Week 23 BumpDate

23 Weeks. Yikes, this belly is poppin' more and more every single day. It's getting really hard to do certain things, mostly working out :) I moan and groan a lot, but I manage to get in a good sweat fest 5 times a week.  I've been doing Turbo Kick on Tuesdays, Spin/Body Pump on Wednesdays, Spin/Yoga on Thursdays, Turbo/Step/Weights on Saturday, and a long run on Sundays. 

Running is getting harder by the week, last week I had the most terrible run. I just couldn't go anymore once I hit 7, so I walked the last 2 to the car, I was pretty sure my vagina was going to fall off. This weekend was so much better, I took more breaks and I think that helped despite the fact that it was HOT outside. In November. The pressure is getting really intense towards the end, after the half in two weeks I think my max will be 7 miles.  My Juno has been chafing the crap out of my belly, I glide sticked up a ton, but still ended up with a rash.

 Yesterday we spent the evening at Ikea trying to find a system to organize Madison's closet. Having bought our house before we were even married, we had no clue how small the bedrooms really were. Instead of buying a new dresser for Aiden's room I'm going to shelve out her closet for all her clothing to make room for some of her toys. Like the play kitchen she never plays with, but refuses to get rid of. Oh and all the dang ponies.

Her pink boots that will probably be worn with every outfit for a good long time.

Oliver thought it was HILAROUS that I couldn't figure out these screws so he HAD to take a picture. I blame pregnant brain :) It was harder than we thought to get in so we gave up for the day, damn Ikea and their non directions.

I did a little afternoon yoga with Twilight Sparkle, she really really enjoyed it! I need some suggestions for some good ones, the one I got was SUPER cheesy, I wanted to poke my eye out listening to the lady talk. For reals.

We had dinner with my BFF Amber {who is due a few weeks after me!!} and the girls took pictures of themselves. Ahhhhh, I can already see them as teenagers!

Which is making me feel REALLY old.

Happy Monday.


  1. Love the cute belly pics. Use straight Vaseline on the chaffing works 100% better!! Sounds like a super weekend

  2. The girls are so cute! I love the bump updates. It makes me so happy to see you guys so happy!

  3. OMG she is the cutest ever... and that rash.. OUCH mama. Vag on the road;)

  4. You look so beautiful, as always!!! Way to keep up the fitness during your pregnancy!
    P.S. Where did you get your beautiful entertainment center at?

  5. You look so darn cute pregnant! Way to keep up your fitness routine.
    P.S. Where did you get your white entertainment center?

  6. how cute is she doing yoga! and love that belly!

  7. I hear ya. Just today I started "feeling it" at the gym, like it was getting hard (I emailed you about a belly band, part of my discomfort!). You look so great and you inspire me though. Serious kudos to you for still running PERIOD. Let alone 7 miles. I'm 22 w, 2days today and still doing cardio 2x a week and strength training 2x a week but the pounds are keeping to come on fast which depresses me, but I have come to the conclusion that I can only try my best and the good thing it is all temporary and as long as I keep up with my workouts, it will be that much easier to get it off after this baby is born. :) Anyway, you are beautiful and look great and love your "IKEA no directions" remark. so true.

  8. Well hello there! Someone mentioned you as a super fit preggo mom, so of course I wanted to stop by! I am about 16 weeks and kind of struggling with how to incorporate exercise back into my life now that the horrible first trimester is over and I'm starting to feel more like myself. I will probably stop back by for some inspiration!

    Sarah @ Life As Always

  9. Jillian Michaels yoga dvd is totally not corny and a little more fast paced. I think I'm too ADD for yoga... otherwise, any other dvd I've tried has made me want to rip my toenails out with the corniness.


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