Ongoing Motivation

I think one of the reasons I’ve stayed so consistent with my fitness is that I use it for all areas of my life, not just to lose weight. I use it to feel focused, when I was in school and I had a big project/presentation/test nothing helped me prepare like a good long run. It cleared my head and focused my thoughts.

When I was stressed I would take it to the gym and I ALWAYS felt better afterwards. I could be stressed about money, school, finding a job, a screaming toddler. Sweating never failed me.

One of the hardest things I’ve gone through was the 20 months of infertility I experienced trying to conceive my second child. I’ve talked about my story here  if you want to read more in detail about it. 

The first few months I was sure it would take no time at all to get pregnant, why would I think any differently? I conceived Madison the second month and I was so much healthier now!

Unfortunately those two things did not correlate for me. I remember on 4th of Julywhen my period came and I had a complete meltdown, I was shitty to Oliver and we had a huge fight. The next day I realized that I needed help conceiving and I just wasn’t going to be able to live like this every month. I turned to fitness. I focused on getting healthy, that’s when I started lifting more weights and trying new things. It improved my mood and got me {and my family!} through those tough months.

You cannot just focus on losing weight at the gym; you need to see how it helps improve on other areas of your life. Running has given me so much more; it’s brought camaraderie within friends and is a great way for Oliver and I to spend some time together on the weekends. That’s where my continued motivation lies.
I'm glad I've had this realization because I'm sure not getting any thinner right now ;) I do it for my baby and my health, well also so I don't go hormonal on anyone! 
What keeps you heading back for more?



  1. When I first found for blog the past Spring I kept wondering how you and Mama L could possibly get up so early in the morning and workout. I think I may have even used the word CRAZY!

    As a Mama to a crazy baby boy, I could never find the time to grab a workout. Not only was I failing my body but I was having trouble focusing and I always felt like I was under such a pressure. So I challenged myself to wake up early and workout for a week. If I hated it, after that week I could quit.

    Well, I never did. If anything I'm getting up earlier and working out longer. It has been the most amazing stress buster and focus gainer. I'm addicted.

    I feel it on the days I don't get up early. That is my motivation. I'm just not me without starting my day sweaty.

  2. I'm really proud of you! I can only imagine the variety of emotions you've felt these past few years! Keep working hard! - Ashley @ Coffee Cake and Cardio

  3. You are amazing!!! It's so obvious how inspirational of a person you are, not only for the fact you are so into fitness but for the person you are. I can't even read a post or see an IG photo without smiling. Truly, you're the best!



  4. You took the words right out of my mouth! I was just having a similar conversation with my husband about this last night. Although I just recently started working out again, I am already remembering how much exercise does for me mentally.

    I go to the gym during my lunch hour, and after an especially stressful Monday morning, it felt so good to get into the weight room and forget the emails and deadlines for an hour. I ended up working late and found myself wanting to go back to the gym after work just to clear my head (which I didn't, as I also wanted to see my toddler and husband!).

    A lot of text there to basically just say that I get it :)

  5. You are so awesome Megan! I agree, fitness is more than just the physical for me. It's the mental, emotional AND physcial benefits of it that make me a healthy person - it takes all 3!

  6. I LOVE this post!! So many times I just focus on getting it done and not enjoying it in the process that might be why I'm never consistent!! Thank you!

  7. I so needed to read this today. I'm struggling so hard to find motivation after finishing my half marathon in September. It's no surprise that my overall mood and outlook on life is suffering as a result. Thank you for the reminder!

  8. Thank you so much for this reminder today! I have been struggling to find motivation since my half marathon in September, and it's no surprise that my overall mood and general outlook on life is suffering as a result. Loved this post!

  9. As I say so often to you, just when I think there is no way you could possibly inspire me further, there you are...putting it all out there just by being YOU.

    For me, I agree. Running/yoga are my free therapy. I swear I would be in the looney bin without them. I still have a ways to go in all areas of mental/emotional/physical health, but putting myself first and my workouts first makes me a much better person and it is my priority!! Thanks for leading the way!

  10. Amazing post. And oh so true. I've hit a plateau of sorts after my 50+ lbs. loss and I have a long way to go. But it is the nonscale victories and the bigger picture reasons to be healthy that can keep your flame lit when the scale isn't doing it anymore.

  11. Running - it keeps me going and going back for me. Love you Megs and miss you so much. I want to tease my hair again to sleep next to you. hahaha;)

  12. I loved this post! It was exactly what I needed to read today. I'm going to find my own motivation for exercising because the results I'm wanting sure as heck aren't coming very fast. It's easy to get discouraged.

  13. Lovely post, thank you!

    I headed back to the gym four months ago after not really having a workout routine in my life for years. The goal was not to lose weight, but to get fit again, and I have found that it also has added so much more to my life....confidence again in my bikini ( though before the gym at my thinnest I did not feel this confident!), it helps me de-stress and adds friendships on the list as I now workout with two friends who are my motivators as I'm theirs....so there's no doubt that working out and going to the gym does SO much more than we expect!

  14. I workout not only since I am on the track team but because it relieves stress, it makes me a healthier person, and just to see what I can do. It makes you feel SO good when you put weight on the bar that you haven't ever done and you do it or you run farther than you ever have before! You feel like a superhero when you leave and I love that!

  15. love this, skinny meg :) When I go for the 3rd baby (Omg, let's not talk about this for another year), I hope to God to be like you. I love the gym. I feel sad when I don't/can't go. It makes me feel healthy and strong and just...good. xo

  16. I loved this girl! I needed this today.

  17. I just started following your blog a couple of months ago and didn't know you struggled with fertility issues. I worry that I will have some in the future and I'm borderline obese at this point. I love seeing your IG pics where you're working out and staying fit while pregnant. If you can do it while simultaneously growing another life inside you, we all should be out there doing it!

  18. I just found your blog and you are such a motivation for me! Your story amazes me and it truly gives anyone struggling with weightloss and fertility issues to carry on and keep fighting the good fight! I am so inspired by you and now motivated more than ever to get my own ass into shape! Thank you for your honesty, kind thoughts and never giving up!


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