Mama's Going Back to Work!

Well those 12 weeks sure went by quick, it's even harder to believe that my baby is almost 3 months old! 

I spent the weekend just mentally preparing myself, trying to make the adjustment as smooth as possible for everyone. I need to be sure everyone knows who needs to be where and when. Madison is starting a new summer preschool, dance is ending, gymnastics needs to be moved to another day, indoor soccer will be starting, etc. Oh - plus the baby!

Besides the logistics of it all I need to be organized with our meals, I will have even less time after work to cook so I REALLY need to prep as much as I can. 

Took my man to the store where he lost his binky while I was wearing him and I had to pray the entire ride home he would sleep :) I also HATE grocery shopping, it's so expensive it's depressing, it's all the produce that adds up!

Thankfully due to Memorial Day I have a short week so I only prepped enough for the next 3 days. I cut up 2 melons and washed and pulled 2 bags of grapes. Cooked 3 chicken breasts in the crockpot and shredded them, cooked a spaghetti squash, and my pasta/broccoli mix {cook pasta for 7 minutes then add in cut up broccoli for the last 2} I will season and add cheese when we eat it. I also bought frozen tilapia to make with it or turkey meat I can cook quickly. I can probably count on Oliver to cook Turkey Chili one day a week.

Little man helped with the laundry too, you know it's almost a relief to go back to work, I get very little satisfaction from doing EVERYTHING around the house. Oliver's been slacking on helping out with the a lot of things because I was 'on vacation' as he put it.  I feel better when it's a team effort although we all know women still do more. Just another reason I didn't enjoy staying home, I felt like I did a heck of lot more work than he did. Just sayin'. I'm sure he would disagree :) 

I'm also excited to wear some work outfits again! The last year has been maternity wear on repeat most days - I was so over it. I've been stocking up slowly on new stuff for my post baby bod - excited to share it with y'all! 

Maybe I can get away with my 'Mom' outfits on casual Fridays because I REALLY love this hot pink Piko from Pink Slate. Pink has always been my color!



  1. Get it girl! Heading back to work after baby seems rather overwhelming. I am reading and taking notes for when its my turn!

  2. Good luck on your transition back this week!!

  3. Yay on transitioning back smoooothly.. I love pink on you. Your skin is gorgeous. Pink is my fave too! I'd wear it every day if I could!

  4. Hey Megan! Yay for going back to work!!! Hey I just wanted to tell you about an awesome website that will help you save money on groceries. It is called dealstomeals.com. She shops the weekly sales and compares them right on her site. You can then go to the store with the lowest prices or take you printable list to Walmart and price match the best deals! I save tons this way on things that never have coupons like meat, milk, produce etc. Check it out!

  5. I totally hear you on the expensive produce. It's ridiculous.

    I've heard of neighborhoods that have giant gardens, you help pay for the upkeep with your dues. Every Sunday, you go get your bag of produce and fresh flowers. Seriously, can you imagine how amazing that would be?

  6. good job with the meal prep. I really need to make an effort to do that more.

    and I love the baby's shoes. too cute.

    1. oh and it took me by surprise to see all of the grocery bags in your. Here in Austin, TX, they banned the use of plastic bags. We now have to use reusable bags or pay for the paper bags. It's still a new thing, so I'm still always forgetting to take my reusable bag to the store with me.

  7. Do you guys have Aldi in your area? I'm in OKC and we have them and their prices on produce are unbelievable!! It's a no frills kind of store buy I love it. It's smaller than a regular grocery store so when I have the kids its easy in and out. I've not had anything from there that isn't good! If you have one close, check it out! They have organic and gluten free items too! :) Good luck this week!! Going back to work isn't easy!!

  8. Have you looked to see if Bountiful Baskets has a location in your area? I know they have some locations in TX, and it has helped SO MUCH with our grocery bill and helped us to try new things. It's a produce co-op where you contribute on Monday, and pickup on either Friday evening or Saturday (depending on location schedule). There are organic baskets available, as well as great things to "add on". Check out their website at www.bountifulbaskets.org

  9. I really need to get back into meal prepping. I have a hard time figuring out what to prep and what not to prep in advance though.

    I for sure do a lot of housework on top of working a full time job. When I stayed home I did everything, all the cooking and cleaning and laundry. Drove me nuts. So I understand exactly what you are saying! Now that I work full time I insist on it being a little more equal.

    Love that baby of yours. He is adorable!

  10. Have a great first week back to work!!! You've done all you can to prepare--so it's going to be great!!

  11. Hope you're having a good day back! I felt the same way (and still do) about the housework. I have a "chore chart" that I use so that I don't end up letting the housework pile up and guess who is the only one that looks at it? ME! He will help out if I ask him to and will randomly do something here and there, but he hasn't scrubbed a bathtub since I met him!

  12. You are doing great!! Where is the world did you get that cute green side table?? LOVE it!

  13. 3 months and you have to go back to work? That seems really short. But as you said at least your husband can't use the "vacation" excuse on you anymore.
    Produce is a killer. So expensive.

  14. I love almost all things pink. I can't believe the little is already 3 months. I seems just like yesterday. I hope you have a good transition back to work.

  15. Can't wait to see your routine again :) and I can't believe he's about to be 3 months.. where did the time go??


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