Pregnancy Weight Gain

Yesterday I went in for my last check before baby, the nurse took my blood pressure and it came back a little higher than normal. I have low blood pressure, it sits in the 60’s normally, so when it’s elevated that puts me in the ‘normal’ range. The only other time my blood pressure has gone up was the day before I delivered Madison.  Naturally I had a mini freak-out, I mean I’m ready, but I’m not, ya know? Anyways the Dr checked me, head is falling out and I’m at a 2 so I was good to go back to work.
I decided to pull up my online info from the Dr and look at my blood pressure history throughout the pregnancy and I saw it. My weight.  I mean they just put it on there in black and white right next to your vital signs. All these months of not knowing and I finally saw it.


Yep. I’ve gained around 52 pounds and the funny thing is, I’m not even the littlest bit upset about that number. In fact I feel GOOD about myself when I look in a mirror. Yes I can see where the weight is even if others who see me on a regular basis don’t, but I know that my body did what it needed to do to give me a healthy baby boy. My thighs needed that cush and my boob’s just hate being small what can I say?

This is coming from a girl who was OBSESSED with the scale; I would weigh myself several times a day, I would weigh myself after I peed and I would never ever weigh myself with a stich of clothing on. The scale used to make me cry and I’m now proud to say that now it’s just a reference tool for me. This same outlook is what has kept me consistent at the gym for 9 months, I don’t go to get thinner I go to feel good. I go because it’s good for me and for my baby.

I’m proud of how far I’ve come in this journey, not just while pregnant, but my entire outlook on losing weight and being happy with myself.  It takes time to learn that you don’t have to reach that ‘perfect’ body to be happy, you can choose to be happy at any point. Knowing that I’ve put in MY best effort is what makes me proud!

My last Body Pump class before baby!

Getting healthy is not just a physical things it's a mental one. If your only goal is to look like someone else then you are never going to be happy, you need to get to the best version of you. Celebrate YOUR success and don't compare yourself to others. I mean of course I would like to throat punch the girl who leaves the hospital in skinny jeans, human nature and all, but I'm not going to be down on my own amazing body just because I don't.  That's why God invented Spanx. I'll happily stuff it in until my own time comes to pull those skinny jeans back out, I'm willing to do the work. 



Easy Veggies

I'm the first to admit I'm no chef, heck I'm barely a cook. In fact until about 4 years ago I couldn't boil an egg much less cook veggies. The desire to get healthy is what forced me into the kitchen and all I can say is thank God for the internet.  It takes practice, you may make something that tastes horrible, but keep trying it! I've put together a list of my early go to favorites for some of you newbies, these are easy and simple ways to cook your veggies. 

I've expanded my culinary skills a bit, but if you have a favorite go to EASY recipe please share it below! 

Broccoli: My absolute favorite veggie to eat and cook because it’s so easy and has great texture.
·         Boiled with whole wheat pasta – You boil your pasta normally then the last 2 minutes you add your cut up broccoli. Drain and toss with olive oil, salt, pepper, and parm cheese. {I also really really love it with Asiago Cheese for a little more flavor}
·         Added to almost any kind of stir fry
·         Roasted – here is my favorite recipe

·         Roasted – Cut it up and shake it up in a bag with some olive oil and garlic, put in a dish with some salt and pepper at 450 for 25 minutes, top with parm cheese and broil for 3 minutes.

·         One of my go-to recipes 
·         Sauteed: Slice them up very thin and sauté with onion in olive oil then season with salt and pepper

·         Cut off the bottom inch or so, spread out on a baking sheet, drizzle lots of olive oil on them, add salt and pepper, 425 for 10 minutes

·         Love it on wheat toast or on sandwiches
·         Easy Fajita bowls 

Brussel Sprouts
·         Cut up and seasoned with salt and pepper, boil half a cup of water with a little olive oil in a sauce pan, throw them in cover and cook for 10 minutes. Lemon juice is good on them too!

Mixed Veggies: Here are a few of my favorite recipes using different types of veggies.



5 years ago I was sitting in a Starbucks, probably drinking a high calorie latte I can’t remember for sure, and some girls came in passing out flyers for a gym. They were running a special where you could join for $17 bucks. I was 9 months pregnant at the time and pretty much feeling miserable about my body.
Joining a gym seemed like a great idea, it would motivate me after I had the baby! BUT I had very little knowledge on HOW to work out, I was a little scared, so I did what anyone would do. I got a buddy to join with me, my Mom.  A few days later we both went and sign the paper and paid the fees, she got assessed by a trainer while I walked on the treadmill. I vividly remember looking at myself in the mirror next to the treadmills and wondering what had happened to my body. It was upsetting for sure, but I thought at least I was taking the first step towards fixing it.

A month or so later I had Madison, had to wait 6 weeks to be cleared by the doctor, and then I got myself to the gym. My attendance was sporadic at best and my workouts not nearly effective. I was intimidated to try the classes at my size so I stuck to the treadmill and the machines. I only went when my Mom or sister could watch Madison.

