I'm good for another 40 weeks.

***I'm changing my weigh in day tomorrow to accommodate a link up I forgot to tell y'all I was doing! So stop by tomorrow and share how you are doing.***

My birthday weekend was fantastic despite the fact that my Dad put 34 on my cake and I'm 33. I would be really upset, but he did buy me a great gift - a Fit Bit! I can't wait to figure out how to use it! 

My Mom cooked me a delicious home-cooked Gumbo, I need to try my hand at making this, healthy and soooo good! She also made the California Fresh Orange Cake above which was also fantastic, a new favorite for Oliver.

Saturday we just went out for a small dinner with a few friends, I really just wanted some margaritas. I haven't had a drink in 42 weeks.

I brought the baby because he's too sweet to leave just yet, he really slept the entire time anyways :)
I had 3 margaritas and didn't even feel it, wasted calories. Eh, I'm good for another 9 months I think. I still woke up at 4:30am the next morning and Oliver slept in until 8, humph. Once he was up though he was on super diaper duty and gave me a 'Yes Honey' day. I love when he's just agreeable about everything and doesn't argue, he drove us 45 minutes away to pick up a table off Craigslist to work on. I need a project!

Necklace is from Sprinklings Girls // Outfit is Lolly Wolly Doodle
Twilight Sparkle had her first consequence this weekend after I went into her room and found almost every piece of clothing she owns strewn about. Usually we do 'timeout' with her and it works really well, but this time we tried something different. When she got home she had to clean up her room and then Oliver took her trunk full of dress up clothing away. I find it hard to 'take things away' from her, she's not that attached to things, except her dress up clothes. I'm not sure it feels like punishment though? Guess I'll find out if she keeps her room clean :)

Etsy - Zoey's Attic

I mean - how freaking CA-UTE is this??

My shirt and cardi from SugarLove Boutique // His from HaddonCo

What can I say? Matching with your new baby is half the fun!

I also want to say a BIG congratulations to all my friends who ran this weekend. So many sweaty happy smiling faces filled my Facebook and IG feed yesterday. THAT is why I love running, that accomplished happy feeling you get when you are done. Well done ladies, well done.

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  1. I LOVE my fitbit!! It's easy to get obsessed with it.

  2. Sounds like you had a wonderful birthday celebration!!! LOVE my fitbit!!!

  3. Happy birthday!

    Taking away things has worked great for my daughter. She's a little bit of a fashionista [she is 6] and we take away her leggings so she has to wear jeans if she acts up... we also have taken away her cheap 'ugg' style boots and had her wear tennis shoes. Last time she got her leggings taken away for a week. You would have thought the world had ended. Great consequence! Just goes to show that we can't all parent alike.. because we have to make sure the punishment fits the child.
    I don't know what I am going to take away from my 4 year old daughter... she's not attached to anything like that!

  4. What an awesome weekend!! Happy belated Birthday! :) The matching shirts for the boys are adorable!

  5. Love my fitbit too! find me please@ mschristyann2003@yahoo.com.

  6. LOVE my fitbit. Love that it syncs with my phone and my fitness pal

  7. Aww thanks for sharing my picture! I am excited to hear how you like your fitbit. My friend has one, and I am thinking I need to make one happen for me!

  8. Poor Twilight Sparkle! She just couldn't find anything to wear!! She is a true girly girl!!!

  9. you'll love your fitbit!!! there's a part in your settings where you can change your walking and running stride.. seriously make sure you do that!!! it makes all the worlds difference in accuracy!! :)

  10. Besides just being adorable, you have two of the cutest dressed kids ever! I swear kids clothes were not this cute when my daughter was little.

  11. We take things away if its a major thing or if we've already tried time-outs. Taking drinks away from my son is the big one. He LOVES anything flavored, even decaf warm tea or water with lemon squeezed in, like his mama. Usually during the day he gets one or two cups of watered down juice, lemon water, decaf tea, milk, whatever. so when he's in trouble, its nothing but water. You'd think I beat the shiz out of him.

    The other kid is tv obsessed so its the first to go.

    Today I found them jumping on my bed and they had to put twenty things away a piece. I like to add in cleaning when I can.

  12. happy late birthday!! ..I have never ate gumbo before {its one of those foods I'd rather have made fresh from the original source - AKA the south} ..that orange cake sounds amazing!

  13. I love my fitbit! Keeps me so much more accountable!

  14. Which FitBit did you get? I have the Force (even though they just did a recall on it) and I LOVE it. I don't have any of the irritation issues that the recall is for, so I dont intend on returning mine. Its so handy to be able to see just how active (or inactive in my case) that you are. Its def pushed me to pay closer attention to my activity levels and to get it up.
    Happy belated birthday pretty lady!

  15. I like my fit bit as well! Just... Make sure you don't leave it on/in some clothes and wash it in the washing machine... Fail! Otherwise it was super fun to track my calories and steps and all everyday!
    You all look like such a happy family, I love it!

  16. Ooooooo I'm jealous! I am saving my pennies for a fitbit! Glad you had a good birthday! :)

  17. I love my fitbit. It is a great motivator to keep me active all day, not just during my workouts.

  18. Girl....I was the SAME way with margaritas last weekend! I don't know if it was the salt or what....but I just could not get buzzed.
    Maybe it works better by a pool?
    Anyways, Happy Birthday lady!

  19. Happy belated birthday! It looks like it was a fantastic day! Thanks for sharing my picture. Your encouragement helped a ton!!! I'm so glad I did it. That finish line feeling is freaking addictive!

  20. Happy Belated Birthday! I've had two fitbits and loved them! Unfortunately I lost the first one when I was out shopping and the second one I accidentally washed and dried. I might have to steal my husbands now since he doesn't seem to use it anymore.

  21. I love your outfit with you holding Aiden and the white sweater and coral colored shirt. Soooo flattering on you. And I also love the tshirt/oneside combo your hubby/baby are wearing. Too perfect! HAPPY Be-LATED birthday by the way!!!

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  23. The Gumbo look so good. You Look Great!


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