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Y'all left me so much encouragement yesterday that I immediately felt better knowing I'm not alone.  I rocked my diet and didn't let it get me down, moving right along.

I am a big lover of subscription boxes with my favorite being Ipsy Glam Bag for 10 bucks a month. I think they send the most useful products, their website is well organized, and I love how they have videos showing how to use what's in your bag.
I've tried Kiwi Crate for Madison for a few months. The crafts were cute, but for 30/month I didn't keep it going.
I prefer beauty products to try out, feeds my inner diva :)

Fab Fit Fun only comes 4x a year, has full size products, and runs 50/quarterly.

I didn't love the last box, but gave it another shot and I'm glad I did! Lots of useful products that I'm dying to use.
Level shower bombs - I can't take a bath for 6 weeks due to my CS and this is a lifesaver for helping me feel like I'm at a spa in my own shower!

Cover FX SPF 30 - I love the silky feel of this SPF, it's not white, so I won't have that embarrassing white film if I wear this and start sweating. Happens every single summer. 

Oscar Blandi Dry Shampoo - I love this on days when my hair is too soft to style, it gives it light grit and volume. Winnnnnning.

Kai Perfume Oil - This smells heavenly and light! The size is perfect to throw in one of my Ipsy bags with my lipsticks for my small purse, plus it's not too strong to wear while holding a new baby.

The Demasuri - This exfoliating glove is a hero product for me. Y'all know I love to spray tan and this really rolls all that dead yucky skin off. You just stand in the shower or 5-10 minutes to soften the skin and then rub vigorously with the mitt - NO PRODUCT - just your skin and the mitt.  LOVE.

The Kale Chips and the Stability Ball were the 2 I loved the least, but I'm sure Madison is going to all about that ball and DVD when I blow it up :)

Last, but not least, was this fun and funky head wrap from Cult Gaia.  It's a silky fabric with a light bendable wire inside to help you style it many different ways. I love this idea, so many cute ideas for it!

That's it.
Have a fantastic day! 



  1. I need to get on the Ipsy train!
    You look beautiful - and so does Twilight Sparkle. Baby Aiden is precious.
    Enjoy your beautiful family.

  2. I just signed up for the Ipsy bag! So excited to splurge on myself each month :) Best part- it even ships to Canada!

  3. Fun! I didn't even know these types of care packages existed. Geez....get with the times Tia!

  4. I've always loved this idea, but never been able to break down and spend the money on it. Maybe one day--but thanks for sharing! Love the hair wrap!

  5. I just signed up for Ipsy, glad to hear you like it! I've been debating FFF Box...still torn. :/

  6. Megan, I am glad you are feeling better about the next step in your weight loss journey. I have to say you are the biggest inspiration to me, I am 8 months pregnant and if it were not your encouraging posts and instagrams, I would have quit some time ago. I really would like to say Thank You for continuing your encouragement, blog & posts! You seem to be a very driven person, I know with time, patience and perseverance you will drop the weight!

  7. For awesome crafts at a much cheaper price, check out mypaperpumpkin.com. It comes with everything you need to make some crafty projects like cards, home decor, or gift items! Let me know if you would like more information!

  8. Okay, you look about 22 in the pictures with the head wrap on. In a good way. Gorgeous lady! This box looks awesome too - definitely looks like one of the better subscription boxes.

  9. Just signed up with Ipsy. I am now an ipster waitlister.

  10. Nice! Thanks for the reviews on the products! LOVE the headband, super cute on you.....in the last pic you look about 16 years old! You are too adorable!

  11. You look absolutely beautiful in the picture of you with your two awesome kiddies (wearing the cherry headband)

  12. i'm so glad that you posted about this! Ive never heard of these sites and I really want to try them!!


  13. I agree.. I love the beauty boxes! Loved getting FabFitFun ones!

    You look amazing and what a gorgeous family!!

    Xx Sana @ projecthinspiration.blogspot.com


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