A few weeks later I was invited to a boot camp {not at the gym} and started going there 3x a week at night when Oliver got home.  Being in an instructor led setting really taught me different and more effective ways to workout. I learned a lot, had fun doing it, and didn’t go back to the gym for about a year. I took up running during this time also. I really tried to workout at home, but I just hate it. I hate sweating on my floor and I don't feel like I push myself as hard.

Boot camp ended and I was running about 5x a week training for a half, I was starting to lose motivation and only running was burning me out. I decided to get back to the gym, only one problem. Madison. That girl HATED the nursery, probably because I stayed home and she was always with family so strangers were not her cup of tea. Orrrrr she was just being a brat. I had a hard time effectively working out when I could hear her crying in the nursery, soooo my attendance was still very low.

Weeks later she finally learned it was FUN in there and enjoyed going so it became a routine that we both did daily. I gathered the courage to try out some classes and to actually TALK to some of the regulars. I made friends, which really makes the world of difference in staying motivated to go. If I didn’t show up I would get texts asking where I was. Trying the classes also helped to expand my workout knowledge, I learned so much, I also wasn’t afraid to ask questions if I had them. The instructors are more than willing to help you if you need it, just ask!

5 years later I’m grateful for that day I decided to join even though I was scared. 5 years later I am still excited to go to the gym. 5 years later I’m still learning new things.

Many of you probably have memberships and are not getting your money’s worth from, that’s up to YOU. You get out what you put in, make the effort! It might be worth it. 



Bumpdate : Last Week before Baby!

Last comparison shot :) This was me on my 28th birthday, 10 days before I had Madison.

This is me 10 days before Aiden {orrr hopefully less}.  This is my last full week of work, it's surprising how often people ask me if I'm still working. I have a desk job, I can sit at it as well as I can sit on the couch and I'd much rather save my time for after baby.

I think I'm ready, just wrapping up a few loose ends.
Like a diaper bag :)

This is from my favorite bag shop, Selby Lane on Etsy. I have some of her wristlets and LOVE them and this is perfect, I love the mix of patterns and the colors, not too girly.

Plus this adorable changing pad cover from Etsy. I already warned Oliver it's too cute for him to get poop on so he better be careful. 

I washed all his clothing which means I actually had to fold all of it. The worst chore ever. Boy clothing is not as bad as I imagined, I foresee lots of outfit posts!

These two are are obviously a lot of help.

I haven't washed all his cloth diapers, he's probably going to be born under 7 pounds so I think I'll have to use disposables until he fits the newborn sizes. It wouldn't be cost effective to buy super small sizes for such a short time. 

This little princess is all excited and ready to meet her brother, hopefully she feels the same when a lot of the attention is on him.  I'm going to keep her on her same school schedule though, she'd be bored staying home with me all day. 

We are trying to introduce new games to Madison, this probably was the best choice for a 9 month preggo. I lost and she won, big surprise huh?

****my email was hacked, please don't click on the weight loss drops link****



Body After Baby

Now that I'm nearing the end I've been asked a lot about what my plan is to get back in shape. I've been so focused on just getting through this pregnancy that I haven't really thought much about it. I've stuck to my 'don't look at the scale' plan and honestly have no clue what I weigh.

I don't know if I would recommend that to everyone, keeping your weight somewhat in check is important, but I know I started at a healthy weight and I was continuing to eat somewhat decent and workout regularly. To some extent your body is going to do what it's going to do and I didn't want a number on a scale to depress me during my last pregnancy. I do plan to weigh myself the day before I give birth, just for historical reference :)

I am planning on a repeat C-section and I know from last go round that exercise during the first 6 weeks is a no go. You may feel good, but your intestines are all jumbled up from being pulled out and shoved in again. Good times. 

My heart is aching for a good run though. Bad.

I won't lie, I'm really anxious to get back to my old self. I miss my hardcore workouts, I miss my less dimply thighs, I miss my small {er} boobs, I miss soccer, and I miss my non swollen ankles. I would love to leave the hospital and go home and do a cleanse, but you can't do the full cleanse while you are breastfeeding {there is a modified version, most of which I already take}. If history repeats itself I will probably have a hard time losing weight while I breastfeed, but maybe I'll get lucky this time. I also will be trying to build a stash for when I go back to work so I need to double time the milk production.

BUT I'm not anxious enough to do things the wrong way. I plan to reread my favorite clean eating book for motivation, This Is Why You're Fat by Jackie Warner. I CAN control what I put in my mouth and I'm going to really spend the first few weeks getting that back on track. MUST. CONTROL. THE. CARBS.  Baby Aiden loves 'em! Being home for 12 weeks is the perfect opportunity to try some new recipes {in between my napping}, last time my eating was horrendous for a long time because I didn't know HOW to eat healthy. I didn't even know HOW to cook veggies, or how to make them taste good. This time I have the knowledge I just need to find the motivation.

