Clearing the Air

I feel the need to clear the air about my friendship with Brandi.  I can only speak from my side, but after all the speculation going on I felt it needed to be discussed. We all know that female friendships are hard. Women have so many emotions attached to every aspect of their life that it’s hard to mesh those with someone else’s.

I’m not going to speak about her personally, that’s not who I am. For me I think that we just started to grow apart. After I became pregnant we went through a rough patch that we tried to hash out, but the feeling were already there. I was very emotional during the first trimester so I’m sure that had some to do with it. We grew even further apart when our gym schedules changed and we stopped seeing each other on a daily basis. I found it hard to connect with her online. {Yes we still follow each other on Instagram}.

Yes we share our lives online, but things are not always as they appear. You see what you are shown, but we both have real life issues.  I honestly don’t know how to explain it any further than it just didn’t work out for us. There are no hard feelings and I wish her nothing but the best in her future endeavors.

Now hopefully we can all enjoy a nice Thanksgiving with the people we love. Or the ones we just tolerate ;)

Twilight Sparkle hopes you get something better than PB&J. 



A Few of my Favorite Things!

I love to try new things and when I love something I want to share it, so here are a few of late.

1. Kae Exfoliating Hammam Glove: This is HANDS DOWN the best exfoliater I've tried and you don't even need a cream or soap! All you have to do is soak your skin for 10 minutes and use the glove, you can see the dead skin rolling off. Sounds gross, but my legs have never been softer.

2. Real Techniques Brushes: These brushes are very similar to Urban Decay's and the price point is so much better, plus the tote is perfect for keeping them all together. Would be a great gift for the makeup junkie in your life.

3. Ruffled  Wristlet: This little bag is the perfect size, it holds a ton, but I can hang it from my wrist while I run into the grocery or Starbucks. I even bought some as gifts I love it so much!

4. Nerium: I've been using this night cream for over 2 months now and I've never had so many compliments on my 'glow'! I'm not big on the smell, but I do love how it has evened out my skintone. I got mine from Brittany, you can contact her at themrsthrash@gmail.com for more info.

5. RugsUsa: Y'all I need to unsubscribe from their email list, their sales get me EVERY. SINGLE. TIME.  I just bought this pretty blue one for baby Aiden's room and only paid 100 bucks! There shipping is free and fast and the quality is awesome.

6. Three Birds Nest: This is one of my favorite boutiques, I love so many of their items! December 3rd we will be running a giveaway, to help pick what items will be included head on over to their Facebook page and like your fav's :) I want all the scarves!

Have a great Turkey week, there will be no W.O.W tomorrow.


6 Month BumpDate

Shirt from H&M, shoes from DSW

6 months and I'm starting to feel guilty. By this time with Madison I had almost everything bought, her room done, and was super prepared.

 Poor Aiden, this is his pile which is mostly cute clothes and some chevron bedding. I want to cloth diaper, but haven't taken the time to research how many, what kind, etc.  I can't even decide on a stroller system! I need to hit up some second hand stores for some basics 1-12 months. His room is painted, but right now it's the playroom and some stuff needs to be moved into Madison's room. To do this we had to make room so we bought the Stolmen shelving system from Ikea.

fyi: Oliver did all of this, I sat and watched :)
It cost around $450, but it's a much better use of her closet and that way we don't need to have a dresser in there. Now I need to decide what toys we are keeping and what we are donating, I think we are going to buy her one expensive Christmas gift and not any toys. She really doesn't play with them that often.

This weekend was the annual Cookie Party, the past two years my Mom and I have thrown it, but we were just not up to it this year. Parties are a lot of money, time, and effort. Thankfully Amber's Mom threw one, Oliver may have cried without his cookies :)

I made Peppermint Patty Stuffed Ritz Crackers and they were really good, better dipped in vanilla than chocolate. The gist of the party is everyone makes 4-5 dozen and then you all swap so you go home with a bunch of different kinds!

We also made ornaments which was fun!

Our Mom's even got to vent about how hormonal and pregnant we have been lately :) I may seem like I'm always happy and up beat, but I've had a few days that even Oliver's given me a wide girth. Whew, nothing worse than a pissed off preggo. At least I get to do it with my best friend!

