W.O.W: What I Ate: {pregnancy edition}

Welcome back to Workout Wednesday!
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Jordan over at F.I.T shared her results from Phase 1 of Jamie Eason's program, wow! She's looking so good, great job!!

Maria from the Good Life shared a great ab workout using a kettlebell! OK< anyone else ALWAYS say kettle BALL??

Today is all about food. Food food food food, ugh. Honestly somedays I just get tired of thinking about it, but it's a necessary evil for us fluffy gals :)

First up: Eat enough. MFP is terrible for setting everyone up at 1200/day. Most women need more, here is the equation I use and like.

I calculate my BMR and multiply it by light {1.2} and {before pregnancy} subtracted 500 for weight loss then just add in half of my calorie burn from the gym.

The big question: should you eat back your exercise calories????
It really depends on your body, I do well eating back half. Some don't need any so you need to play around and see what works for you, but give it at least 2 weeks before you change it up.

Just for fun yesterday I kept a photo journal of my eats. It wasn't great.

Pre-gym: I think I'll go back to PB Toast, these are too high in calorie and don't keep me any fuller.

 8:30am: These are amazingly good. 

I found something I liked as much as my lattes with less calories, it's really a grande just in a big cup.

10am: craving some protein.


12:30 pm: Lunch 1

Until yesterday I had no clue these had so many calories, whoops.

2:30pm: Lunch 2

Hey, I am pregnant :)

4:00pm: This I didn't even want to eat, but my stomach was telling me otherwise. The joys of pregnancy. It wasn't even good.

6:30pm I planned on cooking chicken and asparagus for dinner, but Madison's plane got delayed and I had to meet my Mom to pick her up, she insisted on having dinner. These are some bad ass tacos through, Fish City Grill

Total for the day: 2486 minus my 600 burn at the gym = 1886 which is on target for me.
The problem is toooooo many carbs. I just crave them right now.

Anyways it's interesting to keep track and see what you're actually eating, I encourage you to do the same one day!


  1. Love Love Love your Posts especially Wednesdays! I have a question....how do you eat more?? I eat a breakfast bar, mid morning snack, lunch and dinner and I am about 1400 calories. I burn ~350 on the elliptical and do ~20 minutes of weight training. I feel like that is low compared to your calculations today (BMR * Activity) which puts me at 1800. How do I eat more? And not just snack or eat bad to get the calories in?? I want to lose weight but don't want to be starving myself!

  2. Just toss the sucker when you get to the gum, and save yourself some calories, the same can NOT be done with tootsie roll pops. :)

  3. I love hard boiled eggs for a snack especially with a little salt. Looking into people's eats for the day is so fun. We are all nosy even if we don't admit it! I track my eats through Macros looking at the protein fat and carbs. It's nice not to have to worry too much about calories and focus on nutrition!

  4. Oh my goodness, cut out all that diet/workout processed garbage, especially now that you are pregnant. I know you read somewhere or a dr told you caffeine is acceptable during pregnancy, but it's probably safer to eliminate it :) It's probably just ok for you but not good at all for the baby.

  5. I am one of the victims of the 1200 calorie a day from MFP! I always feel like that's just not enough, and I just want to eat an entire cow after I'm done working out in the afternoon! But I'm going to try out the calculations you gave!! :)

  6. I love that whipped peanut butter with apples! I have to fight my son for it. I add greek yogurt (love cafe au lait flavored) and cinnamon in it to beef up the protein and it satisfies any sweet craving I ever have! Thanks for sharing your day!

  7. Add me to the 1200-calorie MFP list! I actually stopped using the app a while ago and decided since I am marathon training I would just focus on eating to fuel my workouts and go figure, I was taking in MORE calories but starting to LOSE weight. I think my body was in starvation mode before and that's why I plateaued!

  8. I keep a good food diary on MFP, but I downloaded an app called "Meal Snap" which is supposed to give you an estimate based on the picture. I think it would be more "fun" than factual, but I have yet to try it. I keep forgetting to take a picture before I shove things in my mouth. Just stopping and doing that would probably be a really good process in and of itself (just make me STOP and think about things first). Still on my to-do list ... taking pictures of what I eat. A visual food diary is a great thing. Thanks for sharing.

  9. What a great way to track your eats...via the camera roll!
    PS. Yes I always say ball

  10. Those choibani flops are amazing! Id let s vegetarian talk me out of them but now I don't know why. Ill have to get some

  11. My doc put me at 1200 on MFP and told me if I wanted to eat more then I'd have to earn it with exercise. I'm starving!!!!!! My cheat meal each week turns into a 2 day binge which is so defeating. I gain about 6-8 #s each weekend (mainly water) and lose that during the week. I track my weight on Friday's so I only show a pound or less loss after I undo my weekend.

  12. You are so right, My Fitness Pal and that 1200 calorie a day set up is nutso! I tried it way back in the day when I thought eating less = weighing less. If there is no fuel in the tank, you're not going anywhere!

  13. Love this! I'm gonna try that vanilla blonde roast.
    And those fish tacos look SOOOO GOOD!

  14. I should try this out and see where I would be - I bet I would surprise myself with how much I eat.

  15. I love the Flips! They are so awesome! I love the key lime one and the almond coco one. Yummmmm... and who knew blow pops had so many calories?! I would have guessed 30! Just goes to show you shouldn't guess!

  16. I photojournal all my foods through my Instagram! I was doing it all the time and then stopped because people said it annoyed them. But, I love it and even though some friends say it's annoying, others say it inspires them to eat better so I am back to snapping everything I eat!

  17. Thank you for this post! It is great to see how someone who has tried and lost has done it. Not all us round pegs will fit in that square hole...or something like that :)

  18. Try the almond, dark chocolate flip, it is fantastic!!

  19. I shouldn't have read this, now I'm craving boiled eggs! :)


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