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Today's Mantra:

I thought I would share some personal Do's and Dont's of sweating, things that worked for me.

Mix it up, boredom is the death of the getting fit. Diversity is the key!
For goodness sakes don't be a quitter, everything is hard the first few times you do it. Every class I ever took kicked my ass and if I didn't know the routines of course I stood there like an idiot, but I NEVER EVER QUIT. Man up.

Wear the right clothes
And I'm not talking pretty, but functional. If you are uncomfortable it's gonna suck, uh ever run while pulling shorts out of your butt? Not fun and you'll probably not go far. Jumping around a lot? Get you some compression pants. Your pooch will thank you.

Hydrate before/after/during
This is so important! The more hydrated you are the better you perform. If you have a long run coming up drink up a storm 24 hours before!

Eat before
I know there are some studies that show benefits of working out on an empty stomach, but the few times I tried it I almost passed out. I always eat before: PB toast, hard boiled egg, protein bar.

Have a PLAN
I never ever go to the gym without a plan of what I'm going to do. This goes for a weekly/monthly plan. The key to working out is being consistent and they way I accomplish that is by knowing exactly what/when/where my workouts will happen for the week. I'm extremely consistent I don't skip workouts just because, yes some times things come up and that's ok, but just being lazy isn't a good reason :)

Stretch before running/exercise
Stretching can actually cause your muscles to tighten initially which is what you don't want before a workout, instead you should do some light moves to warm up the muscles and joints.

focus solely on cardio
Don't be the elliptical queen, burning calories is not the only goal, building muscle is. I cry on the inside for the women who get up at 5am to walk for an hour on the treadmill.

skip rest days
I've upped my rest days now that I'm pregnant, before I was only taking 1 now I take 2 or 3 depending on what workouts I did that week. Listen to your body, but also know that a light workout can HELP you be less sore! I can tell I need a rest day when my legs just feel like lead, they aren't sore,  just heavy.

compare yourself to others
The curse of the woman. Don't worry about how skinny or fast someone else is, worry about getting to your own level of awesome.

give up
It's hard, but nothing that's worth having is easy.

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  1. Great post Megs,
    just what I needed to hear tonight after I spent a hour at the gym comparing myself to all the other women there.

  2. I'm seriously spazzing out this morning! Thank you for featuring me! I just love reading your blog and you have inspired me so many times during my own journey. Thank you so much for sharing your life here.

  3. Do you use a planner/calendar/spreadsheet to use to plan and keep track of your workouts?

  4. Do you use anything to plan your workouts, such as a planner/calendar/spreadsheet?

  5. "Don't ...focus solely on cardio
    Don't be the elliptical queen, burning calories is not the only goal, building muscle is. I cry on the inside for the women who get up at 5am to walk for an hour on the treadmill."

    That made me laugh out loud. And so many women, including myself have been guilty of just that.

  6. My post today was workout tips ... so YOUR tips fit in perfect as I link back to you!

    Thanks for sponsoring this linkup, I notice I get more people coming from here than anywhere else *Ü*

  7. Ugh. I'm one of those girls that make you cry on the inside. I'm sorry. I do try to focus on muscle groups when I'm the elliptical though. But, you're right. I do need weight training. I just wish my gym's weight area weren't so intimidating! xoxo

  8. How do you know what strength training you need to do and how much of it? Like, how many times in a week to do arms, and what exercises to do for your arms?

  9. Thanks for the shout-out girl! I love this WOW post. I especially love the "Don't"s list. I struggle with comparisons daily. But you never know where that other person has been/is going.

    Congrats again on your Team Blue announcement!

    Terri @ DietDrama.com

  10. Awesome tips! The "Don'ts" especially. Thanks for being an inspiration!


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