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For weeks I've been searching for my pink tape measure, last I saw it Twilight Sparkle was using it as a leash for herself. I walk into her room to put her clothes away {I know, shocking that princess Megan does her own laundry!} and there it is just laying on the floor. Finally got some measurements!

Chest: 39
Legs: R: 25 for both
Arms: R: 12.5 for both
Hips: 47 {yikes}
Waist: 37

I'm going to try to remeasure once a month and see how it's progressing. I'm still doing Jamie Eason's 12 Week program and liking it. I am doing more than just that though, I enjoy my Body Pump, Turbo, and Cycle classes. If you are new to a gym or to using weights I highly recommend it though! 

It's not too shabby for 10 weeks post baby though {seems longer though!}. Things are slowly tightening up and the biggest thing is that my endurance is coming back. I feel stronger everyday, I'm getting in lots of weights and feeling better. 

Abs are harder, it really takes concentrated effort to build them. I'm trying to get in some ab work everyday. Here's a quick workout I put together during Workout Wednesdays a while ago, fast and easy-ish!

Link to post with video

I honestly can't remember if I told y'all about my new love?
Panache Women's Underwired Sports Bra

You know I love my Juno too, but someone recommended this one for me and I thought I'd give it a go, what I really like about it is the way it goes on.

It goes on just like a regular bra and has adjustable straps. The juno is more like one piece so you have to pull it over your head and getting it off while sweaty can be dangerous, I've almost dislocated a shoulder before.

But the Panache has a hook to bring the straps together for minimal booby bounce. I would say they run pretty true to size although I sized down because I want to be able to wear it for a while when I'm done BFing. 

Food wise, I haven't been tracking because honestly it was just a crap ton of work and I don't have any problems staying in my calorie range given I get so many extra for breastfeeding. I've just been focusing on what TYPE of food I put in my mouth, adding in more protein and cutting out some fats. I'm also trying to eat every 3 hours and stop eating when I'm full. I go back to work next week so it will be easier for me to stay on a schedule! I need to get back into prepping for the week, no extra time at night once I go back I want to spend as much time as I can with the kids. Oliver's going to have to start helping with dinner again, I swear cooking dinner at night is such a pain. I think I dread that more than anything! 



  1. You are going to LOVE phase three of the program! I'm excited to see your results! Keep it up lady you look great!

  2. Damn lady you are looking good! Abs are hard....so very hard. You are doing great!

  3. Great job! And thanks for keeping us updated!

  4. Hahaha I totally understand the dislocating a shoulder when taking your bra off after working out! Haha. Did you ever find a good nursing bra?

  5. My friend and I just started the program this week. Loving it so far! You are looking fantastic! Seriously GREAT JOB!

  6. I may have to try out that sports bra. Taking a regular one off is fine... getting it ON is a pain for me. It just rolls under and I've got to do some tantric moves I didn't know I had to unroll the dang thing. So I {love} the idea of it going on like a regular bra!

  7. I have a running bra from Champion that fits like a normal bra, too. It is amazing.

  8. I'm very interested in the panache bra - what size did you order? I have the same measurements as you. Thanks. You are amazingly inspirational BTW!

  9. You look great for just having a baby! And cooking at night is my least favorite thing as well :(

  10. I don't mind cooking breakfast or lunch, but dinner is ALWAYS a drag! UGH! I think you look GREAT for 10 weeks postpartum. I'm so proud of you! Thanks for motivating me :)

  11. I just finished day 30 today - and loving it! I totally feel ya on the dinner thing, I keep waiting for them to release the willy wonka dinner bubble gum like they showed in the movie! I mean seriously, why do they have to eat every.freakin.day?!

  12. You're doing GREAT for 10 weeks post-baby! I'm jealous of your hourglass figure, owow! :)

    Thanks for popping in that link to the bra - I've been looking for something that could be either straps apart or crossed. Perfect!

  13. Two things! 1. Have you ever heard of Wildtree parties? I guess they are to prep and freeze meals. Anyways, we just got invited to one and it was perfect timing with my surgery, so we did it. We got 20 meals (it's really 10, but we split each meal in half since it's usually just my husband and I eating it and sometimes my 5 year old) out of it. They are supposed to be healthy and organic too. Just look into it- bc if you don't like to cook this might be nice bc I assume you just defrost and throw in the crockpot or skillet.
    2. Since I just had surgery and cannot do cardio, I have just been trying to lift heavy. I have a good program right now, but I don't mind trying new stuff out. Do you think Jamie Eason's 12 week program is good enough for somebody who can ONLY do lifting? Or you you suggest finding a program that has more lifting? I just feel like there aren't many exercises there... Like 6 maybe? I'm used to doing like 10 per gym session. I'm sure it'd be good if you can add cardio, that's just why I'm looking for a lifting program that'd ours not involve cardio .,, bc I can't for a few months. :(

  14. You look awesome for only having a baby 10 weeks ago. Keep inspiring!!!

  15. Keep up the great work! You are amazing!! I really enjoy your posts about what you make for dinner. If you could do a post on what you are eating that would be awesome.

  16. You look great...from your pics you look like your losing inches. Great inspiration and thanks for all the helpful tips. Your blog is great and thanks for your response to my emails.

  17. You look great...from your pics you look like your losing inches. Great inspiration and thanks for all the helpful tips. Your blog is great and thanks for your response to my emails.

  18. I just wanted to let you know how much of an inspiration you are! I've recently decided to get off of my rear end and actively Pursue losing weight the healthy way. Between a full rims job, 3 children with tons of extra curricular activities, and a husband who works nights, I've opted for T25. Im only on week 2, but im already feeling stronger and have more energy. Thank you again for sharing your story


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