Dressing During Pregnancy

4 years ago while I was pregnant with Madison the maternity style was very differect. Lots of empire waist shirts and tie backs :) Or at least that's what was available to me in my size.
This time I've really enjoyed dressing my bump! I enjoy highlighting it for the short time I have one so I thought I'd share some of my favorite places to shop.

The first trimester I was pretty bloated from all the progesterone so I wore lots and lots of dresses. Comfy and cute.

Pretty early on I searched for workout clothes and I will say they are difficult to find. Yes you can just buy a size bigger for shirts, but they are not as comfortable as something made for a pregnant body. My hands down favorite pants are from For Two Fitness, the material is super soft so my shirts didn't ride up and the belly can be worn folded over or up. I bought 2 workout pants from Old Navy and have yet to wear them to the gym, they just were not comfy. 

I loved my Ponte Pants from Destination Maternity and my Target Cami, they were great staples I could pair with so many non maternity cardi's, like this sexy number from Pink Slate Boutique.

Or this fabulous purple booties I got off Amazon :) {Sold out of them, Bandolino Christina Boot}

Cardigans were my friend, I felt super comfy in them, even a horizontal striped on like this one from Sugar Love Boutique. Necklace from Macy's and under shirt from H&M.

This top is from H&M's Mama line, I was a little hesitant to try anything from there because I thought it would run small. I actually went to the store to try things on and was pleasantly surprised at the great fit of almost everything I tried. This shirt has been one I wear weekly! I highly recommend this store.

Zulily always has lots of great deals on maternity wear, I ordered this sweater and a pair of pants. The shipping is crazzzzzzy slow first off. The sweater was fine, the pants were way too small despite ordering up a size, but I will say they were fast on the return. 

Another non-maternity favorite was this dress from Oakleigh Boutique

And this favortie tunic paired with my favorite leggings from Destination Maternity. I love the secret fit belly which is more of a soft jersey rather than the cotton ones from Old Navy which left an indent across my belly when I wore a tight fitting shirt. 

I ordered two dresses from Asos and was not impressed. I ordered them both in the same size, but one was HUGE, like a freaking sack on, and this one was pretty cute, but just not a favorite. Their fit is just a little off and I thought it made me look heavier than I was, although I loved the leather detail.

I will say that the trick to feeling and looking good in pregnancy is your underwears. I ordered some ASSETS by Sara Blakely Marvelous Mama Unbelievable Underwear and they are perfect during the warmer months to wear under dresses to help shape and smooth. I also got some great tights, ASSETS by Sara Blakely Marvelous Mama Terrific Tights that worked perfectly in the winter. I had a black and a white Bella Band that I've used throughout, first trimester to hold up still big maternity pants, second trimester to shape the belly, and third to give me some length on shirts that are a little short.

I was not that happy with Target's selection of maternity, I felt it was a little dated and pretty boring. I got a few sweaters, but that's about it. 
Old Navy was ok for some basics, but again I felt it was pretty boring. 
I found a few things at Ross, but it's hit or miss. 
Gap has some cute stuff, but a little pricey and a lot of their pants are under belly and it digs into my stomach when I sit which is not comfy at all!
I don't wear jeans often so I didn't invest in a good pair, which I would totally recommend if you plan to get pregnant again. I stopped buying anything maternity around 23 weeks because I'm not going to use it again. Most of the ones I wore were hand me downs from Destination Maternity and were not comfortable, lots of tugging throughout the day. I like my leggings anyways :)

Still cute paired with this vest from Sugar Love!



  1. That last one is super cute! Looking great Meg!

  2. I had a pair of maternity jeans from H&M that I absolutely loved! Their stuff was surprisingly awesome. I also bought a lot of stuff from Gap, but I'm also planning to have a second, so I was willing to pay a little extra. I'm lucky that many of my friends are having kids right now too, so we pass the maternity clothes around quite a bit!

  3. Your maternity style has been so cute! I love all of your outfits but that long gray and black striped sweater is definitely one of my favorites on you.

  4. Your blog has been such an inspiration to me as I am currently navigating the world of maternity clothes for the first time. I had no idea H&M had a maternity line, either - will definitely be checking that out! Thanks!!

  5. You have beautiful style & always look so pretty! I too noticed that they style has changed so much between my pregnancies. There were 4 year in between.

  6. I love your blog! You look great! And I LOVE YOUR HOME DECOR!

  7. I need those purple booties in my life! pregnancy looks great on you :)

  8. You have dressed so cute throughout this pregnancy and it's been nice seeing that there are cute clothes in maternity options or just cute styles that can be worn with a bump. It makes it not hurt the wallet as much if there are pieces that can be worn afterwards like dresses, cardis and even some camis.

  9. You are THE FRIGGIN cutest preggo everrrrr.. I love your style and your awesome personality shines through so bright in your gorgeous smile! Can't wait to meet your little man!

  10. I love your pregnancy wardrobe! Everything is SO cute and you look great!

  11. I think the jeans actually look best on you!

  12. I hope I dress as cute and look as good as you do when I'm preggo! Love love love all of your outfits! :)

  13. I LOVE the $10 tanks from Target. Everything else I've bought has been from random places, Motherhood Maternity, Sears, etc., but those tanks are my best friends. And because they don't have any ruching at the belly, I plan to keep wearing them after the fact.

  14. I'm going to be calling you for tips when I need maternity clothes!

  15. This post is great since I just found out I'm preggo with #3! Now just have to find cute warm maternity clothes. I'm thinking lots of dresses! Lol

  16. Whew! finally caught up, I've missed reading several weeks! You are so freak'in cute!!! I am LOVING your hair! I am totally taking a pic of you next time I have a hair appt! Your clothes are all so pretty and cute, I really love that Asos dress on you! Last pic, super cool! I don't know how you do it all, be pregnant, work out, take care of your family, work and look adorable! _~ Kitty

  17. I LOVED my lilac jeans. They are a brand and if you look them up and buy them from their online store they are STUPID expensive, but if you get a good deal on Zulily or babysteals.com they are REALLY worth their price. I bought a pair at the end of my pregnancy and shortly after that regreted it because it wasn't getting that cold, but let me tell you this. I lived in those things after I gave birth. I had a C-section and they were the only pants that didn't rub on my stitches or my incision. and they don't look like maternity pants, they look like regular jeans and are freaking cute. I highly recommend them to anyone that is pregnant!! All the other jeans I tried just failed compared to Lilac jeans.

  18. You look awesome. I hope I can look half as hot as you when I'm pregnant.


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