I Survived.

We packed it up and headed out of town last weekend for a soccer tournament in San Antonio, which is about 4 hours from Dallas. I was nervous about playing so soon, just because I haven't touched a ball since I was 16 weeks pregnant and I'm still carrying around those 35 extra pounds. I guess it's just best to dive in head first, I survived and even had fun :)  All I can say is THANKKKKKKK YOU for Night time Recovery, this was the only reason I'm still walking right now. For reals.

Aiden is the kind of baby I always dreamed of, he's fine being on the go, being in the car, going shopping, you name it- he loves it :) He's so easy going! 

We decided to leave Twilight Sparkle with her grandparents because we didn't want her to miss her soccer game this weekend. She was spoiled rotten all weekend of course, but we sure did miss her. We kind of enjoyed just hanging out with the baby, Oliver and Aiden had some great 'guy' time. 

The best part of San Antonio is the outlets in San Marcos! It's two outlet malls {Tanger and Premium} put together so it's huge!! I met up with my friend Kelly on Friday for some shopping and dinner in Gruene. I found some great deals at Pottery Barn.

These West Elm curtains, for my Mom's new house, were marked down and then an extra 25% off. Loveeee them, they are linen and the gold part is flocked.

I was trying REALLLLLLY hard to figure out a way to make this fit in the car, dang stroller!

While the weather was nice, it was already over 90 down there. Ugh. That makes it feel like 100+ when you are running around!

My team did great, we won the first 2 games on Saturday and then Sunday the team we played was a bunch of young kids. We play in an open division, which means anyone of any age {usually adults}, but I guess this tournament had different rules because the team had a freaking 12 year old on it! I can not outrun a 12 year old. So we got beat, but Oliver was happy to go home, he missed his baby girl.

She was missing us too! Thankful for Facetime so I can see her sweet smiles while we are apart :) Saturday she called us begging for a puppy, they had them up at Target, I'm have shocked my parents were able to resist buying her one. We have a baby, that's enough for now. 



  1. Love those curtains!!!!! And congrats on making it through the weekend!! Tournaments are always tough .. but they are also always a blast!!

  2. I'm in San Antonio! I went to college in San Marcos- which meant a lot of skipped classes for outlet shopping!

  3. A combo Tanger and Premium outlet mall is a lot like what I imagine heaven would be like. So jealous!

  4. Next time you are in San Antonio and you have more time you should do a meet up. Glad you survived the heat. Aidan's white pants are too cute! Baby sailor.

  5. He is so adorable, I can't stand it!! Glad everything was a success!

  6. Sounds like you had fun! And going to play a soccer tournament with a baby is just amazing in itself... Seriously, you are one touch cookie! He looks super adorbs


  7. Aidan is really looking like Madison!! So precious! You are such a beast! Congrats on lacing back up those cleats!

  8. That picture...of Aiden, sitting on the table...I'm dying. Cuteness overload! I wanna squeeze him!!!!!!

  9. how awesome! good for you for getting back in there already!

  10. Such a inspiration!

  11. What adult CAN outrun a 12 year old?! That is hilarious :)

    Good job getting back out there already!

  12. Beautiful curtains! Beautiful baby! Beautiful mama! You are awesome for getting back out there! Get it girl!

    Please take a moment to check out my blog www.thismommyofthree.blogspot.com and follow me! Thank you :)

  13. Your Target sells PUPPIES? Now I KNOW I live in the sticks! Lol!

  14. I'm from Canada and read your blog religously. I was at San Marcos outlets this February and would have died if I would have ran into you while shopping :) LOL You are looking awesome since becoming a new mom...such an inspiration. Thank You!! xoxo

  15. That chair is really cute!! Sidenote: I know you were breast feeding, but I see formula in your bag. Are you doing both? I'm pumping at work and Beckett is getting 3 bottles at daycare each day, but I'm not coming up with enough milk for what he eats during the day. We were thinking about using Similac for Supplementing and I actually had a sample, so I mixed some of it with his milk today. I'm hoping it doesn't mess with his tummy too bad and I have no idea how that's going to affect his cloth diapers!


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