Perfect Spring Weekend

Spring weather is finally sticking around here in Dallas so we try to spend as much time outdoors as we can before it get's sweltering hot. Friday I took the kiddos to the Arboretum, it was jam freaking packed. School buses everywhere!! Baby Aiden and I had to match, again, boys really can be fun to dress! I just died at the cuteness of those white linen pants from H&M. 

Twilight Sparkle honestly feels she's a supermodel so this is what I get for every picture. 

Shockingly Oliver has never ever been camping or slept in a tent. Obviously he's led a very sheltered life. I grew up in a family of 6 and we didn't have a lot of money so every vacation was a camping trip. I will never ever live down the time we all went 'hiking' and my Mom got us lost on the Bluebird Trail in the forest and I sat my ass down on the ground and refused to walk any further. Maybe that's why my brother calls me Princess Megan. Anyways Madison got a tent and sleeping bags for her birthday so Oliver and her put them to use in my parents backyard {they have 3 acres} complete with a fire for smores.  She loved it and they slept out there all night despite the rain, maybe I haven't prissed her up too much :)

Sunday we celebrated Easter with my family and took a few bluebonnet pictures. If you live in Texas it's a must every spring, droves of people pull over on the side of the road where ever the wildflower is growing and take pictures. 

Ahhhhhhhh this is us in 2012, time is just flying by. Also this makes me want to drop and do 100 push ups, I miss those biceps!

I'm halfway through my maternity leave and I'm trying to savor every day I have with this lil guy. Logically I know all the reasons I decided to work, but when they are this snuggly it's hard to think about leaving them. Maybe I can sneak him into my office and snuggle him while I work :) 



  1. Such adorable pics! Your family is precious!!

  2. You look amazing in bright colors! I just left Dallas and the weather was perfect!!

  3. Loving the spring pictures! You look great lady!

  4. I love the last pic...Aiden is just loving his big sis! SO sweet =)

  5. IDK why but that picture of you & little miss model almost made me cry...lol such a beautiful little family :)

  6. Ohhhh & I forgot to say that I had never camped or peed outside until last summer LOL I did live a very sheltered life.

  7. Those are fantastic photos!! I am so, so happy to see everything in bloom!

  8. So jealous of the blue bonnets! We def do not have those in TN! Backyard camping is a blast... for my hubs and son ;)

  9. Ahhh I love Twilight Sparkles little freckles on her nose! Baby Aiden is the cutest thing ever! I wish I lived in Texas for some bluebonnets :D


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