Husband Approved Home Decor

Oliver and I have an understanding, I'm not to help decorate his office. I get free rein {mostly} on the rest of the house, but I'm to keep the 'girly crap' away from him :)

Then I saw the CA-UTEEEE Scrabble Wall Tiles and I KNEW it'd be the perfect decor for his office. Oliver a huge Scrabble fan, we used to play alllll the time before we had kids. One of his favorite Christmas gifts was the Deluxe Board I got him at Restoration Hardware. 

It's also perfect because our family is now complete!

First off feed cute baby then proceed to lay everything out on the floor and measure height and width.

Genius Idea: use command strips so you don't put a crap ton of nail holes in your wall. Oliver loved this part, he's such a nail hole nazi.

Pretend the baby was fussing so you have to hold him and 'supervise' the hanging. Use a level and a tape measure.

Ta-da! Super awesome non-girly, husband approved home decor. Thank you Eights Squared!



  1. Looks great and it for perfect onto that space. It was meant to be ;)

  2. I saw these on etsy! Fun! Nice job.

  3. You are so creative! I love that

  4. I love the decor... But I am stuck on the cuteness of the baby on the floor. He's so adorable!

    And thanks for the design inspiration. I'm ordering those for myself and my son. He's gonna get such a kick out of it!

  5. Love this! I'm thinking about putting some in our secondary TV room, because we like scrabble and we just like the idea of these! They look great on your (Oliver's) wall!

  6. gah. THAT NEW BABY THOUGH!!!!
    love the tiles too :)

  7. Love Love Love this! Great idea using the command strips!

  8. Love it! My hubby lets me decorate the house however I want but would probably veto a few things. This, he'd like, although he isn't a Scrabble fan. We do have three Scrabble letters though after seeing them at a store. They are for Nate's room. My hubby's "area" is the outdoors although I don't know what part because he lets me do whatever I want. I think he thinks that because his grill is outside and he has a place to sit, he's happy. He did want certain boulders (seriously, check them out in my garden shots) and since he moved them by himself, I'm not complaining. They look good with MY flowers. ;)

  9. Love this! It looks awesome! I love the pretend baby is fussy and hold him. . . no need to pretend, hold him all you want! :-)

  10. Love this! I like how perfectly it fits right on that wall too! Might have to hop over to ETSY and check this out!

  11. That looks awesome, and you talked him into putting it in his office lol.

  12. Thats super cute!! And I love the first picture-your son is so cute!



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