Losing It Tuesdays

I just can't decide on a good 'tag line' for my Tuesdays posts. haha. Maybe this one will stick :)


Yesterday I did something I haven't done in over a year. I slept in. I totally turned off my 4:14am alarm and went back to sleep until 7:20. When I got up I decided I still wanted to hit the gym so by the time I got myself and Aiden ready it was 9 and we got to the gym around 9:30. It was PACKED! 

Now I remember why I love the gym at 5am, I have a lot of room to work in without a bunch of people around. I had set up 3 sets of free weights and went around the corner to do some bench work, came back and they were gone. Ugh. It can really mess with your mojo. A lot of times I'll do a circuit then go to the treadmill to do some sprints and come back to my weights, can't be doing that when there are people everywhere. I'll stick to my early morning club! 

I get asked a lot about my calorie burn so here are a few facts about me:
1. I try not to eat them back unless I'm starving. Somedays I'm just HUNGRY and I listen to my body and feed it. Not ice cream :)
2. I workout typically 60-90 minutes depending on what type of activity I'm doing. 
3. My cardio heart rate is 165-172. Weights is 145-160. The higher your heart rate the more you burn, BUT keeping it high for long periods of time is not as effective as bouncing it around. I do high periods and low periods. Hence the sprints in between the sets of weights. 

I'm missing my pre-baby arms something fierce, so I've been killing some upper body 4x a week. I started using a Nighttime Recovery which significantly improves my ability to workout the next day. 

I've also been doing some reading on taking an amino acid supplement {Catalyst} and how it can help increase muscle metabolism and trigger body fat loss, I decided to up my intake to 2x a day {my nighttime recovery has AA in it also so that's my 3rd serving.} I'm going to do this for 90 days and see if I think it's helping. 

These are my three regular everyday supplements. CorePlex, OmegaPlex, and Probiotic. I just read a study about probiotics helping with weight loss, pretty interesting stuff. I firmly believe that taking these CONSISTENTLY is what helps me maintain my energy, it took time for me to get used to, I would always forget! I keep some at home and at work so that helps :)  Now you don't have to use Advocare, I'm just sharing what I use and love, but do yourself a solid and get on a regular routine with your supplements! Remember, there is no magic pill, these work best combined with good diet and exercise. Duh. 

It's been almost 8 weeks since I gave birth and while my weight is stalling I feel pretty freaking good. I decided to not weigh myself for a month, I wanted to take some measurements today, but little Twilight Sparkle was using my tape measure as a leash and I can't find the dang thing.  My workouts are getting better, I feel stronger, and I'm lifting heavier. I'm not back to where I was, but we are making progress. I like leaving the gym knowing I left my all. 



I Survived.

We packed it up and headed out of town last weekend for a soccer tournament in San Antonio, which is about 4 hours from Dallas. I was nervous about playing so soon, just because I haven't touched a ball since I was 16 weeks pregnant and I'm still carrying around those 35 extra pounds. I guess it's just best to dive in head first, I survived and even had fun :)  All I can say is THANKKKKKKK YOU for Night time Recovery, this was the only reason I'm still walking right now. For reals.

Aiden is the kind of baby I always dreamed of, he's fine being on the go, being in the car, going shopping, you name it- he loves it :) He's so easy going! 

We decided to leave Twilight Sparkle with her grandparents because we didn't want her to miss her soccer game this weekend. She was spoiled rotten all weekend of course, but we sure did miss her. We kind of enjoyed just hanging out with the baby, Oliver and Aiden had some great 'guy' time. 

The best part of San Antonio is the outlets in San Marcos! It's two outlet malls {Tanger and Premium} put together so it's huge!! I met up with my friend Kelly on Friday for some shopping and dinner in Gruene. I found some great deals at Pottery Barn.

These West Elm curtains, for my Mom's new house, were marked down and then an extra 25% off. Loveeee them, they are linen and the gold part is flocked.

I was trying REALLLLLLY hard to figure out a way to make this fit in the car, dang stroller!