Sunday was cold and rainy, I just did a few miles around the neighborhood because I woke up with a sore throat and wasn't feeling really well. Later we bundled up and went to the grocery just in case we are froze in tomorrow. 

Sundays she gets to wear whatever she wants, every. single. day. with the boots.

I made some comfort food, Caprese Mac and Cheese. Aiden loves his carbs!

The rest was just a lot of hanging out by the fire with the family. 


Candy Colored Glitter Tree

Hi Y'all! I thought it would be fun to have my "Crafty Momma" do a weekly craft series through Christmas to share some easy, fun crafts that you or anyone could do.
My Momma is and always has been very crafty. Most of the great things in my house are due to her, no really! Here she is on a crazy craft kick...

Yes, the only limit is by your imagination! I'll let Mom take over now...

Hi, guys! I love Christmas crafting, I just wish I could get myself to begin it in July or August. I always think I will do it THIS year and it never happens, so here we are mid-November and I'm just beginning.
Ah, procrastination! Anyways...... the craft I am going to share today is SUPER SUPER easy, and it makes you feel that 'crafty accomplishment' feeling within minutes after you begin, so it's a great choice to get your craftin' on! So let's go!
We are going to make these pretties....

                                              CANDY COLORED GLITTER TREES!!!!!

Oh, YES, these will make you feel giddy! There are so many uses too for these little trees and I will
share a craft using them next week, so make a lot!!! Here is one craft from last Christmas that I made with them...

and there are so many other things to do with them as well. 
I'll share more after we get these made this week. 
So gather your supplies..
TREES.... you can buy green ones and white ones too...
I buy mine from Michaels and from Hobby Lobby 
and even Home Depot and Lowe's may have them.
Michael's has the bags of them which is cheaper.

You will need bleach. Just place them in a bowl of three parts bleach and one part water.
Let them sit for around 15 minutes. I get my hands in there and rub them gently a bit to help the color to "fall" off faster. Don't leave them too long, the bleach will weaken the trees and it may dissolve or fall apart.

Take them out and let them dry. Mine were a "yellowish" color when they dried.
Gather your paints and some chunky glitter. 
I love Martha Stewart's Pearl paints and "Diamond Dust." Both from Michaels...

The shimmer of the pearl is perfect for this craft
and the chunkiness of the Diamond Dust is too!
Pour some paint colors out on a piece of paper or a paper plate...

Buy some small foam brushes while at the craft store too.
Use them to color your trees. Try to not glob paint as it will make the tree strands "stick" together.

Paint the tree as best as you can to cover, but if the inside pieces still show not colored,
don't worry, it will not show after you glitter...

So after you get the paint on you want to put your glitter on right away
so that the wet paint will hold it, I again just used a piece of paper and poured the glitter over it.
You can just pour the leftover glitter back into your container.
Now I had some already white trees, they are harder to find. I think I got mine on clearance at 
Home Depot last year.
I found that they are a different material, more of a foamy ball material... 
so instead of rubbing the paint in, instead "pounce" the color in, Still some of the foam balls will fall off..

Be generous with your glitter. 
The more glitter, the better is my motto!
When they dry you have a forest of candy-colored beauties!
Here is another craft I made last year with these...

See you next week!

Crafty Momma signing off...


Sweaty Fun W.O.W #28

Welcome back to Workout Wednesday!
You know the drill, grab a button and link up for the parrrrrrty!

Thank you all for linking up last week, be sure to check out:

A Tattooed Teacher in Texas, she shared a great 30 minute lower body workout!

The Fit Foot gave some great tips on dealing with soreness!

The fun and games are over folks, this belly is in charge now. Jumping, no thanks. Abs, no thanks. Stability, not happening.
The honeymoon is over, now is when I really gotta work.
Put together a quick easy workout for y'all, a little running, a little weight, a lot of sweat.

Ball Press, push up arms, and use heavy weights. Squeeze that booty while you work.

