W.O.W #16

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I'm loving Fitness and Fumbling's blog! She shared a great treadmill workout, but her blog is full of fun fitness stuff, be sure to stop by and check her out!

Chelsea from Anchors Aweigh wrote a great post about skinny vs fit, but after browsing her blog I got sidetracked by this NUTELLA BANANA BREAD! What can I say, I'm pregnant :)
138 calories a slice!

Today's workout is focused on your legs. I'm going to give you my exact workout: I burned 600 calories this morning and my legs feel like jello! If your gonna go better make it count :)

10 minutes cardio warmup: we did intervals on the bike, but you could do whatever. 45 on/15 off

Muscle Warmup: 
20 squats and 10 burpees ~ repeat 3x

Cardio Interval Set One:
Bent Over Lateral Leg Raise: 20 Each side
Alternating Jumping Squats/ Lunges: One minute
Plie Squat on your toes: 20
Low In/Out Squats: 20

Weighted Set One: Medium/Light Weights 25 reps each
Stifflegged Deadlift
Curtsey Lunge {25 each side}

Cardio Interval Two:
Repeat from above

Weighted Set Two: Heavier weights 15 reps each
Stifflegged Deadlift
Curtsey Lunge {15 each side}

Walking Lunges for 2 minutes
Backward Walking Lunges for 2 minutes

Finished off with a one mile run followed by 5 minutes of sprints {30 sec on 30 sec off}

Ok, lets see what y'all got for me today! 

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