While the weather was nice, it was already over 90 down there. Ugh. That makes it feel like 100+ when you are running around!

My team did great, we won the first 2 games on Saturday and then Sunday the team we played was a bunch of young kids. We play in an open division, which means anyone of any age {usually adults}, but I guess this tournament had different rules because the team had a freaking 12 year old on it! I can not outrun a 12 year old. So we got beat, but Oliver was happy to go home, he missed his baby girl.

She was missing us too! Thankful for Facetime so I can see her sweet smiles while we are apart :) Saturday she called us begging for a puppy, they had them up at Target, I'm have shocked my parents were able to resist buying her one. We have a baby, that's enough for now. 



Friday Fun

First - I would like to thank y'all for your support yesterday, even those of you with a differing view. Everyone was respectful and that was nice, no drama! 

Second -  I'm sure you're sick of hearing me talk, so take a moment to listen to some other folks I personally enjoy also.

Coffee Cake and Cardio : Ashley was one of the first blogs I started reading, always great food and exercise info! She just wrote a great post on if weight loss ever really ends.

Beauty and the Greek: Love her. Lots. Great food ideas, loveeeee her favorite's posts, and you should read her "I was a Ballerina' story! Also these burgers look so freaking yummy!

Flabulous to Fabulous: Kaela is just hilarous, I always get a chuckle reading her posts!

If you are more in the mood to shop {and HELLO who's not??} then stop by and check out some of my favorite shops! 

Viva La Jewels: Looooove their jewelry! This necklace needs to come home with me!

SugarLove Boutique: Y'all know I love me some color, but somehow I ended up buying THREE items in BEIGE. Shocking, I know, but there's something to be said for a nice neutral color in the summer. This dress would be fabulous with my spray tan :)

Whatever you do today make it awesome!



Shame on you Instagram.

I'm pretty disappointed right now. Yesterday I learned that someone flagged my photo and Instagram deemed it inappropriate, then deleted it. No, not any bikini pics, but this one...

Maybe I'm clueless here, but I see absolutely NOTHING wrong with the picture. I see a little girl mimicking her Mother doing the most natural thing in the world. I don't usually express my OPINIONS on here because everyone has them and obviously they are all different. I'm shocked that anyone would see something wrong with this picture honestly, there is nothing wrong with me teaching my daughter that feeding a baby from your breast is OK. Is it the only way, absolutely not? Is it the best way, well that depends on you. Every situation is different and you can be a terrific Mother by bottle or by breast.  

I do not only give Aiden breast milk, he gets a bottle of formula when I just need a break. Sometimes it's more convenient for me to give him a bottle when we are on the go and sometimes I just don't feel like whipping out my breast at the dinner table and that's OK. Do I feel like breast milk is better for him than formula? Yes. That's why I chose to breastfeed, plus I get more sleep at night by boob than I do by bottle :)

I think far too many women feel uncomfortable breastfeeding, the numbers of times I've known someone who didn't breastfeed 'just because' is shocking.  I don't want my daughter to feel that way, we are very open with how babies are fed. She's fed him a bottle a few times and if this picture was of her giving her baby doll a bottle there would be no issue. I grew up with a Mother who nursed for YEARSSSSSSS which is probably why I'm comfortable doing it at home or in public. 

I enjoyed sharing this on Instagram and reading all the comments about women who remember their child doing this or themselves doing this when they were young. I hope Madison remembers this too! 

So shame on you Instagram for sending the message that this is wrong and to the person who reported it, I'm sorry you are so closed minded that you can't see all the good that is in the picture, even if it's not 'your thing'. 



Favorites: Baby Style

I love to share my favorite finds with you guys, I find some of the best items off recommendations from others! So here are my top picks for baby.

