Diet Betters: Tips for Success


This week I weighed in at 200.5lbs, which makes for a total loss of 6.5lbs since we started.  I’ll be so happy to get back under 200 this week.  Slow and steady wins the race.

My top two tips for being successful this go round:  finding something that motivates me and keeps me focused has been very helpful.  Starting this diet bet and putting myself out there has been so freeing and fun.  This probably equates to setting a goal and running for it.  Treat yourself when you reach goals or mile stones.  You deserve it!

Exercising and sweating doesn’t have to be a chore.  Try new things until you find something you love or at least enjoy.  I never knew running could be fun because I  made it out to be hard and out of reach for so long.  Flip the mental switch to experience new things :) 


My picture this week of the 2 things that are on my desk at work (I'm a preschool teacher) at ALL times!!!  And, I ran out today, but most of the time there is an apple and a banana also!!  I sit these on TOP of my desk instead of in a drawer somewhere so that I will constantly look at those and have them close at hand if I get hungry so I won't reach for the yummy, salty, FULL of fat snacks that my students are having! :)  And, I try to fill up this cup AT least 8 times during the day, but I strive for 10!!  

My weight check:  I only have 0.8 lbs to reach my dietbet goal.  I know I will definitely get there by next week for weigh in!!  I had the stomach bug last week and lost 4 lbs in ONE day!! Yeah it was NOT a good weight loss! HA!!  But, after I FINALLY started feeling better, I gained about 2 lbs of that back!! :(

Two tips for being successful:  1) PLAN ahead!!!!  Since I have started meal planning my meals for the week ahead of time (usually on Saturdays or Sundays) I have found it SO much easier to eat healthy!!!  I bring my breakfast, snacks, and lunches everyday to work, and I find that I it's so much easier to stay on track!!!  
2) Having something positive to ALWAYS lift you up!!!! I have a cork board that I hung up in my bedroom, and I try to change the quotes on there once a week, but always have something I can read to remind me why I'm on this journey and to keep going! 


I can't believe this month is almost over.  Updating for Megan has been a great motivator as well as a reality check!  I struggle the most with being able to talk myself out of stupid thoughts.  This week I talked myself out of sleeping in, stopping for a donut, drinking iced coffee each day (will creeaaammmm) and eating Poptarts.  Which brings me to my first point of being successful: Plan for success.  If you don't have snacks ready at all times, it is easy to grab junk.  If you don't have meat ready for cooking, it is easier to stop by and grab junk.  If you don't have vegetables ready, it is easy to load up on junk.  See the repetition here?  This week I have had a few splurges (a danish, small serving of bread pudding, and shared a Twix with my kid), but they didn't set me back.  Sometimes, I think they can jumpstart something.  As long as you can have one and walk away, you're on top of the game.  Not having any at all?  Well, this works for some, but not me.  Successful Tip #2: Splurge when you want, but always in moderation.  I was able to only have one of these splurges every other day or so, because I didn't allow me to go into a slippery slope.  I ate it, I loved it, I walked away from the second serving.  Don't starve yourself.  Don't drive yourself crazy with insane restrictions, but keep a mindful attitude.  The two weights were from this Tuesday and Wednesday.  Those were even the days of the splurging!  

My next hurdle... the DietBet ends next week.  This weekend I am traveling to see my Mom (i.e. hard to make good choices with so many snacks around) and then next Tuesday I leave for a business trip with coworkers.  I haven't looked too deep yet, but if I can't weigh in until Wednesday, that means taking the scale with me.  I'm not too keen on that idea yet.  I think I'd have to take the scale to the hotel gym to get a full length picture if there isn't a mirror in the room.  Ugh.  Decisions.  I hope everyone had a successful week!!!


Well, I am not surprised. I am up 1.3lbs. I knew it was coming. I am not worried or even disappointed with that number. I have had a craptastic week of food. First, we were snowed in this weekend in negative temperatures. We stayed up late watching movies and havinghealthy snacks (made from the WW website, portions may have been exceeded). Do you know how hard it is to stay on your points target when you are up 20 some hours (get up around8am stay away till 3-4am watching movies)? And I haven't been the best food tracker. Little bites of peanut butter amazingness, red velvet cake, etc... it adds up. Plus I had the worst PMS imaginable the past 12 days. I finally started and already feel so much better. The want/need to eat everything in sight and not attack people for something sweet as left me, thankfully. (You can read more about my day to day issues here,http://cassiechole.blogspot.com/)

So I know I have to get back to the basics this week and finish up this DietBet strong!  What works for me really are the basics! 
1. Water, water, water! You can't get enough. (well you can, but that's another issue) When I start to feel hungry at a weird time of day, I drink water. Then I make myself wait 20mis (or so) to see if I was really hungry. Most of the time, I am not!
I found this awesome pin on pinterest to help me keep on track.Daily water intake

2. If it goes in my mouth, write it down. Even a taste gets written down!

3. Sleep. Staying up 20 hours a day to watch movies with my husband is fun. but it does havoc to my body. 

4. Be prepared. Have a small, healthy snack every 2-3 hours in between meals. Knowing that my next snack isn't the far away is helpful to me (pathetic? maybe?). I pack low calorie cheese sticks, Special K Crackers, Greek Yogurt, fruit, hummus and veggies... But I count, weigh out and measure EVERYTHING.

