Random and Awesome Friday.

Random Friday post just because I'm up at 5am. Again. I'm telling you it's ingrained in me after a year of the #5amclub 

This year for Madison's birthday we are heading a different route. No bounce house, no awesome favors made by my Mom, no Pinterest projects.  My Mom and Dad just moved in down the road from us {well 'just' as in right after Christmas}, but my Mom's craft room is still in boxes while she paints and decides on new floors. It's quite annoying for me because I count on her for all the cool stuff :)  Also with a newborn I'm not up for cleaning my house and putting together a party. Soooo we are doing it at a super cute Princess Party Place in Dallas and just so she wouldn't be sad about no bounce house we got her one amazing princess dress off Etsy. Her life will be made.
I mean, it IS her 5th birthday and everyone knows that's a big deal. 5, 16, 21, and 30. Then you just wait to die :)

I'm pretty excited that we finally have her eating salad every night before dinner AND asking for seconds. Slowly she is branching out and trying new foods, still working on those brussel sprouts though :) I even bought the 'baby' ones!

It finally hit 80 and was perfect weather for an evening 'walk' where she insisted on riding her 4-wheeler. It's pretty apparent that it's been outgrown, Oliver's nervous about buying her a gas powered one for some reason. Honestly he's been having a SUPER tough time adjusting to her growing up, with a new baby in the family she just lost all baby qualities.  He is not happy about it!

I'm really enjoying my FitBit! I'm still not sure how accurate I feel it is calorie wise so I'm not adjusting for it {it's higher than my calculated 1900/day}, but I like seeing how far I'm walking each day.

I think my favorite feature is the sleep tracker. As we can see it's futile to try to sleep in, I'm awake for most of that time! I'm Skinnymeg32 if you want to find me.

I love him, but if he asks for ONE. MORE. NIGHT. OFF. I will stab him with a spoon. We each take one night feeding, deal with it. 

love THAT photobomb :)

I've been feeling more and more like myself everyday thanks to cleaning up my diet. I have a crazy hectic weekend ahead so I holding on to that feeling to motivate me through!


While you are here browse these lovely blogs for some motivation to rock your weekend.

Fit and Free with Emily. She has SO much good stuff on her blog, my favorite post this week was about plus sized workout gear. Yes, I always feel more confident at the gym when I look decent!

Fitness Blondie has some AMAZING looking clean recipes, I highly recommend you hop over and pin some to try!



  1. I LOVE your outfit in the last picture! You seriously look like you did not just give birth - beautiful! :)

    ~ Devon @ laduit2it.blogspot.com

  2. Horrah for jeans!!!! I want to wear the princess dress lol! It is so pretty. I hope she has an awesome birthday!!

  3. Love the outfit

  4. You look great girl... and I agree turning 5 IS A BIG DEAL!

  5. You look gorgeous!! And yes, turning 5 was HUGE at our house too!

  6. I love that top!! Looks like TS's bday will be a hit! How fun! Can I have a princess birthday for 31? Lol
    You are lookin good xo

  7. I have to say my best birthday party ever was when I turned 50. Got my motorcycle endorsement shortly after, bought my first Harley Davidson and life is awesome. So definately not just "waiting to die".

  8. You are looking great!!! Seriously...you just had a baby!!! So excited to see you go through this journey though, and not just catch the end of it. It is so much more motivating to see and hear struggles of someone else going througth the same things!!

  9. What a fun dress for the big 5! You look amazing...I hope you're feeling it as well :)

  10. I love reading your blog! You are truly an inspiration to me from when I have kids on how to not stress over the weight gain....refreshing perspective! You're looking amazing :) I love my fitbit too! I definately enourages me to get out when I'm "slacking".

  11. I love the princess dress and your deer shirt!

    -Kristen | Kandid Kristen

  12. Looking good! Love the outfit with the jeans, you def don't look like you just had a baby. I was looking in to the Fitbit, I have a Garmin but love the idea of tracking my steps all day & my sleep patterns. I need a little extra motivation.

    Ps - Madison's Bday dress is adorable!!! Nothing more fun than dressing up the little girls :)

  13. "It finally hit 80." I could punch you right now. I was looking forward to my 8 run mile (not really) tomorrow with a high in the mid 60s and some sun. Now, it's supposed to top out at 50 with rain.

  14. You look amazing!
    Madison's turning FIVE? Crazy. She's adorable - I love seeing her pics and videos. She has the sweetest voice.

  15. I love that shirt in the last picture!!! Also, I think you are totally right on about the birthdays :) "Then you just wait to die" hahaha

  16. For some reason on Fitbit's Dashboard, you have to invite friends by their email. There doesn't seem to be a way to add friends by username. Lame!

  17. Thank you for the lovely shout-out, Meg! It was weird scrolling and seeing my giant face on your post (haha) but I love it! :)

    and OMG, your outfit. Please come redo my entire wardrobe. You look so fresh and happy in that deer sweater!

  18. Madison is going to LOVE her birthday! I can't wait to see her all dressed up!
    She is growing so fast :)

    You look great, you always do!

  19. What a great birthday...and yes 5 is a big one!! I am in love with your top girl so cute.

  20. I had my son's 5th at Disney World. He had a party with friends whose families planned their vacations to accommodate the celebration. It was adorable. Now I'm sad because he's turning 12 and just wants money and video games. *sigh*

  21. That sounds like a great birthday party to me! Have a great weekend!

  22. Wow!! You are looking amazing! Sounds like a fantastic birthday party!


  23. I thought my fitbit was overestimating calories too until I was super lazy one day and it accounted for that. I like seeing your sleep graph too. My husband always has a perfect graph with no lines (ugh!)

  24. Will you post the vendor you bought your shirt from? I'm going Thursday if it doesn't rain. (Fingers crossed) your husband posts crack me up and he is a typical man.

  25. She's gonna love her grown up princess party. Such a fun idea!

    I have the Up24 Jawbone, and my favorite feature is the sleep tracker too. How did I know how much or how I slept before it?!

    I do what I want.


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