BumpDate Week 21

No belly shot this week, I may have realized that the new season of Pretty Little Liars was now on Netflix and spent the majority of Sunday watching TV. It was glorious.

My tata's are out of control right now, I really have no clue what size they are now. I thankfully kept all my bras from when I was bigger so I haven't had to buy any, but sports bra are a different story. I was shoving them in my Juno's which are at least 2 sizes too small now. When I would run they were chaffing the crap out of me because they were too tight. I saw these from Kiava online and thought I'd give them a go, they ran a sale on the the pink one for 29 bucks. I wore it Saturday to step/turbo {so a lot of jumping} and it was totally comfy. The straps look complicated, but it went on really easily. It did give me a bit of a uniboob, but I liked how the straps were in different spots so it doesn't put all the weight on just my shoulders.

I burn a crap ton of calories now, but I can tell it's getting harder and harder, I even had to take a riser out of my step :) 

Twilight Sparkle had her last game and twisted her ankle. I didn't even know kids could do that, I thought they were still pretty bendy. She limping around looking all pathetic, poor kid.

Top from Abundant Heart and Headband from Violet Love.

Sunday Oliver and I went for our long run, I'm so glad I found some comfortable pants to run in from Fort Two Fitness. Oliver learned that you can't skip small runs during the week or you will NOT have fun running 10. Men, they never listen :) Also that drinking, even a small amount, is not a great idea either. 

I finally got around to packing up all of Madison's summer clothes and cleaning out her closet. It was more of a craft/storage place than a closet. I decided to put a shelving system in and take out her dresser to give her more room. Well, more like room for the baby, it's overwhelming to think of bring in MORE stuff. I threw away so much, I hate clutter. I am keeping my wedding dress and thankfully my veil still fits :)

Even looks good on it's future bride.

Someone's not ready for the time change, this happened around 6:30.

Happy Monday!


  1. You HAVE to frame that picture of Madison and put it on display at her wedding one day, its too cute! :)

  2. I'm with Madison!!! I could have been in bed for the night at 7:30! It gets dark too early now!!!

    Can't wait to see how you decorate for your little guy!

  3. Sounds like a happy weekend! Save that sleepy pic to blackmail her during the teen years. Lol.

  4. Kids can definitely twist, sprain and hurt ankles and if they don't heal right it could be trouble. I had my first bad sprain in 3rd grade stepping into a hole. Fast forward through many repeatitive sprains and twists and I'm recovering from my second ankle surgery at 28. I'm sure this is just a little roll that won't bother her for long though! I'm probably just an extreme ankle roller :(


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