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I had a bit of a rough week last week which started with a huge dentist bill. again. I already spent a butt-load last year at the dentist and I was really hoping to not have to do that again, but apparently that's not happening. I'm getting a root canal and crown next Tuedsay. Yay. At this rate I'm never going to be able to save for my boob repair. ugh. 
To top off the week I did this.

Yep, my nice pretty new car!! I don't know what happened, but I turned into a parking spot too sharp and rubbed the car next to me.  This was at Madison's dance class so I had to walk into a waiting room full of women and announce that I hit a car and who's was it. Good times. Then I had to turn on the water works when I called Oliver so he would be 'cool' about it. It's a good thing both car-seats don't fit in his truck or he would insist I drive that huge monster around.

Not everything was a bust. In fact the Easter bunny photos turned out fabulous, both kids were perfect!

I got their matching outfits from Lolly Wolly Doodle, sure glad I sized up for little baby Aiden. Already rocking 3 month clothes!

My top is Sugar Love Boutique // his is Carters.
Despite a few meltdowns {usually involving a falling binky} he's a really good baby. It's a good thing I tied my tubes cause I could have another if they are as sweet as him! Oliver's trying to steal my new best friend, not going to happen! This one is mine :)

My new Brady Bands came in yesterday, I'm loving this pink dressy one! They inspired me to get a few new workout pieces from Old Navy to accommodate my after baby body. A few loose flowy tops to hide the temporary muffin going on :) Madison loves to go and visit her 'family' in the front of the store and while we were there my sister caught her in the dressing room.

Love this kid.

We are off to a fun filled day at the Arboretum! Have a safe and happy Easter!



  1. Seriously can Twilight Sparkle be any cuter?!?!?

  2. The curtsy at the end is adorable!

  3. This comment has been removed by the author.

    1. sorry....I deleted comment cuz I signed in under my hubby's account by accident. :o

  4. OMG Meg u crack me up! The fallen binkie pic is priceless!

  5. Totally sucks about your car! The EB pic of the babes is the best! And I absolutely love your new headband. I'll have to check that site out.

  6. I hit a dog in my new car. And now the number has to be replaced!! I even slowed down for the dang dog and then it shot out in front of me. Stupid dogs!!

  7. At least you told someone you hit their car, someone hit mine & didn't care to leave a note or anything :(

  8. love the lolly outfits, they are made in my hometown! im tempted to get their womens dresses!


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