5. No mindless grazing. Enough said!

I am confident that the next post you see from me will be telling you that I have won DietBet! I am going to kick ass this week! No more small bites and not marking, no more snacking all night - I know how to do this and I want to do this!
Again, thanks for the support and kind words! I can't tell you how much you guys have impacted this journey for me!



Pregnancy is not a disability.

First of all can I just say there is nothing more annoying than being told to ‘relax’ and ‘enjoy’ being pregnant. I spent the first 14 weeks feeling sick, the next 14 weeks feeling decent, only to be slammed at 28 weeks with fatigue, heartburn, and swelling. Yeah, relaxing. Now I’m NOT complaining, this isn’t my first rodeo and I knew these things were going to happen, but it sure doesn’t make it any more fun.  I’ve had plenty of moments where I resent the fact that Oliver doesn’t have to do jack shit, except gain weight, which he did {I went and got him a Cleanse which he started yesterday, much needed!}. I've enjoyed this pregnancy far more than I did the last one and I'm grateful for that, but it's still a long time to give up your body. 

Headband is Brady Bands // Sweater from Abundant Heart 
Enter my motivation to keep hitting the gym.

It’s honestly the only time I feel like my old self. I feel less pregnant and more in control of my body. My body is not broken, but I sure feel like it is some days and remembering the good sweat session I got that morning helps me get through the day. I don’t go to get skinny, that for sure didn’t happen, but that’s OK. I have embraced my pregnant self, thighs, booty, boobs, and belly. I look at the brightside- no new stretch marks! No back pain! I sleep great!

I have vowed to never complain about a workout again because NOTHING is as hard as getting myself out of bed at 4:30 in the morning and trying to tie my shoes while shoving toast down to be at the gym by 5.  Throughout the second trimester things got progressively harder, running was put to a stop by 28 weeks, my vagina couldn’t take anymore.  

ahhh, I sure miss my long runs!
I’ve had a lot of questions about what I do at the gym or how I work out. I do everything I can, my body let me know when I should stop doing abs (23 weeks) or burpees (30 weeks) or sprints (31 weeks). I still squat, spin, turbo kick, body pump, lift weights, jumping jacks, pushups, and do the elliptical. I just do it at a slower pace and rest more often. I don’t watch my heart rate, in fact my watch battery has been dead for weeks! I’ve had to adjust what I eat beforehand, usually toast is all I can do so I don’t get heartburn. I've had some terrible workouts at the gym, but I learned that just because it sucked one day doesn't mean it will the next. 

I really wish this misconception that working out “hard’ was bad for your baby, I’ve yet to come across one article that links exercise with something terrible happening to the baby {although I’m sure someone will send me one now, ha ha}. Exercise can make your baby smarter, mines def coming out a genius! I realize it’s difficult to do, honestly I do, but it’s worth the effort. You wouldn’t just not take your prenatals because they were gross, you would make it work.

Now that I've lived it I get it. It's hard, but pregnancy is NOT a disability, yes you will be uncomfortable, but that doesn't mean you should stop. Exercise is challenging when your not knocked up so of course it's the same {or worse} when you are. Learn to listen to your body! You won't knock your baby loose by shaking your booty at Zumba :) 

I know these guns are hiding around here somewhere......



Bumpdate 33 Weeks

33 Weeks: Feeling super preggo, bending over is quite hard. Sleeping like a champ despite a cold that just WILL NOT GO AWAY. Honestly, I'm on day 10 and I still feel like crap, plus I accidentally took cold medicine with DM and now I pray daily that Aiden comes out with a round head and not a square one :)

Oliver pulled down all of Madison's clothes from the attic and wants me to get rid of them before I give birth. Once it was all in front of me I felt really overwhelmed, so I think I'm just going to do the JBF sale at the end of February and get rid of everything at once. I thought about doing a FB or IG sale, but I just don't have time to run to the post office multiple times a week and ship stuff out. I need a one stop shop where I can hopefully make a few dollars to use for Aiden's wardrobe.  My only concern is that they are only taking summer/spring items and I have 0-5t in all seasons. 

