16 Weeks: Baby's First Half

16 weeks has been really good to me! I feel great and my energy is back, the baby is kicking daily and of course I ran my first half marathon pregnant. As far as training goes, I've kept up the gym 4 times a week and was using one day over the weekend for a long run {10+ miles}.

I used to daydream what it would be like to be a pregnant runner, imaging the end result while I was going through endless Dr appts and treatments. I'm old enough to know that sometimes you can have the best intentions, but that you can't control everything especially when it comes to your body. I'm lucky enough to have had a low risk pregnancy which means I can continue my workout regimen, for the most part, without worry. In fact it's encouraged! Was it easy to workout while I was dealing with all day morning sickness for 11 weeks? Heck no. In fact I've never had a harder time getting up at the crack of dawn in my life. The weekend were the hardest, but again the end result is what I'm after so I keep doing it.

Months ago Brandi and I were asked to come to Fort Wayne to run the Fort 4 Fitness Half Marathon in Indiana. Of course we said yes, meeting some of our northern readers and friends, some of who ran their first half, was amazing.

We stayed in the hotel connected to the Fort Wayne Ballpark where the race was being held, it sure is nice to not have to fight parking and people the morning of a big race. I might always stay in a nearby hotel :)

The finish was over home plate which was fun, when you ran the last leg in the stadium people where everywhere cheering and they called your name and put your sweaty face on the jumbotron. I knew I wasn't trying to PR so my goal was just to run and have fun. The first 7 miles I stayed with Holly, but I had to speed it up after that to make it to the next bathroom. The worst part about running while pregnant is peeing, a LOT. Big thank you to the Fort for having bathrooms every mile!!! I skipped on mile and seriously thought I was going to have to find a bush, there is no 'sweating it out' which is what I normally do. The pressure on my bladder is overwhelming at points. The bathrooms go fast the first half, but the second half I had to wait in lines which is SO frustrating! Regardless 12 trips later I finished my 5th Half in 2:25.

Running while pregnant is hard, my mind wants to go faster, but my body just won't. I had a few moments where I felt a little defeated by how slow I felt I was going, I had to keep reminding myself that I'm carrying around extra weight, fluid, and you know a human. Once I reached that finish line though, I just felt proud. Proud of sticking to my guns and of pushing myself to do more. This is completely different that the last time I was pregnant, I gave up then, but that's not in my vocabulary anymore! After everyone finished we all met up for lunch with our non runner friends at a cute place called Dash-In in downtown FW.

I was so so so excited to meet so many people I talk to online in real life! This is Jill from Sugar Love Boutique and her adorable daughter {who just turned 16 and is like the SWEETEST teenager I've ever met!!}.  They are both just as friendly and stylish in real life as I imagined they would be.

My girls are amazing and surprised me with a baby shower!! This freaking fantastic cake was made by Brooke {@myivorysmile} she just does them for fun, how awesome is that!?! So many people came and celebrated with me, I'm completely overwhelmed by the love I felt. Thank you!!! I promise next time I come I'll shower first, whew, haha.

I had a genius idea to go and spend the afternoon getting pedi's so we loaded in the car and OMG, such a good idea. New post race tradition!

That night we had a low key dinner and did a little dancing at an 80's themed club. Honestly the 80's music should be supplemental to other dance music, not the main source of it. I can only handle so much Michael Jackson.

The weekend went way too fast, but was worth it. I love my girls and we always have a great time together. Thank you to Ashley for hosting us in Fort Wayne and thank you FW for being such a great little town, everyone is so dang nice! Oh and Holly thanks you for the beer shots at mile 11 :)

Big things coming for this week, my sonogram is Wednesday morning and Saturday is the big reveal! Boy or Girl??? I can't wait!


Scentsy Giveaway

Fall is finally here, which actually means less than 3 MONTHS UNTIL CHRISTMAS! EEk, does that freak anyone else out? One way I love to 'get in the holiday mood' is to put Fall scents around my house and office.

Ummmmmm, Pumpkin Roll. Yes please.

They even have some CA-UTE Halloween warmers!!

This chevron warmer was made for me :)

I also have a great Christmas scent waiting for it's turn in the kitchen warmer!

Ashley was kind enough to offer a $50 gift certificate to one lucky reader. You can visit her site here and check out all the fun new scents and warmers they have going on. I think these make terrific gifts, I know I like to have multiple for different rooms in my house and one for my office of course. I have some of the tiny plug in ones which are perfect for smaller rooms like the bathroom.

Giveaway ends next Thursday, good luck!

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Random and Awesome


1. Running a half this weekend. I feel prepared, but I'm worried about the potty situation, I have to go every 2 miles or so now. I've never stopped during a race and I hope they have adequate facilities. Just in case I have a cover girl, as in cover me while I go behind a tree. Thank God Indiana is full of greenery.

I spent my lunch break yesterday trying to find a sleeved shirt that fit half decently. Not fun. It's going to be in the 50s so I don't want to run in a tank. 

2. I'm SUPER excited to get to meet people I've talked to forever online and feel like I know in real life! I always get a little nervous meeting readers, what if they don't think I'm as awesome in person? It's not an unfounded fear, trust me. 

3. Next Wednesday I have a gender sono, they will put it in an envelope and Meredith will be the only one to know until Saturday when we have our gender reveal. I'm 95% sure my baby has a penis. 

 The top is Madison and bottom is new baby, at least I'm all set on the perfect boy name! Their skulls are shaped completely different ~ if you're familiar with skull theory. I can't wait for the party though!!

4. My hair has been amazing lately, not from pregnancy, but from Pureology Hydrate! It's not cheap, but never ever in my life have I had more great hair days. Worth every penny. 

