Party Weekend.

Thank you to everyone who helped me raise money for my March of Dimes walk this past Saturday! I enjoyed these girls coming out to walk the 5 miles with me and Baby Aiden was so good the entire time! Life sure is different with an 'easy' baby, now I see why people have multiple kids :)

Twilight Sparkle went with the g-parents and Oliver hunting for eggs, which was over in less than 90 seconds. You have to be aggressive to get those suckers! Also she had to be bribed to stand with the fancy bunny.

We celebrated her birthday on Sunday at Sugar and Spice in downtown McKinney.

Her dress is from Etsy and the quality is freaking amazing! 
Her cake is from Say it with Sugar - delishhhhh.
Her necklace is a Sprinklings.

They start out by picking whatever they want to wear from a great selection of dress up clothing - jewelry, shoes, and boa's too!

They worked on a craft project while everyone was getting hair and make up done.

The girls that worked there were awesome, the 'princess' hairstyles they created were amazing! I should have watched so I could try to recreate it.

Her favorite part of the party was the karaoke, also I'm never buying one of these for home :) Ever. I heard enough Frozen to last me a lifetime!

There was a fashion show which was hilarous, these girls and there poses!

After a 'tea' lunch of sammy's and muffins we sang Happy Birthday.

I'm was so impressed with the coordination of the party place, it made it much more enjoyable for me {and my mom} to just sit back and relax and not have to do all the work! Plus the girls had a blast and I didn't have to clean anything up afterwards.

In fact it was the perfect afternoon to take a rainy day nap while watching a movie :)



  1. Madison's birthday looks like nothing less than I would expect from you! How absolutely amazing! And I LOVE her cake - so cute. You inspire me as a parent and as such a grounded person. If I have ever have kids, you're going to have to give me some advice ;-)


  2. Baby Aiden is a cutie and Twilight Sparkley, she's adorable! She looks like she had a great time.

  3. So cute!!! Speaking of cute, I LOVE the hat you're wearing in the first picture. Do you remember where you got it?

  4. This party looks like a BLAST! What a great way to celebrate the milestone of turning 5. She is precious. Gold star for you Super-Mom! You need a cape. For real.

  5. It was so fun walking with you ladies on Saturday! Love the party pictures, and that selfie is pretty dang cute. ~ kati

  6. My daughter had her 5th birthday there in January, and love it! Such a cute place!

  7. Awe!! It looks like you guys had a blast and what sweet pictures.

  8. The picture of Madison taking her own selfie... is SO AWESOME! I love that you can see the selfie on the back of the camera.... and then there's the very last pic <3

  9. The last picture is priceless.......

  10. Thank you for the motivation to keep going. I wish I would have got back on the healthy train right after giving birth. I struggle and my little one is 2 already. Here is my blog, to help keep me accountable, if you ever want to look at my before, progress pics and fell off the damn train pics to give me advice. I'm really interested in the weight lifting too. It seems to be doing wonders for you and so many others.


  11. Hi! I'm the owner of Made of Sugar & Spice and I'm so so happy that Madison enjoyed her birthday with us! Thank you for letting us host such a special day in her life! :) Would you mind if I linked your post to our FB page? Her cake was so awesome...I completely forgot to take a picture of it. :(


  12. That picture of Madison taking a selfie is PRICELESS! Hope that princess had the best party ever!


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