22 Week Bumpdate

22 Weeks on the left with Madison and the right with Aiden, I have no clue what I weigh, but comparing pictures I would say I'm doing a heck of a lot better this time. I'm feeling really good, I think the most notable difference, besides my weight, is the fact that I sleep like a baby. I had terrible pregnancy insomnia last time, it was not usual for me to be up at 3 am cleaning. I attribute sleeping better to exercising regularly.

Saturday was my friend Meredith's Dirty Thirty so we headed to downtown Fort Worth for a fun 'bike' ride on Cowtown Cycle Party. It's a long bike with a 'bar' in the middle so everyone can drink while you ride, you stop at different places downtown to sightsee.

The Water Gardens.

A cute bar in a train station.

Sundance Square.

I have actually never hung out in Fort Worth and I'm not sure why, it's really nice and a lot of fun! I'll have to go back when I can actually drink :)

We had dinner at Mi Cocina and I had the best fajitas of my life, chicken sunset style. Who knew putting french fried onions on it would be so amazing!!!

Sunday, after Oliver and I's run, we picked up Twilight Sparkle from Mimi's and went home to just relax. She's had a terrible cold all week and it's turned into this awful kennel cough :( I let her snuggle in my pregnancy pillow for a nap, but she woke up coughing and that turned into puking. Poor kiddo. I'm just glad she has tubes in her ears now so I don't have to worry about her ears every time she gets a cold.

Doesn't she look just like a cabbage patch kid?!


  1. You look great!!I've always wanted to do one of those bike/bar things! Wish we had them here. Love Madison's wig! Too cute!

  2. she does look like a Cabbage Patch Kid

  3. You look great! Great job girl with the exercising and staying on track!

    Inspiration Monday Link Up @ happymedley.blogspot.com

  4. I saw your IG video - I sure hope you were making the drinkers do all the work since you couldn't drink with them, lol. ;-)

  5. I have always wanted to do that cycling beer-mobile thing! So much fun! Besides your bump, you can't even really tell that you're pregnant. Your face looks the exact same. (Yay for no nasal spread! haha)

    Hope Twilight Sparkle is feeling better! She's too cute, and I know she'll be an awesome big sister.

  6. Watch that cough - I'm across the country but my sweeties cough kept up and after 5 days of cough-puking we took her in and they put her on antibiotics (Zythro).

  7. UGH!! I was in Fort Worth all day lol. Would've loved to have met up.

  8. ha! I totally thought cabbage kid!! Where did you get the wig? I remember the loops for the bangs being exactly like that on my handmade doll!

  9. You are lookin' great!!! Ooh, that bike bar thingy looks awesome :)

  10. I just have to say you look SOOOO Great. Man the picture of you with Madison doesn't even look like you. You should be very proud of all you have acomplished becauase IT'S A LOT!!!

  11. OH my goodness I was in Fort Worth Saturday night too! My sister was getting married! One of my good friends lived at the apartments above the Tavern!


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