilities may be different than other people who may not have the time or money to spend at the gym. FOR ME, I am motivated by gym classes and because they are what keeps me motivated to stay physically active, I sacrifice in other areas of my life in order to afford it. My advice would be to do what works for you. If it’s doing videos in your living room, awesome. If it is running in your neighborhood, awesome. Just find what it is that you love and make it part of your daily life.
* I wear a heart rate monitor when I work out which keeps me accountable. It is a really good way for me to gage the intensity of my workouts. (I use the Polar F4 watch/strap combo).
*I don’t eat foods like the picture below on a consistent basis. I am laughing in this photo because of how ridiculous the size of the burger is. At my heaviest this would have been a snack.

*I take extreme control over what food is in my house. I identified what my weaknesses are and figured out how to overcome them. I am a grazer, so other than produce, I do not keep anything in my house that would tempt me. Those 100 calorie packs aren’t effective at portion control for me because I will eat 4 packs in a sitting and I don’t keep bread in my house because I will toast an entire loaf with butter in one evening. Don’t even get me started on the hot, fresh tortillas from HEB.
*Lots of water. If you don’t have a water tumbler with a straw, go buy yourself one. I drink so much more water if there is a straw.
*Most importantly, I finally decided I wanted to be HAPPY. There is nothing more attractive than a happy person. In my opinion, you will never reach your goals until being happy and all that comes along with it no longer scares you.

 Deep down I will always be a “fat girl”. I vividly remember when I bought my first pair of single digit sized jeans and thought, “no way…these must run big because there is no way am I this small.” I will always have that little self-doubt devil on my shoulder, but you know what? I accept that, embrace it and appreciate the struggle I have been through because it has shaped me into the person I am today.

I am currently finishing my Masters in Public Health degree at the University of Texas with the goal of working in childhood obesity intervention programs, specifically for girls. Without a doubt I know that the reason I made it through this struggle was to help others like me. (BTW, if anyone out there has an MPH, please let me know…I would love to pick your brain.)

To end, if I can leave you with any piece of advice, it would be that if you are a mother of an overweight daughter, please, please do everything in your power to get her healthier. The number one thing is to model good behavior (trust me, if you sneak a cookie in the car she will find the crumbs!), work out with her, get rid of the TV and computer in her room, don’t tempt her with junk food in the house, get her into counseling if that is what she needs. Even if she hates you for it, I’m sure you would rather her hate you for a short period of time compared to hating herself for a lifetime. 

Oh, and if Megan pressures you into signing up for a ½ marathon, you run the friggin’ ½ marathon. It is kind of hard to say ‘no’ to her. :)

If you would like to connect with Kelly you can find her on Instagram @klaaslane 



Losing it Tuesday: Workin' for It.

Tomorrow will be 16 weeks since I had Aiden, had to honestly count that up on a calendar - time is flying. My body is really starting to change and I'm dropping the weight on my new diet - IIFYM.  I lost another 2 pounds this week, but I'm really starting to notice the inches more. I've cut back on my cardio even more at the gym due to my knee and I'm lifting a lot - just proves that you don't need to kill yourself on the treadmill to lose weight. 

I do prefer to already be sweating BEFORE class starts though :) Once I have a good sweat going I feel better!
I answered a lot of your questions about the diet on Facebook, I just wanted to share a few things.

When you are tracking your macros on My Fitness Pal you need to be looking at the actual numbers, NOT the pie chart.

This is what you need to be looking at...


Weighing your food can be daunting at first, but layering your food while you weigh it can speed up the process.

For example I lay my P28 bread {toasted} on it, tare the scale to 0, add avocado get the grams, tare it again, and drizzle my honey for those grams.  Plus who knew this was a delish combo?! Another trick I learned was to put a jar of whatever {like PB} on the scale, tare it, and scoop out your spoonful and it will go negative for what you took out. 