Speaking of clothing, how cute is this onesie my friend Kara made for Aiden?? We went out for a girls night to Mellow Mushroom Saturday night, poor Madison was just confused why she couldn't go 'because I'm a girl too Mommy'. haha. I told her we weren't going to sit around and play Uno :)

Sunday morning I made us breakfast, obviously she's been promoted from a sippy to a full size Princess wine glass.

I also got around to opening all my amazon boxes from the week, Oliver just piles them on the table for me. It's just so much easier to shop online rather than driving to a store when you work full time. Besides my nipple butter, I got a new wrap in, the Boba. Oliver is a big fan of baby wearing, Madison may be a little big now....

 On Sunday Madison is allowed to pick out her own outfit, weather appropriate of course. She just got lucky that it's gorgeous out and she could wear tank and shorts. In January. She was also pretty stoked her sandals still fit!

I love that she's old enough to play outside with the neighborhood kids unsupervised, she gets to run around and have fun until dinner time and I get to watch Real Housewives and eat ice cream do laundry and clean.



Diet Bet Updates! Week 2

Sorry for the light posting this week, I've been really run down with this cold :( Monday I tried the gym, I lasted maybe 15 minutes. Missing my workouts is bad for my mood among other things, I think I'm slowly getting better so I promise to catch up next week! Until then let's see what our Diet Better's are up to!


This second week has been tougher than the first. It was hard to maintain the detox diet. I was good until the weekend, and then the bad choices began. More out of convenience than anything. Previously, I was down 7.2 pounds (first week results); however, I gained 0.4 this week. Which was pretty shocking considering the food I had been eating. So I'll definitely take it.

Goals for this week

1) Find a better food plan that I'm able to stick to. Meal plan and pack lunches the night before. Hopefully that will cut down on the stress, and subsequent bad choices (read: fast / convenient food) when I can't think of anything to make for dinner (despite having a pantry and fridge full!). I've heard lots of good things about Fitness Pal and I'm starting to think it's time to give it a try. I need something where I can be flexible enough to account for my lifestyle and planning meals for my family.

2) Get back in the gym. Or start going in the first place. The problem is the gym is my best option, but I have to go at lunch. In the mornings, I'm dropping off my daughter at school, and in the evenings, well, I'm already getting home late as it is, and the motivation is definitely gone then. My goal is to get in the gym (or when possible walk/run on treadmill at home) at LEAST Three times this week. I know, small goals. But it's better than the current count for sure. If you have any good tips or motivations, you can find me on My Fitness pal - username - kdcargrl.

So that's it for the week from me. I'm still at 88% of my Diet Bet goal, and plan on surpassing the 100% mark hopefully in this third week.


Isn't it funny how things work out? I have been having inner turmoil about what to write this week. Before I got my email from Meg asking us to send it a scale/weigh in pic, I had debated sugar coating the last few days. But sugar coating doesn't help me or you, so the truth it is...

I have been nothing short of a hot mess the past few days. After my Weight Watcher's weigh in on Sunday I allowed myself my favorite fast food treat - Taco Bell. Now, I counted EVERYTHING and I wasn't over points - but those 29 points were not used in the healthiest way. Monday, I was a human garbage disposal. I was over 3 points. Tuesday when I got home early (snow dismissal) I had the munchies. I had a bowl of cereal and then a few tortilla chips. I didn't need those snacks and I could have used the points better. I am not sure what exactly is my issue but I have to stop with the useless snacking. (now, this may be TMI) I am getting ready to start  in 4 days, every month during this time I really have food struggles. I am not sure if it is really hormonal or all in my head, but the constant hunger pains around this time never fail. Any one else struggle with this?

I sat down to watch Biggest Loser Tuesday night. (It was Makeover Night). The tears started and never stopped. I could relate to something in everyone's story. Especially Marie. She went on the show to lose weight to start a family. Justin and I want to start a family, I owe my health to my unborn children, my husband and myself. I had to give myself a check. I have stayed in my points for the week. A loss is a loss. The scale is moving!  The weight isn't going to fall completely off in a few days. This is a struggle, every day isn't going to be perfect. But, the positive, I didn't fall off the wagon, I didn't go buy a bag of Snickers and wine (and eat them all in one setting). And for all of that I am proud of myself. 

I was excited to show you all that I have lost 9.6lbs in the past two weeks. My DietBet goal is 12. I am on track to do this and it is partly because of y'alls support! I can't get over how much being held accountable really does help motivate me and help me keep on track. Surprisingly blogging has been huge for me! I have started blogging every day and many of you have came over daily and offered support! I can't think you enough for that!! I wish weight loss was easier. I really do wish there was a magic pill that would take off the 100lbs I have to lose, give me a six pack and thighs that don't touch. It is much easier putting on the weight than taking it off. But taking it off feels so much better!!