1. Rock 'n Play Sleeper: this has got to be the best new item for a baby in the last 20 years. Seriously. There are so many reasons I love it, he sleeps great in it, I don't have to worry about him choking or rolling over in his sleep {which means I sleep better!}, it's super light weight {I carried it in one hand with him and the carseat in the other out to the car no problem}, it folds up for easy transportation, and did I mention he sleeps great in it?? We also love to tote it outdoors when it's nice so I can play with Madison.

2. Ubbi Steel Diaper Pail in White: We are still loving our cloth dipes, but the smell can be overwhelming if not properly contained. This diaper pail is made of steel so the smell doesn't absorb, plus they are easy to use {Madison is in charge of taking the dirty to the bin} All the pretty colors don't hurt either :) I also use the washable liner and just throw it in with a load of diapers to wash it.

3.The Windi Gas and Colic Reliever for Babies : When it's 3 am and your baby is crying from gas this little thing is a lifesaver. Its super easy to use and very effective - much better than gripe water although more expensive. To use you just massage their belly in a downward motion and them lift and insert this in their booty, it whistles as the trapped air comes out!

4.Summer Infant SwaddleMe : This was my favorite swaddle with Madison too, it's just so easy to wrap and unwrap and it gets a nice tight fit so he can't bust out! I've always used the micro-fleece, but I may try some of their lighter weight ones for the summer.

And just because they are so dang cute together....



When the going gets tough...

Today's post is going to be full of a lot of bitching, that's just the mood I'm in today. My weight is just NOT. FREAKING. MOVING.
It's just so frustrating to be putting in so much work and not getting any results. I spend 200 bucks a week keeping a stock of fresh produce and healthy food in my house, I get my ass to the gym even when I'm up with a new baby at night, I track all the foods that go in my mouth. You know what's a load of BS? 'Weight loss is simple, just burn more than you take in'.

My alarm went off at 4:15am this morning and I weighed myself, when I saw that same weight as last week I honestly just wanted to skip my workout and go back to bed. I was tired and that little nagging voice in the back of my mind was chanting 'what's the point?'

I went though because for all the years I've been doing this I know this: if I do nothing then nothing will change. 

Top is from Fancy Fit Boutique.

I tried to change my attitude, all I saw when I looked in the mirror were my flaws. I hate those days. I wanted to come home and just put on sweats while I snacked on Easter candy and snuggled my baby. That sounds fun, but it sure wouldn't improve my attitude. So I stayed at the gym until I sweat a good sweat and felt those endorphins throughout my body. 

I came home, snuggled my baby and made myself pretty. It helped, I felt better. I may still be rockin' the flowy shirts and leggings, but a little hair and makeup go a long way.

Today I won't give up, I will track my food, I will make good choices, I will be positive. It will happen, I know, but please weight loss Gods, through a girl a bone! 



Perfect Spring Weekend

Spring weather is finally sticking around here in Dallas so we try to spend as much time outdoors as we can before it get's sweltering hot. Friday I took the kiddos to the Arboretum, it was jam freaking packed. School buses everywhere!! Baby Aiden and I had to match, again, boys really can be fun to dress! I just died at the cuteness of those white linen pants from H&M. 

Twilight Sparkle honestly feels she's a supermodel so this is what I get for every picture. 

Shockingly Oliver has never ever been camping or slept in a tent. Obviously he's led a very sheltered life. I grew up in a family of 6 and we didn't have a lot of money so every vacation was a camping trip. I will never ever live down the time we all went 'hiking' and my Mom got us lost on the Bluebird Trail in the forest and I sat my ass down on the ground and refused to walk any further. Maybe that's why my brother calls me Princess Megan. Anyways Madison got a tent and sleeping bags for her birthday so Oliver and her put them to use in my parents backyard {they have 3 acres} complete with a fire for smores.  She loved it and they slept out there all night despite the rain, maybe I haven't prissed her up too much :)

Sunday we celebrated Easter with my family and took a few bluebonnet pictures. If you live in Texas it's a must every spring, droves of people pull over on the side of the road where ever the wildflower is growing and take pictures. 