I'm addicted to these easy oats because I can make them at work, less prepping!

I can't believe I haven't tracked my macros before this, it really makes so much sense when you understand why. Two people can both be eating the same amount of calories, but if one 'eats clean' that could mean they are filling up on stuff like fruits and veggies - lots of carbs. The other tracks macros so you have a more well balanced diet of carbs, proteins, and fats which makes your body more efficient. Now you could totally be killing it with just clean eating, but I know that I can very easily over eat healthy foods, with IIFYM I'm much more aware of my portions and I get to eat treats a lot more. Winnnnning. 

I saw this on Paige VanDemark's Facebook page and think it's spot on for a lot of us!

"Why you aren't... losing weight!

Alright. So. Let's take our average gal. Let's call her Jane Doe. Jane is middle-aged, has a few kids and a husband, and works in an office. She goes to the gym about 4x a week. She needs to eat exactly 1700 calories a day to lose one pound a week (3000-3500 calories to lose one lb), and she has about 20 lbs to lose. She sets up My Fitness Pal with her goals, pre-plans her day, and has the right macros.
So! It turns out that Jane is pretty busy, so even though she knows she has to weigh everything, she wakes up late pretty often and figures that she doesn't have time to weigh her peanut butter for her toast in the morning- and a slightly rounded tablespoon can't be THAT off, right? (wrong- You Tube Video Link). 

 PROBLEM #1- let's say that that's an extra 40 calories a day- 20 extra calories per tbsp. That's an extra 280 calories a week.
When Jane makes her scrambled eggs every morning, she uses Pam spray to coat the pan pretty solidly, but the label says zero-calorie per 1/4 second spray, so she doesn't track that. She uses about 3 seconds worth to spray the pan. 

PROBLEM #2- 3 seconds of Pam is 21 calories. That's an extra 147 calories a week.
Jane has a lot going on, so she drinks coffee every day with her breakfast. She uses Splenda and creamer. She likes it sweet, so she uses three packets of Splenda. It says zero calorie, right!? 

PROBLEM #3- But... it has 4 calories per packet. That's another extra 84 calories a week. She only uses a splash, though.... that's about a tablespoon. One serving. PROBLEM #4- That's 35 calories/serving- 245 extra calories/week.
On day 3 of Jane's first week of IIFYM, her coworker brings in brownies. Jane figures that ONE brownie can't hurt, but she doesn't know the exact nutrition of it, so she doesn't bother tracking it.
 PROBLEM #4- that's an extra ~250 calories.

Most nights, Jane takes her kids to McDonalds after soccer practice. She wants to get in her veggies, so she is happy that she doesn't choose to put McDonalds in her day that day. She does, however, have a couple of her son's fries- no damage done, right? The average fry has 5 calories, so when she only has a small handful- 4-5- that's just a taste, so she doesn't bother tracking. That's an extra, say, 20 calories a day, 3x a week- PROBLEM #5- 60 extra calories a week.

It's been a long week, so at the end of the week, Jane goes out to eat with her husband. They pick a restaurant that doesn't have nutritional facts available online, but Jane figures she'll save 500 or so calories for a meal and a drink. Should be plenty, right? PROBLEM #5- let's say Jane and her husband split an appetizer, Jane has an entree, and also gets a beer. The beer is probably ~150 calories, half the appetizer (potato skins, let's say) is ~400-500 calories, and Jane's entree (salmon with veggies! That can't be that bad.... right?) is- uh oh- after preparation with oil, etc, and as served- 650 calories. So, Jane's "500 calorie dinner" is 1250 calories- 750 over what she planned.

