Diet Betters: Tips for Success


This week I weighed in at 200.5lbs, which makes for a total loss of 6.5lbs since we started.  I’ll be so happy to get back under 200 this week.  Slow and steady wins the race.

My top two tips for being successful this go round:  finding something that motivates me and keeps me focused has been very helpful.  Starting this diet bet and putting myself out there has been so freeing and fun.  This probably equates to setting a goal and running for it.  Treat yourself when you reach goals or mile stones.  You deserve it!

Exercising and sweating doesn’t have to be a chore.  Try new things until you find something you love or at least enjoy.  I never knew running could be fun because I  made it out to be hard and out of reach for so long.  Flip the mental switch to experience new things :) 


My picture this week of the 2 things that are on my desk at work (I'm a preschool teacher) at ALL times!!!  And, I ran out today, but most of the time there is an apple and a banana also!!  I sit these on TOP of my desk instead of in a drawer somewhere so that I will constantly look at those and have them close at hand if I get hungry so I won't reach for the yummy, salty, FULL of fat snacks that my students are having! :)  And, I try to fill up this cup AT least 8 times during the day, but I strive for 10!!  

My weight check:  I only have 0.8 lbs to reach my dietbet goal.  I know I will definitely get there by next week for weigh in!!  I had the stomach bug last week and lost 4 lbs in ONE day!! Yeah it was NOT a good weight loss! HA!!  But, after I FINALLY started feeling better, I gained about 2 lbs of that back!! :(

Two tips for being successful:  1) PLAN ahead!!!!  Since I have started meal planning my meals for the week ahead of time (usually on Saturdays or Sundays) I have found it SO much easier to eat healthy!!!  I bring my breakfast, snacks, and lunches everyday to work, and I find that I it's so much easier to stay on track!!!  
2) Having something positive to ALWAYS lift you up!!!! I have a cork board that I hung up in my bedroom, and I try to change the quotes on there once a week, but always have something I can read to remind me why I'm on this journey and to keep going! 


I can't believe this month is almost over.  Updating for Megan has been a great motivator as well as a reality check!  I struggle the most with being able to talk myself out of stupid thoughts.  This week I talked myself out of sleeping in, stopping for a donut, drinking iced coffee each day (will creeaaammmm) and eating Poptarts.  Which brings me to my first point of being successful: Plan for success.  If you don't have snacks ready at all times, it is easy to grab junk.  If you don't have meat ready for cooking, it is easier to stop by and grab junk.  If you don't have vegetables ready, it is easy to load up on junk.  See the repetition here?  This week I have had a few splurges (a danish, small serving of bread pudding, and shared a Twix with my kid), but they didn't set me back.  Sometimes, I think they can jumpstart something.  As long as you can have one and walk away, you're on top of the game.  Not having any at all?  Well, this works for some, but not me.  Successful Tip #2: Splurge when you want, but always in moderation.  I was able to only have one of these splurges every other day or so, because I didn't allow me to go into a slippery slope.  I ate it, I loved it, I walked away from the second serving.  Don't starve yourself.  Don't drive yourself crazy with insane restrictions, but keep a mindful attitude.  The two weights were from this Tuesday and Wednesday.  Those were even the days of the splurging!  

My next hurdle... the DietBet ends next week.  This weekend I am traveling to see my Mom (i.e. hard to make good choices with so many snacks around) and then next Tuesday I leave for a business trip with coworkers.  I haven't looked too deep yet, but if I can't weigh in until Wednesday, that means taking the scale with me.  I'm not too keen on that idea yet.  I think I'd have to take the scale to the hotel gym to get a full length picture if there isn't a mirror in the room.  Ugh.  Decisions.  I hope everyone had a successful week!!!


Well, I am not surprised. I am up 1.3lbs. I knew it was coming. I am not worried or even disappointed with that number. I have had a craptastic week of food. First, we were snowed in this weekend in negative temperatures. We stayed up late watching movies and havinghealthy snacks (made from the WW website, portions may have been exceeded). Do you know how hard it is to stay on your points target when you are up 20 some hours (get up around8am stay away till 3-4am watching movies)? And I haven't been the best food tracker. Little bites of peanut butter amazingness, red velvet cake, etc... it adds up. Plus I had the worst PMS imaginable the past 12 days. I finally started and already feel so much better. The want/need to eat everything in sight and not attack people for something sweet as left me, thankfully. (You can read more about my day to day issues here,http://cassiechole.blogspot.com/)

So I know I have to get back to the basics this week and finish up this DietBet strong!  What works for me really are the basics! 
1. Water, water, water! You can't get enough. (well you can, but that's another issue) When I start to feel hungry at a weird time of day, I drink water. Then I make myself wait 20mis (or so) to see if I was really hungry. Most of the time, I am not!
I found this awesome pin on pinterest to help me keep on track.Daily water intake

2. If it goes in my mouth, write it down. Even a taste gets written down!

3. Sleep. Staying up 20 hours a day to watch movies with my husband is fun. but it does havoc to my body. 

4. Be prepared. Have a small, healthy snack every 2-3 hours in between meals. Knowing that my next snack isn't the far away is helpful to me (pathetic? maybe?). I pack low calorie cheese sticks, Special K Crackers, Greek Yogurt, fruit, hummus and veggies... But I count, weigh out and measure EVERYTHING.

5. No mindless grazing. Enough said!

I am confident that the next post you see from me will be telling you that I have won DietBet! I am going to kick ass this week! No more small bites and not marking, no more snacking all night - I know how to do this and I want to do this!
Again, thanks for the support and kind words! I can't tell you how much you guys have impacted this journey for me!



  1. Way to go Wendy! I feel like I can relate to you (: I cannot wait to be under 200 and back in "One"derland!

    Megan, you're an inspiration! Wish I would have stayed fit during my pregnancy. I'm paying horribly for it now...


  2. Thaanks a lot for sharing your tips.
    My biggest hurdle with water= restroom evrry 20 mins.
    I wish you all good luck. The weight loss journey is no piece of cake. I am up 5.5 lbs and its hard to lose the same weight again.

  3. Great job ladies! You all inspire me to do better. Thanks for the little reminders/tips. I know them all, now if I would just follow them. Spirit is willing, my flesh is so weak.


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