18 Week Bumpdate: Fried Out

Moving right along! Time does kinda seem to be flying by, the second trimester is all fun and games. I've started to get a little heartburn and lots of indigestion after I eat. Baby Boy is kicking me all day long, which is really distracting when I'm in a meeting at work. I had his anatomy sono last week and he was very active and everything looked perfect. My regular OB appointment is rescheduled for this week so I'll see where my weight gain is, although I'm sure my weekend activities didn't help.

We moved to Texas when I was 14, so I've lived here for almost 19 years and I've never once been to the State Fair of Texas. Madison is out of town this weekend with my Mom and sister, Oliver happened to have the weekend off, so I thought it would be a great idea to go!

The newly rebuilt Big Tex, the old one tragically burned down last year. It was probably the worst weekend to go because Saturday was the Texas OU game and thousands of drunk fans made their way to Fair Park for the big game {Which Texas shockingly won!!}

Honestly I really just went for the fried food, that's all you hear about while the fair is going on!

The corn dogs were fantastic!! The weather was humid, sunny, and hot when we got there so I bought a super cute hat. I kinda love it a lot, wish I had bought two.

This is Alicia, she's running her first half with Oliver and I in Dec :) Well, so is her hubs, which should be interesting since he doesn't want to train! Men! They think they can just show up and be awesome.

Fried Thanksgiving Dinner was good and so creative! It had turkey, stuffing, and other stuff all rolled into a fried ball.

The Chicken Fried Bacon was not the best, it was too greasy and the bacon wasn't very crispy so it tasted liked fried ham.

Red Velvet Funnel Cake, it was good, but it just didn't really taste like red velvet. I should've tried the fried red velvet cupcake!

I had heard the fried smores were delish, but we had a heck of a time finding them. They are over by the Cotton Bowl entrance in the Midway. Soooooooo yummy!!! Oliver's favorite.

The biggest cakes balls I've ever seen.

They had a track set up where you could test drive new cars, I didn't feel like driving so I signed up Oliver. We get to the front and the cops are breathlizing everyone, oops totes forgot he's been drinking! haha, sorry honey!

No one who went with me would ride the ferris wheel, apparently they are all scared of heights. Overall we had a great time, I felt a little sick, you can only have so much fried food. I didn't even have that much, we all shared a plate, but yuck, it makes you feel icky. It was nice to spend the day with Oliver, I forgot how extra nice he is to me when I knocked up!

I'm ready for my sweet baby to come home though. Look at that smile, awwwwww.


  1. LOVE that hat!! I wish you would have bought two also... then you could have sent one to me!! :)

  2. I am going to have to move to Texas so I can enjoy this state fair.

  3. Fun!!! I want one of those cake balls!!! I have lived here since 2000 and have only been once. I just don't want to fight the traffic.

  4. Fried Thanksgiving Dinner?? LOL Only in Texas!

  5. Yum fried smores! my three old daughter saw the picture of Madison, and said "awe pretty girl" :-) You look amazing, and have the pregnancy glow!

  6. Glad y'all had fun! We have 2 fairs here a few weeks apart, but I haven't been to either of them in about 5 years. And yes to the food at the fair!

    Such a sweet picture of Madison :)

  7. So much fun... Love the pics of the family. Miss you Megan...

  8. Looks like fun!! Looks like mini me is having a good time too.

  9. looks so delicious and so disgusting and the same time! glad you had fun!! :)


  10. There is a huge Iowa Fair near where I live that I've never been to either, but it is also notorious for their fried foods--must just be a state fair thing I guess.
    You are looking so fantastic!

  11. We went too but I didn't overdo it. Hate that sick feeling!

  12. i was at the state fair that day too! it was my first time as well. too bad i didn't run into you so I could have said hi in person. those fried thanksgiving dinner balls were really good, but the fried Cuban rolls were amazing!

  13. Omg all that fried food just gives me indigestion looking at it, haha. Everything I eat at 23 weeks makes the warm vomit travel up my throat, it is a disaster! I have been through 1 bottle of pepcid, 1 pack of zantac (that didnt work at-all) and now I'm back on pepcid. Hot mess express! But mmm I want to try a deep fried smore so badly!

  14. Wow, I have never even heard of some of those foods! I would defintely be trying them all though - haha! Yummmm. You just made me hungry. YOu look great as usual! I wish my hubby would give me special treatment when I'm prego but its not usually until the end when I'm huge when it finally clicks and he's like "Oh, let me do that for you honey". LOL grrr.

  15. I love the pic of you with the corn dog :)

  16. That made me sick just reading it! Haha! I love me some fried food tho!


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