Holly and Darren.

Some of you may already know Holly and Darren, I was introduced to their story on a very special day for them, a gender reveal for their twins. I came across the link on Facebook and I cried happy tears for them even though I did not know them or their story. Something about the sheer happiness they were feeling came across on the video and stuck in my head.

3 days later their story took a very different turn. Holly’s water broke around her baby girl Brinly at 17 weeks and she was left to do very little but pray that her sweet child would be spared, but at 18 weeks and 2 days Brinly died. The twins were in separate sacs which meant that Jude, her son, still had a fighting chance, but at 21 weeks an infection took over and she was forced to deliver her boy, still-born.

Holly and Darren having been fighting infertility for three years now and have suffered multiple miscarriages. I know that I struggled with ‘why them’ after reading their story, I thought about Holly, someone I’d never met daily, I prayed so hard for God to answer their prayers. How can so many unthinkable things happen to just one person? How do you stay faithful?

Holly and Darren are incredibly strong and are not ready to give up their dreams of having a family. I know this community is one of love and today I’m asking that we shower that love down on two people who are so richly deserving of kindness.

I don’t know the details of how expensive their journey has been, but I do know that 3 years, 8 IUI’s, and 3 IVF’s do not come cheap. Holly is a teacher and Darren just finished school and works for an investment firm. A fund has been set up if you would like to donate financially; I think their next route may be surrogacy depending on the outcome of Holly’s tests. The hospital cost for Jude alone was over $3,000.


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