Diet Betters: Final Weigh In


Here's my ending stats:
 Weight:  213.6 (total of 9.2 lbs lost) (won the diet bet!! WHOOP!) :)

 Chest:  39 1/2" (down 2.5")
Waist:  40" (down 4")
Arms:  13" (down 1/2")
Leg:  23" (down 0")

I've NEVER flexed in public!! HAHA!  So sorry for the blurry pic and the crazy look on my face!!  HAHA!!  I was just SURE everyone was watching me and thinking what a crazy lady!!? HAHA!

My thoughts:  I am SO, SO glad I did this dietbet!!!  I had tried not to focus on the scale for a while because it was just very disappointing every time I stepped on!!!  But, between exercise and clean eating and this dietbet - I've pushed past the plateau I was at for a long time and got results!!!!  Ready for the next dietbet!!! :)


Aaaanndd here are my final results.  I lost 3 inches from my waist, 1 inch from my bust, 2-2.5 inches from my thighs and 1-1.5 inches from my biceps.

Ending Stats
 Waist 37"
 Bust. 41"
 Right Bicep 13.5"
 Left Bicep 12.5"
 Right thigh 27"
 Left thigh 27.5"

 My weight this morning was a disappointing 200 even, which means I was only down half a pound from last week.  That brings my total weight loss during the last 4 weeks to 7 lbs.  I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t disappointed with this week’s progress.  I’m very grateful it wasn’t a gain and there was a small loss, but I was really expecting to get below 200 this week. I can see the most difference in my upper body around my shoulders (less back fat).  My waist looks a tiny bit smaller and that’s about all I can see.  I’ll also admit that my week was a little off.  I felt kinda funky mentally for some reason and I felt less motivated to make smart decisions.  I didn’t make bad food choices, but I wasn’t as diligent in counting, weighing, prepping or caring.  The weight loss game can be a mindf**k sometimes, but the key to success is not letting one bad meal turn into a bad day.  You can’t let one bad day turn into one bad week, etc etc.  If I averaged a 7lb loss every month for a year, that would be a whopping 84lb loss.  WHAT?!?!?  Perspective always helps.

The Diet Bet was such fun and very motivating.  I’d do it again for sure.  I really loved the positive comments from readers and fellow competitors.  It restores my faith in humanity when women can be kind and caring toward each other because it’s not always our strong point :)  A very special thanks to Skinny Meg for allowing me to step way outside of my comfort zone and for all of her inspiration and motivation.  I’m far from done here and I’m still training for my first half marathon on March 30th.  For anyone that wants to see if I stick to my word or not, follow me on IG (embrachingchange34) or on my blog embracingchange34.com


WooHoo!!!!!  8 pounds lost!!!!  Doing the HAPPY HAPPY dance - in three layers of clothes!!!!  But not even caring one little bit about that - everything is fitting much, much looser so I'm comfortable!  HA!  I was running late to work, so I didn't have time to measure this morning, but last week when I measured, I was down just a little bit.

 I've changed the way I'm eating, still continuig with small meals/snacks every 2-3 hours, and 100 ounces of water a day.  The most amazing things of all:  I have NO sugar cravings, I am NOT drinking Diet Dr Pepper, I have energy all day and I am sleeping SO SO good!!!  I go next month for my yearly physical and I'm anxious to see what my blood work looks like.  It's always been "okay" with borderline cholesterol and triglycerides, but I'm hoping this time everything is low normal. I saw my doctor last week at work and he asked me how much weight I'd lost and said I was looking great!  To me, that was HUGE!!!

I will continue with this way of eating and will start stepping up the exercise.  This month has been some crazy weather here in Oklahoma, but I've got to figure out something because we're training for  two half-marathons - one the last week of April and one the first week of May.  I'm doing this with my husband and we're hoping to join the Half-Maniacs Club!


Diet Bets are stressful. They keep me accountable though and if I was ever far enough away from the goal I probably wouldn't be so stressed.  However I'm usually only within a pound and that can be so stressful the morning of final weigh in.  Right now I'm away at a work conference where food is the huge indulgence.  However, I still brought my scale with me and kept myself under control so that I could win my money back. It's all about workin hard for that money, girls! If money motivates you, do a diet bet! I finished at 151.6 .. I started at 158.2.  I'm pleased with this number and proud I made it. This is my lowest weight in awhile and I know keeping it off will take some work! I hope everyone was successful! 



  1. Congrats ladies! I need your motivation! Between working full time, my busy 4 year old and my 3 month old who doesn't know a schedule, plus living in a small town without a 24 hour gym, I am not working out right now. Excuses, excuses, I know. I need things to calm down so maybe I can get my booty into shape and do a diet bet!

  2. Great job ladies!!! So proud of all of you!!!

  3. Congratulations ladies!!! Everyone seems to be on track from learning how these little changes and improvements can make the biggest difference in your progress!

  4. Congrats to all the ladies! You all look great and are so inspiring!! Thank you for putting it all out there for us :) Keep up the awesome work!!!

  5. Great job ladies!! Keep up the good work!

  6. So glad everyone did well! Unfortunately I didn't win, I was off by .2 freakin pounds, but I definitely enjoyed the positive thoughts in the private group on facebook!

  7. The 3D mascara is awesome. You will never get lash extensions again!


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