I had a pretty good week.  I was down another 2.5lbs.  The loss is always a good thing, but I think I might be more excited about my first long outdoor run that I accomplished last week.  I’ve been running on my treadmill, but I felt the need to get outside to experience the difference between machine and pavement.  I set out in my neighborhood just to see how far I could go.  I ended up finishing with 3.25miles in about 40 minutes and I felt so accomplished.  I wasn’t concerned with time, just distance. 

Running has never been on my list of things to care about, nor was a marathon ever on my bucket list.  But I took another leap and signed up for the Biggest Loser Marathon on March 30th here in Austin.  I’m doing the half and am really excited to train for this.  I’m following the BL training schedule and couldn’t be more excited to see where all of this takes me.  We are Babes Under Construction for anyone that wants to join our team J. 

I also resurrected my blog for any interested readers.  Embracing Change -  Looking forward to this next week.


So, the weeks are flying by and I'm just trying to stay in good habits!  You see, I have this love ... it is, quite possibly, my one true love... FOOD.  Oh, and not apples and celery love... CARB love!  I'm hoping I'm not alone here!  After I finished the cleanse last Thursday, I have since gained 1.2lb.  I am currently at 152.2 (picture), which is where I always seem to steady back out.  I'm starting to realize my body responds best to a no/low carb diet.  My weight dropped quickly while on the cleanse, which I hardly ate any carbs.  I know this isn't the lifestyle I want, but if I can really get my cheat meals (i.e., weekends) under control, I think I will be just fine.  I believe I have to finish the DietBet at 151.9.  This is totes doable.  I'd love to see 150 and that is always a goal.  I work out 3-4 days a week and get a long run in on Sundays.  I've kept up this exercise regime since August 2013.  And in that time, I've never seen my weight below 150.  Therefore, if this is where my body wants to stabilize, I'm okay with that.  However, I am NOT okay with not toning up.  The scale is just a hunk of metal, but my body?  I want it to be a hunk, a hunk of burning love! :) Until next week!


Weight loss this week has slowed WAY down, which I figured it would because I figured last week's big loss was from water!!  But, I've lost about 1 1/2 lbs this week.  

Eating has been kind of hit and miss!  My work schedule has been kind of off with babysitter being sick then my son getting sick!!!  BUT, even during all of that, I was very proud of myself for eating mostly good foods and clean foods!!  Usually when I'm home a lot, I won't stay on a good eating schedule and tend to eat out a lot more!!  I have noticed that while eating clean seems more expensive at the grocery store, I seem to save A LOT of money by not driving through sonic for drinks, or snacks here or there!!  

Exercise is still going well!!  I actually got to go running outside a couple days last week and it was amazing!!!  I have missed running this winter!!!  



Bumpdate 32 Weeks

32 Weeks! Baby Aiden is sitting up pretty high, he can stay there it's fine with me. I have a lot more heartburn, but I started taking Prilosec every night and it's helping tremendously. My CSection date got moved up to March 5th, which is my 39 week mark. This is fine with me because at exactly 39 weeks with Madison my water broke, I'm OK with not leaking water all over my new car :)

He is still overly active, these two fight to feel him kick at night.  Oliver thinks it's awesome when he kicks so hard my entire belly is lopsided, it's cool, but it also hurts! I only have 6 weekends left before I have two kids, eeeeeekkkkk! I found something for him to sleep in, the Rock N Play has some amazing reviews, I hope it works. We need to finish his room and actually get clothing for day to day, like sleepers. I have some cute 'outfits', but no daily stuff yet. Yikes, I need to get on it. Like yesterday!

I decided to cloth diaper this go round to save money and you know save the environment :) I have a friend who has been doing it, but it's really overwhelming at first! There happens to be a shop in Dallas called Nappy Shoppe that offers Diapering 101 classes so we went on Saturday. Oh my gosh, she broke it down and now I'm REALLY excited to do it, honestly I don't see it being that much more work. Oliver's pretty good at keeping up with the laundry during the week, so it shouldn't be much harder.  I'm going to start off doing prefolds {you prefold a cloth piece first then cover it with a cover, you only need to change the cloth part unless they have a blowout} for the first 3 months. The bigger he gets I may switch to something that snaps together. I still have a lot to learn, but I'm excited!

This one needs to keep her germs out of the house, we have all been sick with the flu and now a nasty cold. Ughhhhhhhh. I just can't with the coughing all night, the snot, the blahs. I'm ready for Spring.

We sure are glad Aunt Katie will come over and play :) I'm having the hardest time just working on not peeing myself every time I have a coughing attack. Poor Aiden is just mad with all the belly shaking going on.