Over the weekend, Jane feels like she did pretty well with eating during the week, so she lets go a little bit both days and has a few extra handfuls of pretzels while watching a movie... that can't be that bad, right? Just a few carbs? PROBLEM #6- A serving of pretzels- ~20 pretzels- is ~100 calories. That's about a big handful... Jane has two handfuls Friday AND Saturday extra before bed! That's an extra 200 calories/day- x2= 400 extra calories



I really do know that it seems daunting to count every. little. thing. - I get it. I'm a full time working mother of two. I have a shit ton of stuff going on daily, but being healthy is important to me so I work out my excuses. You don't have to be perfect every single day, but think about how much success you could have if you gave even 80%! Those MFP numbers I post above were from a Saturday, I left the house at 7:30am {after spending a good 45 minutes packing up the kids and all their stuff} hit the gym, went to a kids birthday party {where I ate and tracked food I had there}, went home to get Oliver, met my Dad for dinner and took the kids to a carnival. I didn't sacrifice anything - except maybe a serving of cake because I wanted to save my carbs for some fro-yo :)

All that 'work' call for a office #flexbreak to get me going this Tuesday morning!



Monday Musings: My Plucky Gal

I know she's way too big and old to be held, but sometimes I like to remember when she was a baby.  There was a pop up carnival close to us this weekend so we stopped by and gave her 20 bucks to ride some rides. I rode one with her and felt pretty freaking sick afterwards - think I'm too old to be spun around that fast.

I think my favorite thing about Madison is her bravery -  this girl will get right on a roller-coaster, by herself, and take a front row seat. I love it! 

Dress from Nobella Grace.
Obviously we still have some skills to work on, like the proper use of an umbrella. I read a really great article {that I can't seem to find now} about skills kids need to go into Kindergarten and they weren't your ABC's. Kids should know their address, their phone number, how to button their jeans, etc. Madison can tell you what town she lives in, but we need to work on the actual address and one of our phone numbers.

We celebrated our friend Asher's first birthday, lots of fun and lots of babies. This is my BFF Amber, she had her daughter Makenna a month after I had Aiden. 

Aiden's outfit is from Janie and Jack.
He looks like a linebacker next to her - crazy! Madison cut her first tooth a 3.5 months and it looks like Aiden is working on the same thing, he's teething like whoa. I did buy him an Amber teething necklace and I do think it helps, mainly with the drooling. Now it did take some convincing, most of my family thought I was nuts for trying this 'hippy crap', but for 20 bucks it doesn't hurt to give it a shot!

I found a new running buddy! Margie and I met up for an easy 5 miles Sunday at the crack of dawn, I'm taking it slow with my knee. I've been seeing the Chiro 3x's a week and I do think it's helping, but it's not all fixed up just yet. I'm laying off the soccer for a while until it's completely healed, the twisting and turning really irritates it.

I've been focusing my foam rolling on my IT bands, they are really tight lately. I've never had any issues with them before, but my bodies been through a lot in the past year so things are breaking down. It has absolutely NOTHING to do with my age, seeing as I'm getting younger :) I kinda want to cry and have to do some serious deep breathing to get through it.



Friday Fav's: Subscriptions

I've mentioned a few times how big of a fan I am for subscriptions, they are just a fun and easy way for me to try and find new products.  I just thought I'd give y'all an updated list on some of my favorites.

 Ipsy: My absolute favorite package to get in the mail! I'm always excited to try new beauty products, the Mineral Eyeshadow was PERFECT - good pigments and colors. I like something light and easy during the summer, no heavy eyeliners. Also can we talk about how great my lashes look after a MONTH of no touch ups! Holla!

Top from Sugar Love Boutique.

Just Fab: Seriously I LOVE shoes and my closet is not big enough for all the ones I have which is why I love this site. They are cute, cheap, and trendy most last me a season or two and then I can rotate them out for some new ones without feeling guilty for wasting money. Plus you can skip months if you don't need a pair. I've had a few uncomfortable ones, but I'd say 95% of the time I am very very happy with them!

Just ordered the Mayah!

Fabletics: I've been waiting forever to try this one, I couldn't use them while I was pregnant. I love a good outfit to wear to the gym and working out 6 day's a week I need lots of options, plus 40 bucks is a great deal for workout clothing. I ordered a tank and capri's - can't wait to try them out!

