Bumpdate 29 weeks

Wow I feel like it's been forever since we chatted, the holidays can sure make time fly!
Christmas was great, Twilight Sparkle was excited over all her gifts for sure, but it wasn't the iPad she really cared about. No instead of the 400 toy she loved the 40 dollar talking Twilight Sparkle :) Of course.

The light up drawing pad and scooter were a close second though.

No holiday is complete without some new outfits to model, along with her new favorite boots. It still makes me sad that I have to get rid of all her clothing from birth until last season :( I plan to hopefully go through the MILLIONS of boxes in the attic by late January. 

My parents were closing on their new house 2 days after Christmas so we did it all at my house, which meant I cooked the entire meal. Not a great idea when you are over 7 months pregnant, I think I did dishes at least 7 times, but at least I got to sneak in some healthier dishes like this one. 

Oliver entertained the little one with Nerf wars, which included wearing protective eyewear.

I hit 29 weeks, belly poppin' all over the place. Well, booty and boobies too :) I've had some days where I feel really nauseous and tired, but going to the gym helps although it's really really hard. I'll do a full post on that later this week along with some fun things for the New Year. 

Still not done with Aiden's room, but his rug from Rugs USA came and I freaking love it so much!! The colors are perfect and I love the design, not to mention that it was a steal at 60% off! I bought a stroller, the BOB SE which I mostly choose because they were running a promotion where you bought the stroller and got the car seat for free plus I used a Buy Buy Baby coupon for 20% off and ended up paying less that 400 for all of it. Score! I don't actually plan to run with the baby much if at all, but you never know. 

The day after Christmas Oliver actually came down with the flu, then Friday Madison and I both caught it, weirdly I believe the last time I had it I was pregnant with her. Poor baby, I hate when she's sick she's so sweet, yet miserable. After laying on the couch most of the weekend we are all starting to feel better.

Although she did fall asleep during our pedicures. I wanted to leave her home, but she insisted on going and just loves it so much, I'm a sucker.

Saturday was Oliver's birthday, I have to say it's really hard to be married to a Christmas baby. I have a hard time finding ANOTHER present for him { I got lucky this year and found at PS4 so I'm set until next year!} and mustering up the enthusiasm to plan anything. We kept it simple and just went out for Hibachi with my family. Heck, he's all old now anyways, lets just forget the birthdays. Except mine of course although mine falls between Aiden's and Madison's so I'm screwed too. 

Hope you guys had a great Christmas!



  1. I am loving your hair that color! Can you believe we will be 30 weeks on Wednesday!? I seriously don't know where time is going but I'm so excited to meet our baby boys!

  2. You should do a "Shop Madison's Closet"! I am due with a girl in May and I always love her clothes :)

  3. You will totally appreciate the jogging stroller regardless of jogging or not. I love my jogger much more than any other stroller (and I have a lot... like 7 for my 2 children... maybe I'm a tad obsessed) because it can handle any terrain I cross. Sidewalks, outside sales (think Canton), the park, etc. I would rather cart it along than any of the others.

  4. My hubs bday is 4 days before Christmas so I'm in the same boat. Not only that, his Amazon wish list is never enough for people. They ALWAYS want more ideas so I'm doleing out ideas and then I've got no ideas for myself!! And try planning a get together before the holidays...it just doesn't happen. Poor guy! But lets be honest, it's all about us anyway right?

  5. I am a long-time lurker on your blog...you are such an inspiration! So cute preggers and the difference between this pregnancy and your last one is amazing. I have a six week old baby boy and am starting to get serious about losing the rest of this baby weight. Finding the motivation to actually make lifestyle changes is difficult but I am working on it!



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