BumpDate: 15 Weeks

Sorry no chalkboard picture today, just didn't have time! Here's a pic for ya though, you know I always have a few of those floating around.

 Mollie Top from Sugar Love Boutique!

15 weeks! This picture was right before my massage, some guy name Jose gave my legs and glutes a major rubdown that was amazing. For realllllllls.

That could have been because that morning I was up at the crack of dawn to run. Again. This time it was for an actual race, a 10k, with Oliver and some of my girl friends.

The weather couldn't have been better, walking outside and feeling that cool air hit me, I almost wanted to cry. I honestly was about to die if I had to run anymore in the heat and humidity. The race was at the Dallas Arboretum, which is stunning this time of year, unfortunately a mishap caused the runners to lose a mile and we only ended up doing 5.2.  I wore my heart rate monitor during for the race, which I never do because of chafing {I used some body glide on it and had no issues}. I felt great while I was running, I was keeping a 10/min pace, but my heart rate stayed around 165-170 the entire time which is kinda high. I could still talk/sing and I wasn't thirsty or overheated so I just kept on. I'm going to try to slow down for my half, but it's HARD for me to run even slower, it doesn't feel natural ya know?

The after party was GREAT; pizza, lots of beer, fro-yo, cupcakes, Tiff's Treats Cookies, and fruit. They also had a great band!

Later that day we got the Baby Divas together to see Little Mermaid.

It was interactive with the iPad and the girls really enjoyed themselves. Some of the 'games' they couldn't do because they can't read, but some were toddler friendly. PSA: Don't be THAT mom who plays the game for your kid so you can win the prize. That's just Mom-Douchey.

Sunday I felt like the old Megan was back. I started off the day with a 7 mile run and 1 mile with Twilight Sparkle on her bike. I turned on some of our favorite jams and put them in her bike pouch, she loved that!

After that we ran to the grocery store, stocked up, came home and ate lunch. I decided I was still feeling pretty energetic so I went ahead and polka dot stenciled up my bedroom.

The stencil is from Cutting Edge Stencils.

I've ordered some new curtains and I need a fabulous SOMETHING for one blank wall {I can't stand an empty wall!} so I will get around to doing a full room tour soon. This fun picture was taken with a new toy I got for my iPhone, the Fish Eye Lens.

Haha, you can see how messy my house gets all in one pic :) Anyways then I made this and this for dinner with some fish {that apparently Madison loved because she tried to jack mine!}.

Happy Monday, only a few more days and I'll be visiting a bunch of you in Fort Wayne! Can't wait!


  1. Yay to feeling more like yourself :)
    I loooove your walls!!!

  2. Happy Monday you look amazing!!!!! Love following you and your progress you are so inspiring...

    XO Barbie
    The Parlor Girl

  3. I love how you still had a little extra energy so you just went ahead and painted your bedroom! HA! A little extra energy for me would be emptying the dishwasher :) Further proof that I need to exercise more and get that energy back!

  4. Love the polka dots!! I need for you to live closer so you can come do my house! :)

  5. Great job on your 10k! You're totally going to kick my butt so hard in Fort4Fitness. :)

    I'm assuming that those of you who are flying in are renting a car, but if you need anything, let me know! (I live in Indpls.)


  6. You look totally radiant, momma! Beautiful!

    Maria @ The Good Life

  7. Love the polka dots! I'm going to put that lens on my wishlist for Christmas. I so wish I could join you all in Ft. Wayne, I'm so close in Indianapois, but alas, someone has to watch the babies while the husband is oncall.....

  8. Cute bump pic! And I love the stencil too. Your house is so bright and cheerful!

  9. You look fantastic, and now I want to watch The Little Mermaid!

  10. Your polka dot bedroom wall looks amazing! Is there a chance you could email another photo to michelle@cuttingedgestencils? We'd love to share it with our fans!

  11. Thanks for sharing your BUMP dates! I'm 17 weeks and before getting pregant lost about 80 lbs...still having a plus-size preganancy but it's fun to see you going through some of the same issues (wanting to eat healthy but being repulsed by veggies and instead craving grilled cheese...)

  12. I've been trying to find curtains for my living room and I'm having a really hard time...UGH. Your room looks great!

  13. I can't WAIT to get my energy back!! This baby has sucked the life out if me!!! Saw on your IG you are having a boy! SO excited for you and your family!! :)

  14. I can't WAIT to get my energy back!! This baby has sucked the life out if me!!! Saw on your IG you are having a boy! SO excited for you and your family!! :)


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