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Poor Aiden, I highly doubt this will be the last time his sister tries to dress him up!  For those of you who are not yet Mom's let me give you a bit of advice - when you go out be VERY VERY sure you take a diaper bag. The ONE time you forget he WILL poop and scream and you will be forced to wrap his naked behind in a pair of Madison's leggings that you found in the back of the car. Just sayin'

We decided to buy a new mattress, memory foam,  and didn't want to spend a ton because we are redoing our kitchen next month. I heard good things about DynastyMattress New Cool Breeze 12-Inch Gel Memory Foam Mattress so I gave it a shot. It's a lot firmer than our last pillow top mattress, but dang I love it so much! We do have to keep the fan on, it's a tad warm when your sleeping, but I've read there are some covers to put on them to cool them off so I may try that if it bugs me. It also came with 2 memory foam pillows which are fantastic! Over all it was a great deal for 600 bucks, I will update y'all in a few months with how it's holding up :) Daddy had to work an overnight shift last week so Madison insisted on keeping me company, she's a crazy sleeper, wow. I had to throw her off my back about 7 times.

She's is always wherever Aiden is, I'm having to get onto her for trying to pick him up. I know she just wants to help, but he's heavy and she's not quite strong enough. She's perfect at 'SHHHHHHHSSSSHHIING' him loudly {like the noise he heard in my belly she says} and getting that binky back in his mouth. We are trying like crazy to keep his fingers out of his mouth and she's great at keeping an eye out for that.

With my parents moving in down the street and less than a mile from the lake these two just want to fish every weekend. Madison's got a good cast down, well, until she let it go behind her and hit herself in the back with the weight. Don't think we are quite ready for a hook just yet :)

The best part of my weekends are family dinner, it's just nice to have your Mom cook for you no matter how old you are. Plus no kitchen for me to clean up!



  1. Sunday family dinners are my favorite part of my week!

  2. My parents live just down the road from us as well and it is the biggest blessing!!

  3. My parents are just up the road also:) And they cook Sunday dinner almost every week! Score!

  4. It's always nice when you don't have to cook for your family! lol no matter who does the cooking and what they serve. YAY!

    Happy Medley

  5. This looks like a fabulous time!

  6. I still love when my mom cooks for me. You aren't alone, it was actually my favorite part of maternity leave. She came to my house and make about 10 different dinners so all I had to do was pop it in the oven. I miss my parents just living up the road, they are not 40 min away. I do have my husbands parents but they aren't my parents.

  7. Well thank God for Madison's leggings, right? LMAO
    Seriously please keep an update on the new mattress, hubby & I spent $100 on a memory foam topper (waste of $$$) so SOON we're looking into buying something else -- TIA
    I was around her age when I went fishing with my dad. He'd cast it for me. I swear to you, I caught a cat fish that almost pulled me in the water.
    He refused to help get it in & I finally got it on the bank side. He couldn't believe it. Neither one of us will forget it..LOL so much fun.!!!

  8. Mom's cooking are the best. My Mom is moving away (by a few states) soon, I will dearly miss her cooking dinner for me once a week so we could run or walk together. Love that little girl of yours, she is too cute and such a good big sister!

  9. I love family time :) Dinner looked goood!

  10. How is your bed working out? After last night, I decided I'm done with ours and remembered you had gotten a new one. Would love to hear your thoughts about the one you ordered.


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