We were able to pull it together for some family/maternity pictures, the weather was gorgeous! I love our girl Amber from Amber Jane Images {and not just because she brought me a extra large Reese's cup!} I can't wait to see them!



Update: Diet Betters

It’s time for the weekly updates from our diet betters!

First up is Jennifer:

1.   Have you weighed yourself? Are you on track to win the bet or not?
I am current down 7.2 pounds. This puts me at 98% of the diet bet goal. This is totally due to a radical change in my diet. It's amazing how going from junk and fast food into clean food can make a huge difference. But, I'm quite certain the weight will slow down now! 

2. What food plan are you following? How many calories are you eating? 
I've been following the Dr Oz two week detox program. I'm still trying to decide what to do next (after the two weeks). I may try to follow it mostly with a few adjustments going forward. 

3. What exercise plan are you doing? How many days/hours are you getting in? Any best practices? Anything you feel you need to work on, like cardio/weights/intensity?
Ugh! This is my major pain point. I'm trying to walk more but nothing much yet. This is definitely an area I need to improve in. 

4. How are you feeling overall?
Awesome. I've started taking a great multivitamin, omega-3s, vitamin D and a probiotic. I'm not sure if it's completely this change or the eating better. Quite possibly both!

5. What are you struggling with the most? 
Dinners!! I can successfully fix three breakfasts (daughter, husband and myself), two lunches (daughter and myself) all before work. But coming home and fixing dinner is not my strong suit. I have slipped a few times and had foods that weren't on the detox list. But I could tell - the way I felt after was different than when I followed the plan. 


I am a weighing in fool. I love to see the progress. Right now I am on track to win the bet.  I am doing Weight Watchers and currently allowed 45 points. I am not sure how many calories that equates to, but I am becoming very cautious about my food choices even with Weight Watchers. I mean a cookie is 5 points but I can have so much more food for 5 points why waste them on a not so good cookie? I am trying to make healthier choices while still enjoying food! I have been kicking butt on the water intake, that was another one of my goals.
Exercise is what I struggle with the most! Right now it is cold, freezing temps here, and I am just unmotivated to do my videos or ride the elliptical. My husband did set me up a nice space in the basement in front of the TV (yeah, call that lazy) so I wouldn’t be bored will riding it. My goal is to do it 3 times a week. So far I haven't made that goal! I wish it was warmer outside so I could run and start C25k, I love that program!
I can't believe much support I have got in the past few weeks from the Blogging Community.  The support and well wishes really do help keep me on track. It is funny how not wanting to let down "strangers" can really impact your motivation.  I really appreciate all of your help on this journey. It has only been a week, but seeing the scale move and actually eating better foods makes me even more excited to lose this weight. 

Next is Michelle:

1.    Have you weighed yourself? Are you on track to win the bet or not?
YES - and I'm down 6.6 lbs since I weighed in for the dietbet last week!!!  

2. What food plan are you following? How many calories are you eating?
I'm not really doing a "diet" so to say, but I'm trying to meal prep on Sundays, and plan our my breakfasts, lunches, and 3 snacks.  I am trying to eat every 2-3 hours, so I have breakfast at 8:00 a.m (such as protein pancakes or oatmeal)., snack at 10:00 a.m. (protein shake), lunch at 12:00 p.m. (taco soup or grilled chicken with quinoa, sweet potato), snack at 2:00 p.m. (hummus with tomatoes), snack at 4:00 p.m. (apple with almonds), dinner at 6:00 p.m. (grilled chicken, tuna, etc.).  I'm eating around 1300-1400 calories a day, give or take.  I'm new to all this "clean" eating so I'm slowly learning, and last week I had 1 "cheat" meal and went to a Mexican restaurant.  I was VERY surprised at how I haven't been craving things like sugar, sweets, etc.  Before, on a normal week, I would snack ALL the time, have at least a couple snack size candy (like fun size milky ways), and at least 3-4 raspberry chai's from a coffee shop!  Another thing I've noticed it that I'm not ever hungry!!!  I guess it's because I am eating so much, I don't have enough time to think about the sweets, or eating other things, because I know that in a little bit, I'm going to eat again!!!  One thing I am trying to research is options!!  I'm okay with having the same thing for 4 days (I work 4 days a week so I meal prep for 4 days) but I am SO ready for something different by Friday!!   

