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Tomorrow is the last day I will be accepting donations for March of Dimes. Thank you to everyone for your support, it means the world to me that you are helping the tiny lil babes. I'm still pretty far from my goal so if you could share this with your friends that would make my day :)

Click here to make a donation to March of Dimes.

If you would like to come and walk with Baby Aiden and I please let me know, the more support the better!  It's at White Rock Lake next Saturday!

Did y'all know Target is carrying paint and removable wall paper???? uh, HECK YEAH. I couldn't help myself and bought a can of the most beautiful pink paint, it's gorrrrrrgeous. Oliver threatened my life if I painted any walls pink. I'm not, but it's going on something ASAP.

If you have a Tom Thumb near you I suggest looking for this jar, 5.99
So adorable.

She'll always be his baby girl.

I've been completely scatterbrained lately so I broke down and bought an Erin Condren planner. Pretttttty sure I don't know how I lived without one! I used to just use my phone calendar, but the upgraded iOS7 ruined it. It's a hot mess and my alarms never go off so I keep forgetting crap. 
Cheers to being organized!



  1. That's what it is....I was wondering why my alarms on my calendar haven't been going off. Ugh! I need organization in my life too, it gives me anxiety to not have things in order!

    Love these little posts into your life :)

  2. I really want to try that removable wall paper!!

  3. That bit about Target made me super excited!!! I wonder if they have a Chevron print... Must. Go.

  4. Target just keeps getting better and better! If they would only install a bar, my life would be complete!

  5. Oh Target. I already just hand them my wallet when I walk in. I can't wait to check it out!

  6. So in love with that wallpaper and now I need to get that "Bloom" jar :)

  7. The newest update adds back a feature to the calendar that makes it a little bit better, but I totally agree!

  8. new follower. Seriously, paint at Target? Life made. :)

  9. So do you already know what you're going to paint pink or do you just know its going to be something? I want to see!

  10. Ahhh! Read the back of your paint from Target! I bought a sample jar and it says it contains a chemical known to cause cancer on the back! Be careful :)


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