Small projects always lead to bigger ones!

It was such a gorgeous sunrise this morning I had to snap a picture on my way home from the gym. Those colors just make my heart happy - probably why I love to color up my home.

Remember when I used my birthday as a 'yes honey' day and had my husband go pick up a table off Craigslist?

Well this is the only 'before' picture I took, oops. The table and chairs have a pretty shape to them, but the oak top and red chair seats left much to be desired. I kinda wanted a coral table, but Oliver HATES orange - which is what he says coral is. I usually don't give him much say, but when he expresses extreme hate I try to work around it ;)

I decided to use a fabulous fabric instead of painting it, I found this at Hobby Lobby. 

I spent one day sanding the top and the lacquer finish was proving very difficult to remove. Plan B was to use the Rustoleum Cabinet Transformation on it, which require no sanding. Either my product was old or I didn't mix it well, but it turned into a sludgy mess. Plan C was to text my awesome neighbors and beg for help, which would be why it's so beautiful and perfect now!

I moved my Over dyed Rug from my bedroom to in here for a better pop of color and I must say I absolutely loveeeeeee how it all came together. 
Curtains tutorial - click here.
Mirror tutorial - click here.

We will be having some big changes coming up! I happened to win a pretty fabulous prize - a house full of tile and granite for my kitchen! Eeek! We are going to rip out all the existing floors {that are not carpeted} and tile with planks of 'wood grain' porcelain.

I'm leaning more towards this color, but maybe a tad darker. I like the weathered look though.

and maybe a fun pattern....

and we thought while we were getting granite we may as well redo the kitchen cabinets. Now thats a huge undertaking and I just don't have the time so we are going to get some quotes. This is my color inspiration....

I love the grey cabinets with the white counters - gorgeous! Oliver actually liked this to so I hope it's not going to cost my first born to get them painted. We will likely start this when I go back to work so I have a few weeks to finalize my decisions. If anyones knows a great cabinet person in DFW please send me the deets!



  1. What how lucky to win that so jelly

  2. What did your neighbors do to help? What was the fix for the tabletop?

  3. Hey Megan! Your table looks SO good! Great job! We are also wanting to get quotes for our kitchen cabinets to be redone since I didn't know what I was doing when I painted them and did NOT seal them. Oops! Would you mind messaging me on FB or emailing me (efitmama@gmail.com) and let me know who you go with or who you are thinking about using? I would greatly appreciate it! Thank you!!

  4. that table came out great and I love that fabric for the chairs - the pic you have of the kitchen is my dream kitchen - LOVE those colors... one of my good friends just did the porcelain wood tiles and its AMAZING - hers are a bit lighter than the pic you have up here and have a greyish tint to them but they great!

  5. I am jealous!!! I love the tile you picked and the picture of the kitchen is my DREAM kitchen. Good for you! And the table and chairs look darling :)

  6. Congratulations! I'm loving the kitchen counter... but I'd definitely need more color!

  7. How amazing that you won such a big prize!!! The biggest thing I ever won was a cake! Hahaha!

  8. That fun pattern would be awesome, and would even give your floors a chevron look lol. You should watch Flipping Las Vegas the chick on there does some amazing interior designs

  9. I am in love with your style! And, the porcelain tiles will look fab, I have installed them on many of my design projects. They always turn out awesome!

  10. We just redid out kitchen and family room. We did everything from ceiling to floor, so to save some money we had our cabinets painted. They turned out great! Our contractor added crown to the top of them and raised and pulled forward the one above our microwave. We added bead board to the bottom cabinet ends and island. We also changed all the hardware and they turned out fabulous. We had them painted black with nickle hardware.....granite counter tops - love them!

  11. Go darker on the floor--I have light floors and hate them because every little speck of dirt shows!
    Congrats on the great win!

  12. the counter tops are marble in that picture, I would not recommend Marble on counter tops since they do stain easily.

  13. I love those chairs! I also love your philosophy on your husbands decorating opinion haha!

  14. Where is that table from?! I am searching for a table about that size!


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