3. What exercise plan are you doing? How many days/hours are you getting in? Any best practices? Anything you feel you need to work on, like cardio/weights/intensity? 
 I signed up for a workout challenge at a local gym in town, and part of the challenge is that you go 4 days a week to the gym, and I was chosen to work with a personal trainer, so I go to the gym on Sundays (with the trainer), Tuesdays (with the trainer), Thursdays, Fridays, and sometimes Saturdays.  These workouts at the gym include lifting weights (which I'm starting to fall in love with!!), crossfit classes, etc.  On Mondays and Wednesdays, I try and go across the street from my work to a park that has a great trail and run at least a mile or two. I am just learning the whole "HEAVY lifting" concept of how it will actually HELP me lose weight and I'm actually excited to one day see some definition!!!  I'm trying to research some ways I can lift at home after the 12 week challenge is up at the gym! 

4. How are you feeling overall? 
Overall, awesome!!!  I will say last Monday and Tuesday I had a HORRIBLE headache, but I think it was my body saying "WHERE IS OUR SUGAR AND POP, AND, AND, AND!?!?!?"  Haha! :)  But, I have had more energy, and I'm really enjoying the foods more than I thought I would!!  

5. What are you struggling with the most?
Keeping up the momentum!!! I've made an inspirational type board in my room, so I'm forced to read the quotes every single day and I've also made a couple goals for January and I'm reminded of those also!!!  I'm a very RIGHT NOW type person, so even though the scale is going down, which is awesome (it's been awhile since it's moved at all!!) I'm still that person that looks in the mirror and sees ALL my flaws and imperfections and thinks I'll never get to my goal weight and never get to where I want to be!!! I feel like more than the food, exercise, etc. is the MIND game that goes on between yourself and yourself!! HA!  I'm trying to put those thoughts behind and say "TRUST THE PROCESS"  I didn't get this way overnight, so getting it off isn't going to change overnight!!!!!  I CAN and WILL do this!!!  

6. Any extra comments you would like to give! 
If anyone had any meal planning, clean eating, or heavy lifting (mostly from home) advice, would they PLEASE let me know and share their secrets with me!??  Thank you!! :)

Now for her Mom, Lisa!

1.    Have you weighed yourself? Are you on track to win the bet or not?
Yes - just a few more pounds!!!  

2. What food plan are you following? How many calories are you eating? Following clean eating program and eating small amounts every 2 hours.  It's been around 1500-1600 calories. 

3. What exercise plan are you doing? How many days/hours are you getting in? Any best practices? Anything you feel you need to work on, like cardio/weights/intensity?
I'm doing Zumba twice a week for an hour each time, then 2-3 miles on the elliptical two days a week, and if the weather would cooperate, I will be getting at least 3-4 miles to start training for half-marathon.  I'm thinking I need to add some weights, but not sure where to start or how to work it in.  

4. How are you feeling overall?
 VERY good!  More energy and don't feel so blah at the end of the day. 

5. What are you struggling with the most?
Actually two things: 
One:The time it takes to prep all this food!!!!  I like to cook, so that's not an issue, but every night seems like it takes forever to repack the bag and get everything ready.  I'm sure it will get easier, I hope?

Two:  I have been tracking calories on My Fitness Pal, and I'm struggling mentally with eating 1500-1600 calories. For YEARS I've thought I needed to eat way less and exercise more!   Obviously, it's working, because since Monday, I'm down 2 pounds, so I'm continuing with this, while Michelle is telling me to "Trust the Process" and I have that note on my computer at work, taped on the mirror at home and in my car.   

On to Wendy:

1.   Have you weighed yourself? Are you on track to win the bet or not?
I had a good, but mentally challenging week.  I was down 2lbs when I weighed this morning.  I was 205, which should put me on track to hit my 4% goal. 

2. What food plan are you following? How many calories are you eating?
I chose to do WW Simple Start because it’s mostly whole clean foods without tracking or weighing the foods on plan.  I can have 7 Points Plus a day for indulgences.  I don’t track calories, in fact, I loathe counting calories.  I’d rather track WW points.

3. What exercise plan are you doing? How many days/hours are you getting in? Any best practices? Anything you feel you need to work on, like cardio/weights/intensity? 
In November I started getting up at 5am on the days that I had my girls, walking/jogging on my treadmill, and now I’m up to jogging/running 2 miles 2-3 times a week.  On the other days I use the Workout Trainer by Skimple app.  I do the strength training and abdominal routines mostly.  I try to shake things up so my body doesn’t know what’s coming.  These workouts are usually less than 30 minutes, by my doing, so I feel like I need to change the duration setting and turn these workouts up a notch. I usually spend 30-45 mintues during a workout and this week I clocked in 4 days.  I think I’m going to start following the Biggest Loser Half Marathon training schedule, which is identical to my workout routine with some longer runs included.  