I know that I did it before and I'm sure I can do it again. There is no big rush, giving my body time to heal is just as important as losing the weight. Plus I can always spanx it up to get my pants back on!



Bumpdate Week 36: Everything is Awesome.

Trying to stay positive and upbeat these last few weeks can be tough. On one hand I'm really digging my fabulous hair. I'm praying I just found the perfect combo of products and that it's will stay fabulous after I give birth. I'm not holding my breathe though.

On the other hand, my legs and feet are swollen 24/7

Sexy, huh? 15 days. 15 days. 15 days. I can do this. I put together some stuff for my hospital bag,  I really need to get everything I need together though, asking Oliver to find and bring stuff would be a nightmare, he never knows where things are!

I have a chevron hospital gown that was a Christmas gift from my BFF Amber {love love love love}, I splurged on a PJ set from Soma {most comfortable jammies ever!}, a sleep nursing bra {I was so uncomfortable last time I had a CS and couldn't wear a bra}, a girdle to give me support, and obviously a cute outfit for Baby Aiden from my sister.

Got my hair did, I was sooooooo tempted to cut it, but I resisted and just refreshed my color and trimmed it up a bit. Twilight Sparkle is realllllllly into her 'surprised' face right now :) 

With all the hype about the Lego movie we had to take time to see it, I thought it was really cute and obviously we have the theme song on repeat in the car.
"Everything is AWESOME, Everything is cool when you're part of a team!"

Dress yourself Sunday was in full effect, her room looked like a Kardashian closet exploded! I love to see her imagination at work, she cracks me up!! I've been oddly super attached to her lately, I pretty much take her everywhere I go, either she's a ton of fun or this is my version of nesting?

I finally finished tackling the mountain of clothes, honestly I was ready to just donate it all because it was so overwhelming. I decided to go through and pick out the best items and sell at Divine Cosign in Plano next weekend. Everything else is being donated, well the huge tub of Pj's {we have some obsession with Pj's for this kid} is being given to a friend.

I can't even show y'all the boxes and boxes of shoes. It's embarrassing.

My Mom cooked us Valentines dinner Sunday, she tried this really cool concept called Plated.

Basically, you pick what you want and they box all the ingredients you need to make it and deliver it to your door in a insulated bag. It was delish and such a cool concept although it not that cheap, it runs about 12 bucks a plate.



Celebrating our Love!

When you are a working Mother it's easy to let some things go, like making special Valentines treats for a preschool class. Madison kept mentioning that another girl and her Mom were making special cookies, obviously I had to bring it. So I do what working Mom's do, I searched Pinterest for a fast and easy recipe and ran to Target on my lunch break. I decided on these easy and cute Marshmallow Pops.

Well and a few extras, I never leave Target without extras.

The very best thing about this Valentine Day was that she was old enough to write her own name on all those cards. While she did that I whipped up a super fast and delish dinner, can't forget I have Oliver to feed :)

Baking with a 4 year old can be trying, my advice is to just let the mess happen! Yes she spilled chocolate and sprinkles everywhere, oh well. She and I both had fun and that's what counts. Mimi happened to stop by while the chocolate was drying so she took over putting them together.

Didn't they turn out so cute?

A special outfit we found at Canton, sorry I don't know a website!

Even I found a festive T from My Tiara Fits {LOVE their shirts, they are so soft!!}

I hope y'all enjoy your day with your loved ones!



Our Life.

I need to be more consistent about documenting our daily life, these days are flying by and soon are about to change. I want to be able to look back and remember when...

No electronics on the ride home, we do 'conversation' as she calls it. She tells me about school, I tell her how I napped in the car, she thinks I'm hilarous :)

We also sing at the top of our lungs to her 5 favorite songs, I try and try to get her to like some old school but so far no luck. I'm not giving up though.

She immediately runs to hug on Daddy who's still working. I tell him he's looking a hot mess and he better be shaving that beard off soon, can't be letting yourself go just because you work from home. Ahhhhh I just showed him this picture and now I hear the electric razor....

Twilight Sparkle and I take our friends in for a hot bath. I'm obsessed with a nightly bath whenever I'm pregnant, I can't sleep without one! {I always do a rub down with oil BEFORE my bath to keep my skin from drying out}

We put on some music and start a dinner dance party, this ones pretty good at shaking her booty. She has more rhythm than she does tone! I like to let me belly hang out a night, it's freeing. Plus Twilight Sparkle gets a kick out of seeing my belly move.

Daddy always shows up when he hears me pull a knife out for her, sheesh, it's like he doesn't trust us. A little overprotective. 

We make games out of getting her to try new things, these are Brussel sprouts, it's a work in progress.

Finally! He shaved, I told him facial hair doesn't hide old :) These two twinkies although she's adamant that she looks like Baby Aiden and not Mommy or Daddy.

Getting ready for bed, she preps my pillow for me, I think she plans on wearing the princess crown to bed.

Daddy corrupts her some more by watching one of their favorite shows, Three Stooges. That show annoys me so they can only watch it when I'm in bed. 



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