Honest Company: They have so many products I want to try, from cleaning supplies to Kids Immunity Boost.  I looked into ordering their diapers before I decided to try cloth and got some free samples in the mail and they are THE CUTEST. Seriously. 

  Tell me some of your favorite subscriptions!


Throwback Thursday - Compassion

 “The reason we struggle with insecurity is because we compare our behind-the-scenes with everyone else’s highlight reel.” (Steve Furtick)

It's amazing to me that one year ago I was giving myself fertility injections and praying daily for a baby. When I come across a pictures from then I can't help but think about all the frustrations I felt. While later in my journey I did share my feelings and what we were going through in the beginning I kept it to myself and it took a toll on me. Oliver didn't 'get' it and I felt very much alone in that aspect.

This is a picture I was tagged in during a friend of mines wedding, I remember that I started spotting that day and I was devastated, again. There was a full day of wedding activities planned so I had to put on my happy face and a cute chevron dress and be the friend I needed to be.

Yesterday on my way to work my Mom called and was telling me a story about how someone she knew for years was silently suffering at home and she never knew. Through all the turmoil he kept it to himself and was always such a great kid, you would have never guessed.

I am very much an extrovert - I find it hard to keep a secret and I'm what most would call an over-sharer, and sometimes I forget that not everyone is putting their life out there. I have had friends confide in me and it shocks me that they are going through hard things in their life and I have no clue. My way of dealing with stresses in my life is to talk about it, I find that so many people have delt with similar issues and I ALWAYS feel better knowing I'm not alone.

photo by Amber Jane.

Comparison is the thief of joy- always remember that you never know what people are going through. Have some compassion to those who treat you poorly - maybe they are having a rough day.
Be kind to those who spew hate - jealousy is a hard emotion to overcome.

I hope that whatever you are going through you have at least one person to turn to.


IIFYM - Getting Started

I'm going to preface this post by saying I am not a professional anything {well maybe a profesh princess} this is all new to me and I've just been doing my own research and finding what works for me. If you have advice for me I'd love to hear it - just leave me a comment or email me at skinnymeg@outlook.com

IIFYM - If It Fits Your Macros. 
" What “eat whatever you want as long as it fits into your macros” means is basically, eat right, but don’t get all caught up in the whole ‘clean vs dirty’ food debate that seems to still go on. If you want to eat whole grain bread, oats, brown rice, etc. etc. Then do it. If you want to eat white bread, white rice, and pop tarts, as long as it fits in with your other macronutrients and your goals in terms of caloric intake then it isn’t going to make much of a difference in the long run. It all comes down to personal preference. " - source

I started tracking my macros last week and I lost 4 pounds. Now - I just popped out a kid so I have the weight to lose, but I think this may be exactly what I'm looking for for a few reasons:
  • I get to eat - like 2000 calories a day!
  • I can have a treat as long as I fit it in {this doesn't mean I eat pop tarts for breakfast daily}
  • I don't feel deprived at all
There are a few 'downsides' :
  • You have to be diligent on your tracking
  • You have to weigh your food
  • You have to be willing to eat random things to get your macros in
Greek Yogurt with Chocolate PB2
How I got started:

1. Go to this website and figure out your macros. This is trial and error, you need to pick some good starting numbers and stick with them for 2 weeks to see if they work for you before you change them up. 


A couple of notes: The exercise days are the days you lift - not cardio days. Your Carb/Fat split is up to you until you find what works, and the protein use a custom number of .8 for most women. 
Now you can pay someone to give you numbers, but I plan on doing my own until it's not working anymore. It's up to you, but find someone who knows what they are talking about like Krissy or email Paige - iifymcoachingbypaige@gmail.com

2. Join the Facebook Group - Tons of great info shared daily! 

3. Read this great post - it shares how to change My Fitness Pal so you can put in your Macros by grams instead of % to be more accurate.