Twist and Curl, only halfway up, it's a small movement

Hover Twist, like a plank upside down, hold for 8 then turn to each side and hold for 8

Curtsy Lunge

Reverse One Arm Fly, lunge and 'fly' one arm then the other 12 times for 3 sets.

Bent Over Row, works your back so be sure that's what you are squeezing :)


Meet Amber.

I have a special story to share with you guys today, it has nothing to do with weight loss, but everything to do with reaching for your dreams. I follow Amber on IG {@ambercamp} and she posted a picture and shared a little about her journey to get her degree. I was so inspired I asked her to share it here, thank you Amber.

First, I have to say I was shocked and very honored when Megan asked if I would like to share my story. I have been following her for a while now and can relate to her in so many ways- and, we just happen to have pretty much the same taste in clothes! So that is a WIN for sure!!

I’m not even sure where to begin, so I’ll just start from here… Hi, my name is Amber.
If you happen to follow my Instagram there was this picture.  It was my #tbt 2011 graduation picture. I decided that morning I was going to write a little about my graduation day and the emotions that day brought.

I’m pretty open about my life, but it’s not easy to write a whole blog post on IG. So I decided to write what meant so much to me about that day. Growing up, my family was very religious- we were Jehovah’s Witnesses. My father decided that before I started the 7th grade that it would be best for me to not go to school anymore. It was “too worldly” he said, and he was afraid that I would get into trouble (my siblings and I had a very sheltered upbringing).  So, I stopped attending school after the 6th grade. I tried going back to school in 9th grade, but that only lasted a few weeks. Education was not important to my family. We never talked about college, only what we could do to be better Jehovah’s Witnesses. So, from 7th grade on, I just read bible story books, crazy huh!!??

I left my father’s house when I was 15 to live with my mom. That was also very rough, so when I was 19 I left my mom’s house, signed my very first lease without a co-signer (they took a chance on a little 19 year old girl and that chance changed my life).

 I worked at Bennigan’s Camp Wisdom. (I loved that place; I worked there for over 3 years).  My apartment was across from the restaurant. I walked to work every day, for a year to save money for a car, oh and to pay rent. I decided I need to focus on my future; the first step was to take my G.E.D.  I took the G.E.D test and passed on the first try--- I WAS SHOCKED, you know considering  my non-schooling.

I met my now husband when I was 18 years old (1996). He is 7 years older than me, and was in his last month of getting his Master Degree. He never treated me like he was better than me because of his upbringing or education. He never made me feel bad for not wanting to go back to school either; he knew it had to be my decision- not his. We dated 4 years before getting married in 2000. We have 2 children that we adore.

Fast forward a bit…
We moved to “the country” (after living all my life in the city) and hated it; we stayed 2 years. My husband was offered a job opportunity in Dallas that we just could not pass up. I knew right then, this was it! It was my chance for change!

 Over the years college had crossed my mind, but with small children and no education, it was just a passing thought. I tried my hand at college once when I was 25 or 26; I took a math class and let’s just say I never went back after the first week.

College was intimidating to me; I didn’t even know how to study!! I talked to Scott about going to college; we weighed the pros and cons with having 2 small children and the drive to and from school every day, and never really talked about it again.

papers from my first class

That was it, I knew before I talked myself out of going back to school I just had to DO IT- and that is just what I did.  I dropped N&L off at school and I took myself to the TCC Southeast Campus. I met with an advisor, and was even able to my entrance test. AFTER my test I called my husband to tell him the good news that I just signed up for college. He had no idea that I was really THAT serious…but I was! He was worried, as any husband would be. Our life was about to get insane, you know since we had a system.  I reassured him that everything would be “ok”.  My first class I registered for was a summer class. Not just a summer class BUT an English class (which I found out after I registered that I would have to write papers). Oh, did I mention that I didn’t go to High School, and had no real idea how to write a paper! I was terrified!!

