Workout Wednesday #22

Welcome back to Workout Wednesday!
You know the drill, grab a button and link up for the parrrrrrty!

Christina shared some great yoga moves to do before bed. I for reals need to do this, I'll be sorry I didn't stretch better when I'm old :)

Brittany shared my favorite, leggggggs for dayyyyyys!

Sadly, not everyday can be leg day so I am going to share some easy exercises to work that back.

Twilight Sparkle wanted to share her mini workout with you too....

Sadly my iPhone is pissed I have yet to upgrade to the ios7 and some of my pics didn't take :(

Pushup with a Row

Bent Over Row {go HEAVY!}

Lat pulldown
Superman on the Stability Ball.

Sitting Fly.


  1. LOVE the toddler version! She is too cute!!

  2. Oh my gosh! I am so excited that you shared my workout :D I was bragging to my hubby lol. Thanks for this linkup btw I love reading other peoples workout posts :)

  3. Awww Twilight Sparkle's video just made my day! And are those your doggies? I LOVE spaniels!!

  4. I can't believe you do all this while pregnant! You're such a soldier! I fully admit (only after the fact) that I milked my pregnancies for all they were worth even though I KNEW I could have continued exercising. You're an inspiration to preggos the world over.

    ~Aubrey Leigh


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