4. Buy yourself a scale, I have one at home and one for work. Weighmax Electronic Kitchen Scale
So much easier to figure out portions with a scale - I weigh the entire thing and then just divide by 4 or whatever I want after putting the recipe in MFP. I was very resistant to weighing my food, it just seemed so daunting to weigh EVERY. LITTLE. THING. but I told myself to get over it and give it a try and it's actually not that bad! I even weighed out my onion rings when we went out to lunch over the weekend :) Now there have been times I can't weigh something and I'll guesstimate in MFP - I always guess high and leave it at that.

Black Bean Fettuccine - tons of protein!
5. Figure out what food has what in it - here's a good cheat sheet. So far I've learned that I am way more successful at hitting my numbers if I input things I know I will eat that day - like a nightly treat. I put my 'must haves' in first and work my day around those, then I don't feel deprived! If I'm planning on eating out I put that in first and that way it's already part of my day's numbers.

6. Eat protein with every meal - I think this is the hardest for most people. I've been on the hunt for ways to get in all my protein!

P28 Breads are wonderful and full of protein. 
Tolerant Food Organic Black Bean Mini Fettuccine
Turkey Jerkey
Beans - I love me some black beans!
Protein Powder - you must must must try this recipe sooooooooo good!  Protein Oats

7. Have fun with it - the appeal for me is that no food is off limits. I'm so over the 'clean eating' and the judgement that gets passed when someone doesn't consider something clean. Go ahead and eat all the Cool Whip your little heart desires if you want. If you're happy, I'm happy!



The Hot Pink Skirt.

Wow the weekends can sure feel like a blur, so much so fast. 

 My knee was bugging me a bit last week, but it kinda felt tight in my entire thigh area so I assumed I just hadn't stretched it out enough after leg day Monday. After my soccer game Friday night it was really hurting and by Sunday I could barely walk around, it's swollen and feels like it's needs to pop, but I'm having a hard time bending it. I can put weight on it though. I'm trying to get an appointment today to have it checked out, but I think it's just really out of whack, I really should've gone and got adjusted after I had Aiden, jumping around super pregnant and really throw all your joints out of whack. Here's hoping! 

One of the highlights of my weekend was turning on Netflix and see new episodes of Pretty Little Liars, well that combined with some yummy Protein Waffles :)

Madison made Daddy a sweet card for Father's Day, he spent the morning golfing with his new clubs. God I love that face, she rocks my face off. 

 We both are starting the cleanse today so I made us a meal plan and a grocery list, letting go of dairy can be tough for us so I needed some good options. I'm also SUPER sick of spending 200 bucks a week on groceries so we decided to give Aldi a try, I was pretty impressed with the produce and I found some other items there pretty cheap. They didn't have everything I needed, but it was worth the trip. I found whole wheat noodles, almond milk, turkey sausage, strawberries, blueberries, asparagus, apples, spinach, chicken, and some random canned goods like beans.

Aiden LOVES facing out now when I'm wearing him, he's really curious and wants to see what's happening around him. This wrap is a Boba.

I meal prepped for the next 3 days - I kinda feel weird eating anything that's been in the fridge longer than that. I'm trying something new - black rice - I added some taco seasoned chicken, corn, and some non-dairy cheese. 
I have sweet potatoes and bunless turkey burgers ready to go for the Thursday and Friday. 

One Pot Caprese Pasta - whole wheat noodles, non dairy cheese
Tilapia with broccolli
Chicken and Veggies

You can find so many recipes to eat on the cleanse on Pinterest - here's my boards if you wanna follow me. I am still following the IIFYM plan - more details on this tomorrow, you don't want to miss it trust me! Life changing.

Almost as life changing as this freaking amazing skirt. Loveeeeeeeeeeeeeee.  Top is from Three Little Numbers.



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