Photo Dump Friday

It's Friday and I'm feeling frisky which makes it hard to concentrate on spreadsheets. Taking a tiny break to bring you a random photo dump.


We need a bigger car, but I would SO drive this hot pink beauty. Pretty sure there's nothing I could 'trade' Oliver to get him to be OK with that.

This pillow is freaking AMAZING. Honestly worth every penny, last time I bought a Snoogle, this kicks that pillows ass. Several people in the house have begged to be let in 'the circle' , get your own this baby is ALL MINE! From Bump Nest.

Twilight Sparkle is getting pretty good at taking pictures, this is me at 8:30 every night.

I need to stay away from Lolly Wolly Doodle.

This I love.

I'm assuming this is Madison's. The games on my phone are out of control, I have to delete them daily.

 Sending inappropriate pictures to my coworkers.

 Sending cute baby boy stuff to my Mom. Spending too much money on Etsy for cute baby boy.

My baby girl.

Constantly amazed by how awesome my kid is, so polite, but so like me :) Who knew I could parent??

See y'all Monday. 



  1. I know you love chevrons, and with an upcoming new baby you might need a new diaper bag!? I thought of you when I received an email today stating skip hop was having a diaper bag sale, and there was a super cute chevron bag on sale! :)

  2. Love the warm fuzzy blanket...that's exactly where you can find me, once I am in for th night...with me sweats on of course :)

  3. That picture of the guy with the baby? So funny, so wrong, and so brilliant! :) Have a great weekend Meg!

  4. "Who knew I could parent?" HA HAA!!! I was just starting to worry about this. But if you're pleasantly surprised, I'm sure I will be, too!

  5. So, I'm not pregnant but I need one of these pillows!

  6. Love me some twilight sparkle, I had to search #skinnymegvideos last night while andrew was getting checked out at The ER it was the only thing that took his mind off stuff. He said Mom turn on that funny loud girl LOL!!

  7. I want a bump nest and I don't have a bump! Is that wrong? :)


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