Crafting Momma!

Crafty Momma Here!

Hi there!
I hope you gals made some pretty painted trees over the last week!
I thought I'd show you how to pretty them up like this.

or this...
and this similar one..

and this too!

First look around your junk drawers or if like me
your craft drawers..
gather your supplies...
I had some vintage tins and vintage spools,
wood blocks and a tin from a scrapbook store...
I thought these twine colors would be fun to use
I found them at a scrapbook store too and you can also buy them online.
Let's make the spool tree first.
Simply take your LOW HEAT glue gun and put a touch of glue on the base of the spool and 
start wrapping keeping it even and taut.
You really don't need to add glue after the first row as the pressure keeps it together....
And then when you get to the top, just cut it off and put a touch of hot glue
on the edge and press it down...
I thought I'd add a couple rows of yellow on the top just to meet up with the edge of the tree base too...
and then I gathered my fun decorations from all my fave craft stores,
Michaels, Hobby Lobby and even some from the dollar store! 
{TIP: go after Christmas and buy them up after Christmas for next year!)
Bells are on sale this week at Michaels, get the tiny tiny ones! So cute!!!
All you have to do is to put a bit of glue on the back of each little goodie
and push them into the trees and you have yourself a beautiful decoration 
Just gorgeous on your Christmas mantle among glitter houses and maybe some
deer figurines and Santas!
I think we'll stop there for today!
If you need more instructions on any of my other crafts I've shown completed here today
let Skinny Meg {known to me as only Megan LOL}
and I will share next week!
Holiday Blessings to you all!

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  1. Oh Skinny Meg's Mom I love you and the way you think. Ok, So I live in irving (Meg knows me I'm nice people) and I think you need to have a craft party and you really need to invite me! I love crafting but can't find anyone in this area to have fun with. so let me know if you ever decide to. Thanks!


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