12 Week Bumpdate!

Happy Tuesday that feels like Monday! We have hit the sweet spot, the 2nd trimester. I'm feeling really good, my energy is still low, but I'm happy I'm not feeling sick all day long. I've given up on most of my regular pants, the maternity ones are still a little loose, but I wear a bella band with them and they stay up better. I have another OB appointment tomorrow so we'll see how much weight I've gained, eek. I can't say it doesn't get me down, I'd be lying. I know I'm pregnant and you should gain weight, but I'm pregnant in my boobs, my thighs, and my ass and that's depressing me just a tiny bit.

The diet bet I am hosting starts today, while I can't join I am determined to do a better job of tracking my food and making healthy choices. Giving in to too many pregnancy cravings is going to get me if I'm not careful. There are still a few days {you can join up to 14 days into the game} to join in the game if you need some motivation getting that summer weight off!

Oliver had to work Saturday and Monday so we used our one free day to do something extra fun together!  We stayed at the Gaylord Texan for the night with some friends of ours.

Loved having an atrium view room! 

We hung out at their mini waterpark for most of the day, it was dang hot when you weren't in the water! I'm over the 100+ temps, like for reals. I'm also over putting on a swimsuit. I'm packing them up until after baby, even then its gonna be a race to get back in shape before pool time here hits.

We took the kids to a fancy Italian place in the hotel, Zeppole. It was delicious! I had the whole wheat penne with sausage and asparagus, it was so flavorful!

Twilight Sparkle is forever finding money on the ground {she says angels leave it for her} and I really hope her wish comes true. Even though I'm pretty sure she wished for lots of small fluffy puppies.

We finished off our day of fun with a special treat. Dessert in bed :)

Hope y'all had a great Holiday weekend!
I'll see you tomorrow for our regular link up Workout Wednesday.


  1. I decided to just play along with the diet bet without joining this time to see if I can do it. Since I didn't win the last won I did, I'm kinda gun shy but I want to prove to myself I can so I'm playing along, in spirit. I told my husband if I can lose the 4% without joining, I'm joining in your next one. If there ever is a next one. :)
    You look great. Love that board your mom made for you!

  2. You are just the cutest thing ever! I am so excited to see your full sized pregnant belly! I'm 15 weeks & overweight, so it will take a bit longer for me to actually look pregnant.

  3. I love staying in a hotel room for no particular reason. It is so much fun to be pampered. And Madison is too cute making wishes on money that she finds.

    I had sworn off DietBets, but I am seriously considering joining this one. I need to get my ass in gear and stop being so lazy!

  4. You look fantastic, seriously.
    I LOST a ton of weight while I was pregnant due to hyperemesis, and was envious of everything that had the glow and the bump!
    Here's to a healthy pregnancy and a healthy baby :)

  5. Your comment about preggo weight gain reminded me of what happened to my sister:
    She was getting out of the shower, at about 7 mos preggo, and her older daughter came in (the way all children do because we are never going to shower alone again!!) and said, "How many babies are in your tummy?" My sister said that there was just one and then her little girls asked, "Do you have another one in your bum?"

  6. I love seeing you and your little's pictures. You seem like such a great mom! I love the Gaylord hotels. We have the Gaylord Opryland in Nashville and it's so amazing. I'm hoping we can take a little trip around Christmas time to see all their decorations because they are beautiful.

  7. Your bump is so tiny and cute :) Happy end of Summer!

  8. Your mom did an awesome job on the bump board! :)
    Super cute!

  9. I love baby belly pics! I am 32 weeks along (when did that happen?!?!) and have successfully only gained 9 lbs. It's the only time I can brag on myself as I think I gained close to 30-40 with my daughter. After Little Man comes, I am on a mission to lose weight! It didn't help though that I became anemic during this pregnancy, which is why I probably wasn't gaining much, but I also have been watching what I eat. However, this third trimester I am all about the ice cream. I do try to limit myself though... I don't want to gain 20 lbs over the next 8 weeks. But now just talking about it and seeing your pic makes me want some... maybe for my birthday dinner?! :)

  10. You have the cutest baby bump!! Can't wait to find out if it is a he or she :)

  11. I'm so looking forward to the diet bet! My before pictures that I had to send in made me look like Roseanne Barr, all round and frightening. I need you to bottle and sell your motivation. How you get to the gym everyday at 5am at 3 months pregnant is inspiring!

  12. That first photo is just adorable! You look fantastic!

    Maria @ Asphalt & Trails

  13. You are so super cute! Love that chalkboard! And want that dessert! :)

  14. I find pennies on the ground all the time too! I am constantly finding them, making a wish, putting them in my shoe and then putting them in our piggy bank!


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