4. How are you feeling overall?  I’m pretty pumped.  Normally a 2lb loss in the first week would be discouraging to me, but it’s a pretty big win this time and I feel more empowered around eating and exercise.  I’m even considering the Biggest Loser Half Marathon here  in Austin on March 30th.  Dream Big J

5. What are you struggling with the most? This is my week that we all dread, where my body is fighting to hang on to every ounce of water weight, every pound and it’s screaming for me to find all sweets and devour them.  Sunday was my hardest day.  I really REALLY wanted to sit on my couch with an entire jar of crunchy almond butter and eat the whole thing.  I resisted, but I did have more spoonfuls than my daily indulgence allowed for.  I’ve had to really talk myself out of any nightly sweets this week because if I have one, I’ll want more.  It’s been a mental battle.

6. Any extra comments you would like to give!  I was mentally prepared to not lose anything this week considering my body was fighting against me.  (I don’t know if you want to use PMSing, haha).  Even though I was pleasantly surprised, I had already prepped myself knowing that this is a part of the journey, and this next week would be extra awesome.  Even a small gain can result in the weight loss game, but you have to just keep it up and the progress will follow J.  I’m also incorporating my girls in workouts when I can.  Knowing that they’re watching me and looking to me as an example is a huge motivator. 

And finally Meredith!

1. Have you weighed yourself? Are you on track to win the bet or not
I have been weighing myself daily due to the Advocare 10 Day Cleanse.  I will continue to weigh 2-3x a week throughout the Dietbet to keep myself accountable, but not stressed.

2. What food plan are you following? How many calories are you eating? 

The past 10 day I've been eating very clean.  No processed foods, very little carbs except for fruit.  Also, no sugar unless it has been in natural form.  No coffee, no tea, no sodas, no red meat.  I'm pretty sure this weekend I'm going to need a tall coffee, a 72 oz. steak, and all the Reeses I can find!  Hahaha... just kidding.. maybe.  After the cleanse, I am going to continue my hardest to stick with this type of eating.  I am not a calorie counter, more of a clean-eater.

3. What exercise plan are you doing? How many days/hours are you getting in? Any best practices? Anything you feel you need to work on, like cardio/weights/intensity? 
I'm doing the #5amclub exercise plan.  Hahaha, I get my butt up at 4:40 and make it to the gym by 5:20am.  I take classes at my gym 3 days a week... 4 days if I'm feeling extra frisky.  I love classes.  They are mindless and I enjoy doing them.  That is the only way I'd be able to continue... well, and because Megan would kick my butt if I stopped.  I also run on the weekends, as I'm training for a half-marathon at the end of March.  I'd love to see more of my muscles I'm working on, but I also know the diet has to continue to be in check or that is lose-lose battle.

4. How are you feeling overall?
Overall, it has been amazing.  I hope that this high energy and amazing sleep continues. 

5. What are you struggling with the most?
My biggest struggle will always be food.  The Reeses here, the Diet Coke there, the simple piece of chocolate here, the sweet tea there.  Just small things.  I also miss eating out.  I know what I need to do and I know that with all the exercise I do, it is pointless to continue shoving crap in my mouth if I want to see change.

6. Any extra comments you would like to give!
I've been posting almost daily on my blog stepping through the Advocare Cleanse.  Many pictures, food ideas, and recipes there!



31 Week Bumpdate

31 Weeks! I'm becoming antsy for a run, I'm really missing it. Nothing beats a good long run to clear your head. I've been dealing with some anxiety over adding an infant to my life, Madison was such a hard baby that I worry how I'll deal with working AND a temperamental kid. I just keep reminding myself that he could come out happy as a clam, in fact I pray for it daily.

I'm also trying to figure out what to do with Madison this summer, the preschool she went to last summer didn't work out very well so I'm looking for an alternative. My MIL will be watching the baby and I don't want to overwhelm her with both kiddos, maybe a summer camp? Just something for a few hours each day.

Usually at this point in pregnancy I'm sick of my preggo clothes, so I've been creative in finding cute things I can wear even after. I LOVE this long sleeved navy blue top paired with the grey cardi from Andy Ve Eirn. The cardigan will work well into the spring months too!  I think this blue camo top needs to be mine, what can I say I love clothing! 

I've been dealing with a lot of swelling in my legs, I think it's from sitting at a desk at work all day because it's worse during the week. I found some perfect compression tights that help, they even have some fun colors. I got teal and black, they are from Preggers and super comfy! 

All I can say is THANK YOU JESUS for making me pregnant in the winter time, I would be miserable to be pregnant in the Texas heat! 

I decided to be brave and do a few maternity photos, finding the perfect outfit has proven to be hard. No dresses {my pales legs would blind you}, I have some cute stuff, I just want something that highlights my belly, but not my boobs :) Unfortunately it was crazy windy Sunday we had to reschedule for next week so I have some more time to obsess about it. 

