Candy Colored Glitter Tree

Hi Y'all! I thought it would be fun to have my "Crafty Momma" do a weekly craft series through Christmas to share some easy, fun crafts that you or anyone could do.
My Momma is and always has been very crafty. Most of the great things in my house are due to her, no really! Here she is on a crazy craft kick...

Yes, the only limit is by your imagination! I'll let Mom take over now...

Hi, guys! I love Christmas crafting, I just wish I could get myself to begin it in July or August. I always think I will do it THIS year and it never happens, so here we are mid-November and I'm just beginning.
Ah, procrastination! Anyways...... the craft I am going to share today is SUPER SUPER easy, and it makes you feel that 'crafty accomplishment' feeling within minutes after you begin, so it's a great choice to get your craftin' on! So let's go!
We are going to make these pretties....

                                              CANDY COLORED GLITTER TREES!!!!!

Oh, YES, these will make you feel giddy! There are so many uses too for these little trees and I will
share a craft using them next week, so make a lot!!! Here is one craft from last Christmas that I made with them...

and there are so many other things to do with them as well. 
I'll share more after we get these made this week. 
So gather your supplies..
TREES.... you can buy green ones and white ones too...
I buy mine from Michaels and from Hobby Lobby 
and even Home Depot and Lowe's may have them.
Michael's has the bags of them which is cheaper.

You will need bleach. Just place them in a bowl of three parts bleach and one part water.
Let them sit for around 15 minutes. I get my hands in there and rub them gently a bit to help the color to "fall" off faster. Don't leave them too long, the bleach will weaken the trees and it may dissolve or fall apart.

Take them out and let them dry. Mine were a "yellowish" color when they dried.
Gather your paints and some chunky glitter. 
I love Martha Stewart's Pearl paints and "Diamond Dust." Both from Michaels...

The shimmer of the pearl is perfect for this craft
and the chunkiness of the Diamond Dust is too!
Pour some paint colors out on a piece of paper or a paper plate...

Buy some small foam brushes while at the craft store too.
Use them to color your trees. Try to not glob paint as it will make the tree strands "stick" together.

Paint the tree as best as you can to cover, but if the inside pieces still show not colored,
don't worry, it will not show after you glitter...

So after you get the paint on you want to put your glitter on right away
so that the wet paint will hold it, I again just used a piece of paper and poured the glitter over it.
You can just pour the leftover glitter back into your container.
Now I had some already white trees, they are harder to find. I think I got mine on clearance at 
Home Depot last year.
I found that they are a different material, more of a foamy ball material... 
so instead of rubbing the paint in, instead "pounce" the color in, Still some of the foam balls will fall off..

Be generous with your glitter. 
The more glitter, the better is my motto!
When they dry you have a forest of candy-colored beauties!
Here is another craft I made last year with these...

See you next week!

Crafty Momma signing off...


  1. I'm very excited for all the craftiness! Your mom is precious and so our those trees. Thanks for sharing!

  2. I was seriously thinking about this yesterday! Walmart has trees for 75 cents to $2 and I bought some, thinking I'd paint them for my daughter. Love the idea!

  3. So many questions!! I'm your mom's biggest fan!!! When I saw the advent tree she made for Madison, I had to have it. I made my own a month ago, http://www.mamachrissyschaos.com/2013/11/christmas-decor.html. I gave credit in my 1st post about it to you & your mom. I have wondered how she got the trees. I have scoured the internet for them. I can't wait to re-do the trees for my advent...and add trees everywhere else because I love them.

    Where does she get the cute little candies she decorates with i.e. the peppermints, gumdrops, & candy canes?

    My last question...can she give us a sneak peek at what she will be doing for Aiden at Christmas or ideas? I have a 5 month old son and I have no idea how to decorate his room for Christmas. I have a tree in a galvanized bucket filled with baseballs. The end. I'm curious on crafting, DIYs for little boys!

    Your mom has a true fan in me!!!

  4. Yay!! I love your mom's crafts! I can't wait for next week's lesson!

  5. Awesome craft!!! Kids would love it!

  6. Hello darling! Just wanted to say I love your blog and I am praying for continuing health for you, your family and baby boy. YOU ROCK!!!


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