2 Months Later.

My baby is 2 months old, unbelievable. 

Weight - 13.8 pounds 90th percentile
Height - 23.74 75th percentile
Clothing - 3-6 month outfits

Aiden is still a 'good' baby, he sleeps more than my cat, nothing wakes him! I take him in and out of his car seat a lot when I'm running in somewhere because that dang thing weighs like 50 pounds without him in it and I'm getting calluses on one hand.

The genetics counselor called and said not to worry about his blood work, he was just fine. Weirdly though the metabolic test he failed was the same one Madison failed and the doctor said it wasn't THAT common so maybe they have some slight genetic glitch in our blood, who knows. I'm just thankful he's OK! 

Physically he's doing really well, he holds his head up with minimal bouncing for long periods of time and he can put weight on his leg like a boss. The doctor even comment how he was close to rolling over! Madison developed really fast physically too, walking by 10 months, but her speech was slow to get going so maybe it's a trend, we'll see. 

The cloth diapering is still going really really well, it's honestly so easy! He's down to pooping only once every 2 days, so we don't have to change him during the night. Before bed I put him in a Thirsties Duo Fitted Snap  with a cover and he never leaks!!  I bought 6 and it's plenty for night time only doing a load of diapers every 3 days. I got Oliver stuffing the diapers after I wash, HOLLA!

He is starting to smile a lot when he see's me {well not just me, although I am the favorite!} and make the CUTESTTTTTT  cooing sounds. I can already see the difference in having a boy, I'm a complete sucker for him. Maybe because Madison cried so much as a baby I didn't feel bad when I had to let her cry while I did something, with Aiden I stop whatever I'm doing and pick him up. I KNOW it's a bad habit, but my heart breaks for him. He's my lil buddy!



  1. Such a cute, sweet baby!! Love these updates!

  2. He is so cute. I am glad your loving the cloth diapering. Oliver is 10.5 months and we are still going strong. He is full time CD'd and I wouldn't have it any other way.

  3. He only poops once every 2 days?? I felt like my son pooped 10 times a day!

  4. He is so handsome!! <3 And I love that he is such an easy baby! That last picture kills me! He is such a happy boy!! :)

  5. I can't wait for my new baby next month ;)

  6. Quick question! What kind of cover do you use over the thirsties at night? Wool? Any particular brand? TIA!! Aiden and Madison are so precious!

  7. "he sleeps more than my cat" hahaha dying!! My baby has FOMO and never wants to sleep! She's happy still but mama's tired! We cloth diaper, too, and things just got interesting as we transition to solid foods! Yikes!

  8. I'm happy that Aiden is just fine, that's wonderful news. You have beautiful children!

  9. He's beautiful! I LOVE bald baby boys. I want to eat him up with a spoon.

  10. How cute! It's always nice to hear different opinions about cloth diapering....I would want the easiest route, but also the cheapest!

  11. So cute! You're doing an amazing job! I looove reading your blog posts!

  12. He is so sweet. I love seeing him with his sis! Precious!

  13. I font understand how he poops once every two days?

  14. He is just the most precious little thing, and looks just like Madison!!

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  16. Awww, he's so sweet!! Beckett is pooping once every other day, too, and it's so nice! Well, except when it seems like he's saved it all up, and for those moments we've coined the term "poosplosion." Isn't it just awesome when they get so excited to see you? I love it!


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