Twilight and I spent some time outside, it was gorgeous and 70 degrees! She's really enjoying her scooter and the new yoga DVD I got her for Christmas. 

My Mom and I also took her for some Enchanted Fairy pictures. Basically you pay a minimal sitting fee and they dress your child up like a fairy and take pictures.  She was able to pick her outfit and get her hair and makeup done. Uh, she was in heaven!

She couldn't stop staring at herself :) We go back next weekend to pick our pictures and I'm thinking it's going to be really expensive because they make the pictures look like this.....

and I really want a huge one for her room. Eek. 
God knew what he was doing when he gave me a boy for my next child!


Rugs Rugs Rugs

I've talked about my serious rug obsession before, I have one in just about every single room of my house!

The one that really drives me batty though is the one in my bedroom. It NEVER stays straight!

Pretty much every single day I would have to bend down and straighten it out, which is getting less and less fun now that I'm pregnant. I guess it doesn't bother Oliver because he NEVER straightens it!

I guess the people at Rug Pad USA could feel my pain and they contacted me to do a review. Uh, YES YES YES. I told them my rug size and where I was having the issue and they cut the perfect pad to size and shipped it super fast.

It's honestly so nice not to have to fix that darn thing everyday, wish I would of thought to get a rug pad sooner!

You may notice the rooms carpet is different from the first picture, poor Twilight Sparkle had the flu and threw up red fruit punch all over my carpet. I couldn't get the stain out so I talked Oliver into replacing all the carpet in the house. We will be celebrating 10 years living here in March so I'd say it was time anyways :) That theory worked for him. ha ha.

I highly recommend Rug Pad USA, they have pads for any type of flooring, carpet, laminate, wood, concrete. They also have different thicknesses which is nice, I didn't realize how thin my carpet was, but it's nice with a little cush now.



My Diet Better's

A lot of the reason I keep up with blogging is that I love to help others achieve their goals. I would be SO freaking rich if I could bottle my own motivation and sell it :) I can't so I try to help from my own little corner of the web. 

Seeing as I'm kinda out for the 'losing weight' thing until March I thought it would be fun to see others work their ass off :) Thank you to EVERYONE who emailed me, I wish I could feature all of you! The few who were chosen will report back once a week for the length of the Diet Bet they are all doing, but they are each doing their own diet/exercise plans.

Weight 155.8
Bust 36
Thigh 23.5 and 24
Waist 32.5
Hips 37.5
Arm 13 and 12

Meredith is a married mother of a 5 year old. Consistently works out 4-5 days a week, struggles with her love of food :) Started the 10 Day cleanse Wednesday, you can read about her eats at her blog here.

HEIGHT:  5'3"
CHEST   38.5
WAIST   35
HIP         42
BICEP - R 13.5     L 13
THIGH - R 21.5 L 21
WEIGHT - 183

 Lisa is 52 years old and has been married for 33 years! 2 adult children and 2 grandkids. Loves sweating it up in Zumba 2-3 times a week and is training for a half marathon. Struggles with maintaining a good diet for more than a week.

weight:  222.8
chest: 42"
waist:  44"
arms:  13 1/2
legs:  23"

Michelle is Lisa's daughter! Also a mother of a 4 and 1 year old. Teaches at Oklahoma School for the Blind. Started running in February of last year (2013) and did my first half-marathon in April of 2013 and another in November, then I took a ‘break’ and gained 10 pounds. Just started working out a gym this week!

Weight 283
Height 5’8
Left Thigh - 32.5
Right Thigh - 31
Bust - 48
Waist - 49
Left bicep - 15
Right bicep - 14.5

4 years ago Cassie did Couch to 5K and Weight Watchers, losing 40 pounds. Then she met and married a boy, happy and in love she gained it all back. Cassie wants to lose weight so they can start a family. She’s started by rejoining Weight Watchers and busting out the Jillian videos! Check out her blog here.

Weight 207
Height 5'6
Waist 40
Chest 42
Right thigh 29
Left thigh 29
Right bicep 12.5
Left bicep 13

Wendy is 34 years old and a mother of a 7 and 3 year old.
3 years ago was faced with an unexpected divorce and turned to food for comfort.
She is following Simple Start plan from Weight Watchers along with 3-4 workouts during the week.

Height - 5'3"
Weight - 192
Biceps - 13.5"
Thighs - 26"
Hips - 42.5"
Waist - 41"
Bust - 46"

Jennifer is 34 years old and a married mother to a 7 year old. Works in IT and the day is filled with back to back meetings or being stuck at her desk. Downfall is fast food, fast and easy. Struggles with getting out of her comfort zone and setting a healthy example for her daughter.



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