Diet Bet Updates! Week 2

Sorry for the light posting this week, I've been really run down with this cold :( Monday I tried the gym, I lasted maybe 15 minutes. Missing my workouts is bad for my mood among other things, I think I'm slowly getting better so I promise to catch up next week! Until then let's see what our Diet Better's are up to!


This second week has been tougher than the first. It was hard to maintain the detox diet. I was good until the weekend, and then the bad choices began. More out of convenience than anything. Previously, I was down 7.2 pounds (first week results); however, I gained 0.4 this week. Which was pretty shocking considering the food I had been eating. So I'll definitely take it.

Goals for this week

1) Find a better food plan that I'm able to stick to. Meal plan and pack lunches the night before. Hopefully that will cut down on the stress, and subsequent bad choices (read: fast / convenient food) when I can't think of anything to make for dinner (despite having a pantry and fridge full!). I've heard lots of good things about Fitness Pal and I'm starting to think it's time to give it a try. I need something where I can be flexible enough to account for my lifestyle and planning meals for my family.

2) Get back in the gym. Or start going in the first place. The problem is the gym is my best option, but I have to go at lunch. In the mornings, I'm dropping off my daughter at school, and in the evenings, well, I'm already getting home late as it is, and the motivation is definitely gone then. My goal is to get in the gym (or when possible walk/run on treadmill at home) at LEAST Three times this week. I know, small goals. But it's better than the current count for sure. If you have any good tips or motivations, you can find me on My Fitness pal - username - kdcargrl.

So that's it for the week from me. I'm still at 88% of my Diet Bet goal, and plan on surpassing the 100% mark hopefully in this third week.


Isn't it funny how things work out? I have been having inner turmoil about what to write this week. Before I got my email from Meg asking us to send it a scale/weigh in pic, I had debated sugar coating the last few days. But sugar coating doesn't help me or you, so the truth it is...

I have been nothing short of a hot mess the past few days. After my Weight Watcher's weigh in on Sunday I allowed myself my favorite fast food treat - Taco Bell. Now, I counted EVERYTHING and I wasn't over points - but those 29 points were not used in the healthiest way. Monday, I was a human garbage disposal. I was over 3 points. Tuesday when I got home early (snow dismissal) I had the munchies. I had a bowl of cereal and then a few tortilla chips. I didn't need those snacks and I could have used the points better. I am not sure what exactly is my issue but I have to stop with the useless snacking. (now, this may be TMI) I am getting ready to start  in 4 days, every month during this time I really have food struggles. I am not sure if it is really hormonal or all in my head, but the constant hunger pains around this time never fail. Any one else struggle with this?

I sat down to watch Biggest Loser Tuesday night. (It was Makeover Night). The tears started and never stopped. I could relate to something in everyone's story. Especially Marie. She went on the show to lose weight to start a family. Justin and I want to start a family, I owe my health to my unborn children, my husband and myself. I had to give myself a check. I have stayed in my points for the week. A loss is a loss. The scale is moving!  The weight isn't going to fall completely off in a few days. This is a struggle, every day isn't going to be perfect. But, the positive, I didn't fall off the wagon, I didn't go buy a bag of Snickers and wine (and eat them all in one setting). And for all of that I am proud of myself. 

I was excited to show you all that I have lost 9.6lbs in the past two weeks. My DietBet goal is 12. I am on track to do this and it is partly because of y'alls support! I can't get over how much being held accountable really does help motivate me and help me keep on track. Surprisingly blogging has been huge for me! I have started blogging every day and many of you have came over daily and offered support! I can't think you enough for that!! I wish weight loss was easier. I really do wish there was a magic pill that would take off the 100lbs I have to lose, give me a six pack and thighs that don't touch. It is much easier putting on the weight than taking it off. But taking it off feels so much better!!


I had a pretty good week.  I was down another 2.5lbs.  The loss is always a good thing, but I think I might be more excited about my first long outdoor run that I accomplished last week.  I’ve been running on my treadmill, but I felt the need to get outside to experience the difference between machine and pavement.  I set out in my neighborhood just to see how far I could go.  I ended up finishing with 3.25miles in about 40 minutes and I felt so accomplished.  I wasn’t concerned with time, just distance. 

Running has never been on my list of things to care about, nor was a marathon ever on my bucket list.  But I took another leap and signed up for the Biggest Loser Marathon on March 30th here in Austin.  I’m doing the half and am really excited to train for this.  I’m following the BL training schedule and couldn’t be more excited to see where all of this takes me.  We are Babes Under Construction for anyone that wants to join our team J. 

I also resurrected my blog for any interested readers.  Embracing Change -  Looking forward to this next week.


So, the weeks are flying by and I'm just trying to stay in good habits!  You see, I have this love ... it is, quite possibly, my one true love... FOOD.  Oh, and not apples and celery love... CARB love!  I'm hoping I'm not alone here!  After I finished the cleanse last Thursday, I have since gained 1.2lb.  I am currently at 152.2 (picture), which is where I always seem to steady back out.  I'm starting to realize my body responds best to a no/low carb diet.  My weight dropped quickly while on the cleanse, which I hardly ate any carbs.  I know this isn't the lifestyle I want, but if I can really get my cheat meals (i.e., weekends) under control, I think I will be just fine.  I believe I have to finish the DietBet at 151.9.  This is totes doable.  I'd love to see 150 and that is always a goal.  I work out 3-4 days a week and get a long run in on Sundays.  I've kept up this exercise regime since August 2013.  And in that time, I've never seen my weight below 150.  Therefore, if this is where my body wants to stabilize, I'm okay with that.  However, I am NOT okay with not toning up.  The scale is just a hunk of metal, but my body?  I want it to be a hunk, a hunk of burning love! :) Until next week!


Weight loss this week has slowed WAY down, which I figured it would because I figured last week's big loss was from water!!  But, I've lost about 1 1/2 lbs this week.  

Eating has been kind of hit and miss!  My work schedule has been kind of off with babysitter being sick then my son getting sick!!!  BUT, even during all of that, I was very proud of myself for eating mostly good foods and clean foods!!  Usually when I'm home a lot, I won't stay on a good eating schedule and tend to eat out a lot more!!  I have noticed that while eating clean seems more expensive at the grocery store, I seem to save A LOT of money by not driving through sonic for drinks, or snacks here or there!!  

Exercise is still going well!!  I actually got to go running outside a couple days last week and it was amazing!!!  I have missed running this winter!!!  



  1. Hey Meg! I know working out at this point in pregnancy is HARD...just wanted to send you this link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_detailpage&v=0gIrGOBNLWQ

    I did this 15 min. workout throughout my pregnancy this summer and it really is just enough to get you moving but not overdo it. I'm a little embarrassed sending this to the workout queen herself but i thought you might like it! Also I am loving the diet bets, going for team Wendy cuz we are similarly shaped and weight wise! Yay!!

  2. Ladies, We are doing awesome!! Isn't it awesome how much accountability we get from blogging! I am loving being a part of this group! Thanks ladies!! Cassie


  3. Great job ladies! Proud of each of you! Meg- I would like to email you a question about sponsorship if you don't mind. thanks!


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