Ahhhhhhhh this is us in 2012, time is just flying by. Also this makes me want to drop and do 100 push ups, I miss those biceps!

I'm halfway through my maternity leave and I'm trying to savor every day I have with this lil guy. Logically I know all the reasons I decided to work, but when they are this snuggly it's hard to think about leaving them. Maybe I can sneak him into my office and snuggle him while I work :) 



Random and Mostly Awesome.

I had a bit of a rough week last week which started with a huge dentist bill. again. I already spent a butt-load last year at the dentist and I was really hoping to not have to do that again, but apparently that's not happening. I'm getting a root canal and crown next Tuedsay. Yay. At this rate I'm never going to be able to save for my boob repair. ugh. 
To top off the week I did this.

Yep, my nice pretty new car!! I don't know what happened, but I turned into a parking spot too sharp and rubbed the car next to me.  This was at Madison's dance class so I had to walk into a waiting room full of women and announce that I hit a car and who's was it. Good times. Then I had to turn on the water works when I called Oliver so he would be 'cool' about it. It's a good thing both car-seats don't fit in his truck or he would insist I drive that huge monster around.

Not everything was a bust. In fact the Easter bunny photos turned out fabulous, both kids were perfect!

I got their matching outfits from Lolly Wolly Doodle, sure glad I sized up for little baby Aiden. Already rocking 3 month clothes!

My top is Sugar Love Boutique // his is Carters.
Despite a few meltdowns {usually involving a falling binky} he's a really good baby. It's a good thing I tied my tubes cause I could have another if they are as sweet as him! Oliver's trying to steal my new best friend, not going to happen! This one is mine :)

My new Brady Bands came in yesterday, I'm loving this pink dressy one! They inspired me to get a few new workout pieces from Old Navy to accommodate my after baby body. A few loose flowy tops to hide the temporary muffin going on :) Madison loves to go and visit her 'family' in the front of the store and while we were there my sister caught her in the dressing room.

Love this kid.

We are off to a fun filled day at the Arboretum! Have a safe and happy Easter!



Small projects always lead to bigger ones!

It was such a gorgeous sunrise this morning I had to snap a picture on my way home from the gym. Those colors just make my heart happy - probably why I love to color up my home.

Remember when I used my birthday as a 'yes honey' day and had my husband go pick up a table off Craigslist?

Well this is the only 'before' picture I took, oops. The table and chairs have a pretty shape to them, but the oak top and red chair seats left much to be desired. I kinda wanted a coral table, but Oliver HATES orange - which is what he says coral is. I usually don't give him much say, but when he expresses extreme hate I try to work around it ;)

I decided to use a fabulous fabric instead of painting it, I found this at Hobby Lobby. 

I spent one day sanding the top and the lacquer finish was proving very difficult to remove. Plan B was to use the Rustoleum Cabinet Transformation on it, which require no sanding. Either my product was old or I didn't mix it well, but it turned into a sludgy mess. Plan C was to text my awesome neighbors and beg for help, which would be why it's so beautiful and perfect now!

I moved my Over dyed Rug from my bedroom to in here for a better pop of color and I must say I absolutely loveeeeeee how it all came together. 
Curtains tutorial - click here.
Mirror tutorial - click here.

We will be having some big changes coming up! I happened to win a pretty fabulous prize - a house full of tile and granite for my kitchen! Eeek! We are going to rip out all the existing floors {that are not carpeted} and tile with planks of 'wood grain' porcelain.

I'm leaning more towards this color, but maybe a tad darker. I like the weathered look though.

and maybe a fun pattern....

and we thought while we were getting granite we may as well redo the kitchen cabinets. Now thats a huge undertaking and I just don't have the time so we are going to get some quotes. This is my color inspiration....

I love the grey cabinets with the white counters - gorgeous! Oliver actually liked this to so I hope it's not going to cost my first born to get them painted. We will likely start this when I go back to work so I have a few weeks to finalize my decisions. If anyones knows a great cabinet person in DFW please send me the deets!



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