19 Week Bumpdate

19 weeks:
Feeling great my energy is high and I ‘sometimes’ forget I’m pregnant. I’ve had a couple low days, just feeling blah and chubby. I can usually fix that with a lunch break shopping trip for a new outfit to make myself feel pretty. There is a huge destination maternity not far from my work, I like how they have a mix of high end and low end items.
Their high end sweaters were 40% off the clearance price, loved this black and white one from A Pea in the Pod.

I also super fluffy heart love their leggings {better than Old Navy!}, I prefer the over the belly fit on my pants.
Saturday I only had time for a quick workout before Madison’s soccer game, so I did 6 miles around the neighborhood. I had to buy a support belt, at first it was hard to get it comfortable, but now I can’t run without it.

I enjoyed the cooler weather while sipping a Starbucks and watching my baby play.

 After the game we ran home to change so we could meet our friends at the pumpkin patch. I’m obsessed with Naartjie Kids and they keep sending me coupons, I love how they mix and match their clothing. Super comfy and cute!

This pumpkin patch is called Yesterland Farm and it is so much fun for the kids, all the rides are for their size. It was a perfect Fall day!

My girls Andrea and Amber, who is due about a month after me!

Sunday we slept in and after dropping Madison off with Papa to go to church Oliver and I headed to the lake for a 10 mile run. Whew, it’s a weird thing for my runs to just keep getting harder and harder. I’m slow as molasses now, but I just keep chugging along! The sailboats were out in the lake, the wind was cool, but the sun was warm. Pretty much perfect running weather!  This sweater is from Abundant Heart and ohmygosh it’s so freaking soft. Love love love love.

We picked up the cutie, had lunch with my parents, and did a little grocery shopping on the way home.

 Madison’s Kiwi Crate came in so we put together the glow worm and the jelly fish; I really liked this month’s box!

The rest of the day was spent relaxing with a spattering of cleaning. 

Happy Monday!


  1. I'm sure everyone says this, but no one gets tired of hearing it -
    You look so good!!
    If I could run half as far as you do, I'd be happy and I'm NOT pregnant.
    keep it up! :)

  2. Luv the rug in your living room? New? And you are so full of life and energy... SO happy for you and your family...

  3. Awww, you're looking so adorable babe!!!

  4. I totally have that pink scarf you have on in the first picture :) Love love love it! And I'm pretty sure you have one of the cutest baby bumps ever!

  5. good for you...getting your long runs in - belly and all! PS. Love your maternity style - you look super cute!

  6. You are one of those cute pregnant ladies that are so cute during pregnancy. I, on the other hand was a hot mess. I'm loving all of your cute clothes. I'm tempted to go get some of those leopard leggings, and rock them like I'm pregnant. Just sayin!

  7. I love your hair in the picture with the black/white scarf! Super cute!!


  8. I am loving your hair lately, it looks great! Also that plaid outfit is super cute and very flattering. Looks like yall had a great weekend :)

  9. You look so pretty! Pregnancy agrees with you.

  10. I have the exact same kind of motivation! Working out keeps me sane :) You have such a cute pregnant belly!

  11. How long have you been doing the Kiwi Crate? They look so cute, are they worth the money?

  12. You are so amazing to fit so much into a day/weekend! I am constantly feeling behind!

  13. You are so amazing to fit so much into a day/weekend! I am constantly feeling behind!


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