Bumpdate Week 36: Everything is Awesome.

Trying to stay positive and upbeat these last few weeks can be tough. On one hand I'm really digging my fabulous hair. I'm praying I just found the perfect combo of products and that it's will stay fabulous after I give birth. I'm not holding my breathe though.

On the other hand, my legs and feet are swollen 24/7

Sexy, huh? 15 days. 15 days. 15 days. I can do this. I put together some stuff for my hospital bag,  I really need to get everything I need together though, asking Oliver to find and bring stuff would be a nightmare, he never knows where things are!

I have a chevron hospital gown that was a Christmas gift from my BFF Amber {love love love love}, I splurged on a PJ set from Soma {most comfortable jammies ever!}, a sleep nursing bra {I was so uncomfortable last time I had a CS and couldn't wear a bra}, a girdle to give me support, and obviously a cute outfit for Baby Aiden from my sister.

Got my hair did, I was sooooooo tempted to cut it, but I resisted and just refreshed my color and trimmed it up a bit. Twilight Sparkle is realllllllly into her 'surprised' face right now :) 

With all the hype about the Lego movie we had to take time to see it, I thought it was really cute and obviously we have the theme song on repeat in the car.
"Everything is AWESOME, Everything is cool when you're part of a team!"

Dress yourself Sunday was in full effect, her room looked like a Kardashian closet exploded! I love to see her imagination at work, she cracks me up!! I've been oddly super attached to her lately, I pretty much take her everywhere I go, either she's a ton of fun or this is my version of nesting?

I finally finished tackling the mountain of clothes, honestly I was ready to just donate it all because it was so overwhelming. I decided to go through and pick out the best items and sell at Divine Cosign in Plano next weekend. Everything else is being donated, well the huge tub of Pj's {we have some obsession with Pj's for this kid} is being given to a friend.

I can't even show y'all the boxes and boxes of shoes. It's embarrassing.

My Mom cooked us Valentines dinner Sunday, she tried this really cool concept called Plated.

Basically, you pick what you want and they box all the ingredients you need to make it and deliver it to your door in a insulated bag. It was delish and such a cool concept although it not that cheap, it runs about 12 bucks a plate.



  1. We did the Lego movie last weekend, My 6 year old son had banned me from singing; "EVERY THING IS AWESOME" I love it and am adding it to my running play list!
    You look amazing, and your feet will be pretty again soon! Love the pink slipper/shoes! Have a great week!

  2. Do you know where Amber found the chevron hospital gown?

  3. I would like to know where she got the hospital gown also! ;)

  4. Your hair looks TOTALLY amazing!! Good luck with the last couple weeks!!! I love Twilight Sparkle's creative side ;)

  5. Gorgeous hair girl! I feel like you look younger too. Ekkk. I can't believe it's right around the corer and your little man will be here.

  6. You look absolutely gorgeous! Pregnancy definitely agrees with you. Following you on Twitter now! Have a great week!

  7. You look beautiful! Now I am singing Everything Is Awesome!!!! It is stuck in my head and caught myself singing it while cleaning house yesterday.

  8. A girl friend of mine just gave birth and had a purple chevron hospital gown. Love it! Now I'm wishing I had one - so much cuter than those awful things they put you in there!

  9. You're having some amazing preggo hair & you're always glowing :)
    So pretty!!!

  10. What brand of nursing bra did you get? I've been using the same ones since my first baby and that was 5 years ago. Having my 3rd in 4 weeks via c-section. I'm in need of some new ones but have a hard time b/c of my size.

  11. Love the chevron gown!! Do you know where she got it!?

  12. My area has a Rhea Lana's Consginment Event and I've been participating (meaning, consigning, shopping and volunteering) for 3 years now. Once you've consigned, you will never look at your kid's things the same again! It's a great way to make some extra $$. I know one mom whose kids get half $ for their items (they must help prepare, bag, clean, etc to get the $) Good luck!

  13. woohoo! 36 never looked so good. You're getting there super woman. I am praying for an amazingly healthy and sweet birth for you and for a great adaptation to your family as you go from 3 to 4! {hugs} Cintia

  14. I love the results of Dress Yourself Sunday. She's a tiny fashionista!!


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