I was able to get through my first ever credit class with an “A”.  I learned so much from my professor that semester, he made me love college. That was the start of a beautiful, yet very challenging 4 years.
I was 29 years old when I started college, with only a 6th grade education (besides my G.E.D).  College became my full-time job. Every morning Scott would get N&L up, get them dressed for school, made their breakfast and lunch, all while I got ready for class (and still does to this day!!). Monday-Friday, kids and I would leave the house at 6:45am, I dropped N&L off at school, then I would go to class from about 9:00am until 2:00pm. Class and study time, until I had to pick N&L up from school at 3:00pm. During the summer my mother-in-law would keep N&L while I went to class.
Our daily commute (from Dallas to Arlington, and back) was 118 miles a day, for two years while I was at the Community College getting my basics. Then went down to 96 miles a day when I decided to finish my last 2 years at The University of Texas at Arlington. Many days I just didn’t think I could finish, I missed my family. I studied or wrote papers while they went outside or upstairs to play. Those 4 years were the most challenging, yet most rewarding. I can’t begin to tell you how I’d feel after the semesters ended. I missed it, crazy I know. It became routine and it made me happy attending class. Out of the 4 years I think I only missed maybe 6 classes. I knew I’d miss something in class, so I went…every.single.day.

saved all of my spirals

I also got involved with my student organization. I went from Secretary to President in a matter of 2 semesters. I made lifelong friends and the day I graduated I had a huge lump in my throat, as I do right now typing this. I didn’t believe I could actually do it, but I did. Hearing my husband, in-laws and my children cheer for me as I walked across that stage was a feeling I will never forget!  They knew how hard it was for me, and the tears, as well as the calls to my mother-in-law (we are very close) saying, I can’t do it anymore, I’m QUITING!! She just listened to me vent and told me I can do it…do it for YOU! To me that was powerful, she believed in me, something I never had/felt growing up.
If you ever doubt yourself, just take a deep breath and just DO IT- it is better than looking back wishing you would have done it! You won’t regret it, I promise!!


Week 23 BumpDate

23 Weeks. Yikes, this belly is poppin' more and more every single day. It's getting really hard to do certain things, mostly working out :) I moan and groan a lot, but I manage to get in a good sweat fest 5 times a week.  I've been doing Turbo Kick on Tuesdays, Spin/Body Pump on Wednesdays, Spin/Yoga on Thursdays, Turbo/Step/Weights on Saturday, and a long run on Sundays. 

Running is getting harder by the week, last week I had the most terrible run. I just couldn't go anymore once I hit 7, so I walked the last 2 to the car, I was pretty sure my vagina was going to fall off. This weekend was so much better, I took more breaks and I think that helped despite the fact that it was HOT outside. In November. The pressure is getting really intense towards the end, after the half in two weeks I think my max will be 7 miles.  My Juno has been chafing the crap out of my belly, I glide sticked up a ton, but still ended up with a rash.

 Yesterday we spent the evening at Ikea trying to find a system to organize Madison's closet. Having bought our house before we were even married, we had no clue how small the bedrooms really were. Instead of buying a new dresser for Aiden's room I'm going to shelve out her closet for all her clothing to make room for some of her toys. Like the play kitchen she never plays with, but refuses to get rid of. Oh and all the dang ponies.

Her pink boots that will probably be worn with every outfit for a good long time.

Oliver thought it was HILAROUS that I couldn't figure out these screws so he HAD to take a picture. I blame pregnant brain :) It was harder than we thought to get in so we gave up for the day, damn Ikea and their non directions.

I did a little afternoon yoga with Twilight Sparkle, she really really enjoyed it! I need some suggestions for some good ones, the one I got was SUPER cheesy, I wanted to poke my eye out listening to the lady talk. For reals.

We had dinner with my BFF Amber {who is due a few weeks after me!!} and the girls took pictures of themselves. Ahhhhh, I can already see them as teenagers!

Which is making me feel REALLY old.

Happy Monday.


Southern State of Mind Giveaway

It's that time of year again and who couldn't use a few gift ideas or a free $50 gift card??

Today you get both from Southern State of Mind Boutique! They sell through Facebook, so be sure to stop by and like their page to keep updated when they post new items!

Here are a few of their up and coming pieces, I'm really loving the colors!

I'm wearing one of their fun printed cardigans :)

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