 5. I wore this leopard top from Pink Slate Boutique and got like 15 compliments on it through out the day! It's hard to tell in the picture, but this jacket is SO flattering to a curvy figure, it's gathered in the back with zipper details and loose up front to be forgiving for that cheat meal you regreat eating ;) Anyways use code SKINNYMEG20 to get 20% off! 

Hope y'all have something fun planned this weekend, the weather is amazing and shouldn't be wasted! 




W.O.W #21 All the Pretty Workout Things

Welcome back to Workout Wednesday!
You know the drill, grab a button and link up for the parrrrrrty!

Megan shared a fantastic elliptical interval workout! I rarely do the elliptical, but I think I will try this for something different.

 Theresa shared some some great workouts for your runners out there, strength training is important too!

Today I'm going to share with my favorite gear, I know I talk here and there about what I use, but now it's all in one spot!


Juno Moving Comfort Bra. Best bra for big boobies, hands down.
Moving Comfort Women's Juno Bra

Mizuno Women's Wave Rider 16 Running Shoe
These are the shoes I'm currently training in and I really like how light weight they are!

Old Navy Compression Pants, they are very comfy running or just doing your thing at the gym. Plus they make your booty look AMAZING.

I HATE running with sunglasses because I sweat too much, visors are a lifesaver! Keeps the sweat off my eyes and blocks the sun.
Headsweats Super Visor

Random, but necessary: running socks.
ASICS Women's Intensity Low Cut Socks 

Brady Bands for holding back the baby hairs, I'm obsessed with them. You have no idea how many years I spent readjusting headbands!


I prefer to not run without music, heck good music makes me run better half the time. 
I use a Shuffle for easy access and it's super lightweight.

I pair them with my all time favorite headphones.


Polar Heart Rate Watch: I've used one of these for years and I love it. It motivates me to go harder and longer {most of the time!} 
Polar FT4 Heart Rate Monitor

Nathan Hydration Vest: amazing for long runs, hydration = awesome.
You can run longer.
You can run better.

Grip Pads are lifesavers when you are lifting weights.

Let's not forget my Spark for energy, rehydrate to go longer, and Catalyst for my muscles!


BumpDate: 15 Weeks

Sorry no chalkboard picture today, just didn't have time! Here's a pic for ya though, you know I always have a few of those floating around.

 Mollie Top from Sugar Love Boutique!

15 weeks! This picture was right before my massage, some guy name Jose gave my legs and glutes a major rubdown that was amazing. For realllllllls.

That could have been because that morning I was up at the crack of dawn to run. Again. This time it was for an actual race, a 10k, with Oliver and some of my girl friends.

The weather couldn't have been better, walking outside and feeling that cool air hit me, I almost wanted to cry. I honestly was about to die if I had to run anymore in the heat and humidity. The race was at the Dallas Arboretum, which is stunning this time of year, unfortunately a mishap caused the runners to lose a mile and we only ended up doing 5.2.  I wore my heart rate monitor during for the race, which I never do because of chafing {I used some body glide on it and had no issues}. I felt great while I was running, I was keeping a 10/min pace, but my heart rate stayed around 165-170 the entire time which is kinda high. I could still talk/sing and I wasn't thirsty or overheated so I just kept on. I'm going to try to slow down for my half, but it's HARD for me to run even slower, it doesn't feel natural ya know?

The after party was GREAT; pizza, lots of beer, fro-yo, cupcakes, Tiff's Treats Cookies, and fruit. They also had a great band!

Later that day we got the Baby Divas together to see Little Mermaid.

It was interactive with the iPad and the girls really enjoyed themselves. Some of the 'games' they couldn't do because they can't read, but some were toddler friendly. PSA: Don't be THAT mom who plays the game for your kid so you can win the prize. That's just Mom-Douchey.

Sunday I felt like the old Megan was back. I started off the day with a 7 mile run and 1 mile with Twilight Sparkle on her bike. I turned on some of our favorite jams and put them in her bike pouch, she loved that!

After that we ran to the grocery store, stocked up, came home and ate lunch. I decided I was still feeling pretty energetic so I went ahead and polka dot stenciled up my bedroom.

The stencil is from Cutting Edge Stencils.

I've ordered some new curtains and I need a fabulous SOMETHING for one blank wall {I can't stand an empty wall!} so I will get around to doing a full room tour soon. This fun picture was taken with a new toy I got for my iPhone, the Fish Eye Lens.

Haha, you can see how messy my house gets all in one pic :) Anyways then I made this and this for dinner with some fish {that apparently Madison loved because she tried to jack mine!}.

Happy Monday, only a few more days and I'll be visiting a bunch of you in Fort Wayne! Can't wait!


Skinny Fajita Mix

Today I'm sharing one of my quick and easy dinner recipes.

What you need:

Chicken {I personally LOVE Schwann Fajita Meat!!}
Basmati Rice {or any rice you like}
Bell Pepper
Lime Juice

I love the packaging on this rice, pop it in the microwave for 2 minutes and your done. Plus it's already portioned out perfectly, I hate measuring stuff.

Squeeze in some lime juice

Start your chicken and after a few minutes throw in your bell pepper

Add the rice and the cilantro and let it all heat up

Throw on some avocado and cheese and you're good to go! Takes me less than 20 minutes start to finish.

Here are the nutrition stats per serving.


W.O.W #20

Welcome back to Workout Wednesday!
You know the drill, grab a button and link up for the parrrrrrty!

I loved this post, we all need to find these people.

This flex-break cutie shared some great workouts you can do while recovering from an injury!

Todays workout is a mix of cardio and upper body. It's an ass kicker so get some good jams going first!

M Loved It :) Well after I told her she did.

walking uphill with weights is no freaking joke!


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