Weghing In

Another week, another weigh in.
189 - which is a 1 pound loss for the week. Not bad considering I had a few slip ups. Saturdays are the hardest for me because I'm just gone from the house all day and usually let myself get overly hungry which leads to bad choices. Like a hamburger. My goal this week is to plan my weekends better! I do fine if I stay home, but Saturdays are my Mom's only day off so it's usually a shopping/errand/soccer/birthday party kind of day.

I have been back at the gym for a little over a week now and everyday it gets better. I'm playing in a soccer tournament in San Antonio in 2 weeks so I need to get my cardio up, 3 games is a lot of running! I find it helps tremendously if I wear two bras, the boobs are very uncomfortable right now. 

I'm easing back into weights, the biggest issue with that is how sore I am afterwards. Like can't sit to pee sore. I'm having absolutely zero pain in my csection area which is fantastic.

I dusted off my Polar, the battery was dead and I had to get it replaced. I've been burning between 600-900 calories at the gym and right now I'm trying not to eat those back because I'm already adding in around 300 for breastfeeding. Like I stated before I've never had milk supply issues, everyone is different! 

I've found a nice selection of sauces at Sprouts that have made for some easy and yummy stir-fry's!  
Today I'm going to make some Protein Peanut Butter Caramel Cups, hopefully they are as good as they look. 

andddddd just because he's so freaking cute in his lil Polo outfit with his baby toes!



  1. Those protein peanut butter cups looks delicious! I may have to make them!

  2. The pain of sitting down to pottie. I completely feel your pain this week thanks to squats and deadlifts. Ouch!

  3. Which sports bars do you find work the best? I have a VERY large chest from nursing (36 I/J) and can't really find anything that I am in love with.

  4. What are you doing to burn that many calories?!?!?

  5. You are a rockstar getting back to the gym already. I took like a week off last week just because life got busy and I felt super lame at the gym yesterday. I had to stop because I thought I was going to get sick. Ugh. Weak! lol.

  6. Good luck in your tournament! I was never into soccer BECAUSE of all of the running... mind you, I was never really into any sports.

  7. Go you!!! I love reading your blog and have been reading it for a couple years now! I recently started blogging again and would love for you to check mine out. www.runmarykrun.blogspot.com :)

  8. Kicking ass and taking names....way to go doll!

  9. also wondering about sports bras. They never fit and I'm currently wearing 2 to wrangle these bad boys. maybe you could do a post on ones you love and or hate...please ? :)

  10. I have that same bra :) It's awesome. And YOU'RE AWESOME. 900 calories?! Whew. I'm anxious to get back to the gym in another week and a half. I've been tempted to just go, but having learned from past experience I cannot push my body too soon after a Csection or I pay for it. So I'm sitting here going stir crazy and obeying doctor's orders to not go to the gym until 6 weeks postpartum. It is now 4.5 weeks. So soon enough. But seeing your posts of your workouts are getting me all jazzed and I want to be there NOW! I just don't do well with my eating habits if I'm not working out at the same time....and I've been so addicted to sugar lately. Ughhhhhh BF'ing must be the culprit. Anyway. THANKS for sharing your updates as always! You look so beautiful and amazing already!

  11. I use the Enelle bra. Its not pretty but it holds the girls in!


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