Favorites: Baby Style

I love to share my favorite finds with you guys, I find some of the best items off recommendations from others! So here are my top picks for baby.

1. Rock 'n Play Sleeper: this has got to be the best new item for a baby in the last 20 years. Seriously. There are so many reasons I love it, he sleeps great in it, I don't have to worry about him choking or rolling over in his sleep {which means I sleep better!}, it's super light weight {I carried it in one hand with him and the carseat in the other out to the car no problem}, it folds up for easy transportation, and did I mention he sleeps great in it?? We also love to tote it outdoors when it's nice so I can play with Madison.

2. Ubbi Steel Diaper Pail in White: We are still loving our cloth dipes, but the smell can be overwhelming if not properly contained. This diaper pail is made of steel so the smell doesn't absorb, plus they are easy to use {Madison is in charge of taking the dirty to the bin} All the pretty colors don't hurt either :) I also use the washable liner and just throw it in with a load of diapers to wash it.

3.The Windi Gas and Colic Reliever for Babies : When it's 3 am and your baby is crying from gas this little thing is a lifesaver. Its super easy to use and very effective - much better than gripe water although more expensive. To use you just massage their belly in a downward motion and them lift and insert this in their booty, it whistles as the trapped air comes out!

4.Summer Infant SwaddleMe : This was my favorite swaddle with Madison too, it's just so easy to wrap and unwrap and it gets a nice tight fit so he can't bust out! I've always used the micro-fleece, but I may try some of their lighter weight ones for the summer.

And just because they are so dang cute together....



  1. I agree, the sleep and play is amazing!

  2. I wouldn't have survived my son's infancy without the Rock N Play Sleeper! He slept in it every night until he got too big and we were forced to transition him to a crib. He just wouldn't sleep more than 20 minutes at a time laying flat on his back in the crib.

  3. I have a sleep and play! Hopefully will be able to use it in two weeks :).....Where do you get the windi gas and colic for babies? I have never seen that...

  4. He is so sweet! so I am laughing, although gas and colic are nothing to laugh at been there done that got all the tshirts, at the thought of whistle farts coming from baby booty! lol whatever works:)

  5. We LOVE the SwaddleMe! Although both of the littles grew out of them so fast and made a jail break, I couldn't keep them in the swaddlers for more than a few months. I have never seen the Windi, that is an ingenious product! We might have to get one for Noah if he ever has any tummy issues. Thank you for sharing these! Your kids are so darn cute :)

  6. I wanted one of those rockers but just didn't want to spend the money... maybe I should have. Although O sleeps well anywhere he lays his head. That Windi thing makes me giggle every time. I know I am immature but I can't help it. Thanks for sharing.

  7. I swear by those swaddle blankets. When people tell me their kids don't sleep, I insist they go to the store and pick them up for their babies. Seriously, my daughter slept swaddled until 11 months old....

  8. So yeah - the rock n play sleepers have come quite a ways in 3 and 1/2 years! When my twins were babies they slept in them for almost 4 months! And they only came in one color - yellow. Excited to see they have expanded their color options :)

  9. We have the lightweight Summer swaddles and we love them. The only downside is that they seem to only make them in a S/M and it maxes out at 14 lbs. B is already almost 13 lbs.

    We love our Rock & Play, too. I'm just trying to figure out when to transition him out of it and into his crib!

    1. We're in a rock and play too... Wondering the exact same thing about transitioning to a crib.... She just sleeps so well in the sleeper!

  10. We loved the Rock & Play too! My other must-haves were the Nosefrida and the Woombie! Look into them for the summer! I used the convertible one so I could open the arms up when I was trying to wean him from it.

  11. I loved those sleep swaddles! So awesome!

  12. I have a question about more of your baby favorites. I'm currently 26 with my first, so I've loved reading your reviews and recommendations. Plus, when it's your first baby, you rely so heavily on other mom's opinions.
    I know you loved the flower bath when Aiden was brand new. Are you guys still using it? What other bath products have you loved? I registered for the flower, but am now thinking I should probably register for another that I could actually use in the tub.
    Thanks for your help!

  13. We love the rock and play as well.... Braxtyn sleeps in it, I wish it had an auto shut off on the vibrate option tho. I can see going thru lots of batteries.

  14. We love the rock and play as well.... Braxtyn sleeps in it, I wish it had an auto shut off on the vibrate option tho. I can see going thru lots of batteries.

  15. Hey Meg! I love your blog, I read every single post as it comes out! You are so inspiring! I wanted to ask for some input regarding cloth diapering. I'm currently pregnant with my first, about 17 weeks along. I've been doing research about cloth diapers, but I wanted some input from a busy working mama - as a lot of what I find when I try to research comes from the stay at home mamas. How has the cloth diapering experience been for you as you have gone back to work? My biggest concern for myself is that its not just a commitment for myself and my husband, its something that I will need both sets of grandparents to be on board with since our little one will be going back and forth to their houses during the week. I'm not sure what your current childcare situation is, but is this anything you can comment on as far as how its been for you? I appreciate it!

    Thank you Meg, continue to rock those workouts and be inspiring, the weight will fall off eventually and your rock solid muscles will once again get to be the star! :-)


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