Sorry I'm Not Sorry.

It's Sorry I'm Not Sorry link up day with Crystal Michelles Mess and I guess I WAS confused, I blame  the baby, I tend to scan emails while nursing, haha.

Sorry I'm Not Sorry I make some adorable babies with this guy!

Sorry I'm Not Sorry.... I rarely dress the kid unless I want to take his picture or we are leaving the house. 

Sorry I'm Not Sorry ... that my kid loves to flex break. Other favorite phases include "THAT'S what I'm talking about" "Right Meow" "Are you SERIOUS" and "Hashtag"

Sorry I'm Not Sorry ... that Madison slept with us until she was 4.5 and we didn't mind a bit. 

Sorry I'm Not Sorry ... that my kid has mostly listened to music I like, no kid songs in my car, we prefer something with a better beat. She can recognize almost all the album covers in my iTunes, that's how she knows what she wants to listen to because she can't read yet. She loves rap.

Sorry I'm Not Sorry ... that I take a million pictures and videos of my kids everyday. When I'm at work and missing them I scroll through my IG videos #skinnymegvideos and laugh my ass off at Madison. She's a riot.

and this one.

Can't wait to read y'alls!



  1. I totally watched #skinnymegvideos yesterday. I needed a little cuteness in my life. Aiden is getting so stinking big!! and HANDSOME. Madison's sassy-tude always makes me laugh, little fashion diva!

  2. Haha I love all of these and the music one is totally all three of my kids!! Then they will say some words (like hell and damn) while singing and I pray the people that are listening recognize the tune so I don't look so terrible hahaha!!

  3. Yes, you do make adorable babies!! I love that she says those phrases...out of the mouths of babes! Haha!

  4. Love them all! So with you on the music ones!

  5. Haha so true - I'm definitely not sorry about millions pictures of my baby haha

    Happy Medley

  6. Haha haha Lilly says totes adorbs and I Crack up.... thanks for Co hosting sista!

  7. Love that you share your family with all of us! Madison is such a cute little diva and I can't wait to see how Aiden comes into his own!

  8. Sorry I'm not sorry... I didn't try to potty train any of my kids. I let them wear diapers until they decided that wasn't cool anymore. Saved me a lot if stress even though grandmas were freaking out.

  9. My kids are 8..and everyday they will come to my room in the middle of the night...


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