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I don't know WHY on Earth I was so scared to have a boy? He's is such a sweet baby {except when he's hungry, he doesn't cry, he SCREAMS. haha} and I can for sure see him being my best bud :) I think because I just identify with Madison so much { she's a first born, an Aires, and JUST like me!} that I wouldn't bond with him. Nope. He's just plain awesome already. 

I can't believe this one is turning 5 on Friday. It's going to be the hardest birthday yet for me and definitely for Oliver. We are signing her up for Kinder in a few weeks and also getting her speech evaluated through the school.  She's having some lingering issues, like stuttering before she begins a sentence and the kids are starting to comment on it. Breaks my heart. This is all Oliver's fault, he had the same issue as a kid. 

Baby Aiden went to visit his home away from home, the gym. I'm really really missing my 5am girls, I think this week I will rejoin them, but only for walking on the treadmill. Walking outside has been really inconsistent as it's been crazy windy and chilly {in the mornings}. Plus I can do the 4am feeding and just leave after that and be home before everyone gets up. It will help me figure out how this will all work once I go back to work at the end of May. I won't be lifting weights or anything crazy just yet, my body isn't ready. 

I hung my new jewelry organizer, my stash is large and in charge and needs lots of room to shine. This is from Hobby Lobby and I'm using it mainly for all my arm candy. 

The weather has been stinkin' gorgeous! Like open up all the windows and take a nice nap gorgeous. I decided to just sand and stain the top of my table and recover the chairs. I think I'll leave the rest white so it will go with any rug. Obviously you have to have a new rug for a new table :) Plus y'all know I'm obsessed with RugsUsa

I've done SO good on my diet over the weekend, can't wait to see if I've made any progress tomorrow. Be sure to stop by and link up! 



  1. His little toes kill me! Adorable! Love that jewlery organizer!

  2. I love that jewelry organizer! It's so adorable! Not as adorable as your kiddos though--I mean come on--TS needs her own clothing line for sure!!! I love her cute little style:) You are gonna have your hands full when she is older--better start saving your $$$ now!!! Happy Monday!

  3. I love how you aren't scared to get out there with power tools. :) I wish I was like that! I can't wait to see your finished project! As always, your kiddos are precious. Happy Monday!

  4. Love the pics! My middle daughter stuttered from about 3-4.5 years old and then eventually grew out of it. I remember other kids commenting on it and it is so heart breaking for us! We didn't do therapy, I had made an appt (6 months out of course) and by the time it came, she was grwoing out of it.

  5. Boys are great because they are such Mama's Boys. My 10 year old LOVES to lay in bed with me and hold my hand while my daughter is usually too busy socializing.

  6. I have a boy with a language issue, used to be speech also- and therapy worked wonders! You can also request the school district evLuate her. Do it in writing and they have 60 days to test her and if she qualifies they can provide additional services!

  7. I just wanted to say that I have be come an avid follower! I came across your blog via mamalaughlin.com at the time I was just starting to run and that blog helped me do that, but then I had a baby and I am terrified this weight will not come off again. You are giving me the inspiration to take it off! Woohoo taking off the baby weight together :)

  8. You amaze me all you seem to do! I assume Aiden must sleep pretty well, cause I was an exhausted crazy person after my kiddos were born, I never got any sleep! :) Madison is so cute, I love her attitude!

  9. Awe, what a handsome little man. I'm glad things are going well with him. I can't believe Miss Madison is going to be 5. She is such a beautiful little girl. Girl, you are so motivated. Pass some of that around. Ok. LOL

  10. Stopping by to say don't stress too much about the speech, my daughter is in 4th grade now and has been in speech therapy since kinder. She can be shy because of it, but the other kids don't make fun of her and it hasn't affected her confidence at all :) Also I have to add- Aiden was born on my hubby's birthday, and I just realized Madison and I have the same birthday! Yay spring babies!


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